Men Dey Reason - S01 E18

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Next morning, as early as 8am man woke me


And he told me we should start preparing for


I woke Brainbox also. The others were still


“we no go chop before we go?” Brainbox


“no worry we go chop vegetable soup for Mama

Calabar place” Man responded. “who be Mama

calabar?” Brainbox asked. “when we reach

there u

go see her” Man answered(his usual way of

answering such question).

Why i so much liked Mama Calabar canteen was

because the place was neat. Not only that,

because that was the canteen most kponkpon

workers ate their breakfast. “mehn! Calabar


sabi cook oh, i must marry Calabar woman oh” i

concluded as i munched my kingsize meat.

Mama Calabar canteen wasn’t far from our


of work”, so we walked down gulping our


water, like the ghetto boys we were.

“e get one old man wey i want make we go see,

him name na Old solja, nahim be security man


dis site for night, na him hand key to where


dey put cement dey dey, but as him no dey


dat yesterday him give me the key day before

yesterday make i hold am, but him call me dis

morning say him don come back, so make we go

greet am because that man dey help me well


na him house i dey go drink water sometimes


him house no far from here” Man explained.

“Old Solja good morning” we chorused as we

got to

the shanty house. “unu morning” he


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