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Authoress p.o.v

“prepare for it we are going to the marriage” Mr Logan said.

“no I can’t go there” Mrs Logan said. “we are going together and that’s final” Mr Logan replied.

“but why did you wanna attend Wyatt marriage he is a bad son ” Mrs Logan said.

“Sarah Wyatt is still our son so we must go to his marriage am only doing this to protect my business and good name I have build for years. Mr Logan said.

“anyway I have heard you I will go with you” Mrs Logan replied and Mr Logan turn to Leave.

” give me back my bottle” Mrs Logan said. “you mean this?” Mr Logan asked bottle to the poison bottle.

“yes” Mrs Logan replied. “you’re not seeing this again” Mr Logan replied and went out with the bottle.


“olive welcome back this is what I found” Charles said and gave him his phone to her.

“I can’t believe Wyatt killed his own blood his only brother just because of a woman” Charles said.

“How did you know?” olive asked. “eveeything you need to know is inside my phone” Charles said.

olive open the phone and play the video. hmmm she breathe out.

“I never knew Wyatt is this desperate to have me, I caused this I was just trying to avoid a thing like this that’s why I gave them the task I never knew it will make it hurt” olive said and a tear drop from her eyes.

“you don’t need to cry” Charles said and clean her tears.

“will you still get married to him, remember your wedding is two days now” Charles said.

“yeah I will get married to him but please keep this a secret between the both of us” olive said.

“are you sick olive am not sure you’re okay you want to get married to a murderer” Charles said.

“am the one getting married to a murderer not you, so it’s none of your concern” olive said.

“am concerned because you are my sister and you have done alot in my life i don’t want you to fall into a wrong hand like Wyatt” Charles said.

“Charles relax I will be fine just trust Olive” olive replied putting her hand in his shoulder. Kate come out from her room and was very happy to see olive.

she refused to stay in the house olive gave her saying she wanna stay with Mr and Mrs Thompson she said they are fun to be with.

“have you help me talk to her” Charles whispered to olive

“oh I have forgotten remember I am just coming back from America” olive replied.

“this is unfair” Charles said. “don’t worry I will tell her now” olive said.

“no let me go home before you talk to her” Charles said trying to stand up but olive drag her back.

“Kate Charles want to discuss something with you” olive said.

“Charles what did you wanna discuss with me” Kate asked smiling at him.

“me discuss something with you when who told you a thing like that?” Charles asked scratching the back of his head.

“Charles you’re a fool big time fool don’t tell me you don’t Know how to talk to her” olive said and Charles whispered to olive.

“olive help me out you knew I don’t know how to talk to woman” “who help you talk to your ex girlfriend?” olive asked.

“remember I told you she asked me out herself” Charles replied and olive shake her head in a pity manner.

“Kate Charles is a very good man he has been working with me since my highschool days.

and he have never for once disappointed me he is trust worthy. and I knew you don’t have a man in your life sorry to say that am not trying to insult you but you’re my friend and I want the best for you cause you taught me how to cook which my parents didn’t teach me and I will be happy if you accept Charles” olive said.

“olive I don’t understand where you are going to” Kate said.

“Charles said he loves you and I knew he really do” olive said.

“why can’t he tell me hiself” Kate asked. “because he’s a shy shy baby” olive replied. “there’s no big deal in it cause I also like him and I knew he like me am just waiting for him to say the word” olive said.

and Charles smile happily. “let me leave you guys to enjoy yourself am going inside my room” olive said.

she opened her room and was surprised to see her father sleeping on her bed with her teddy bear all over him.

she tap him and he stand up immediately with his eyes close.

“why did you disturb my sweet dream?” Mr Thompson asked.

“dad it me olive open your eyes” olive said and Mr Thompson open his eyes immediately.

“olive thank God you’re here” Mr Thompson said. “dad what are you doing in my room?” olive asked.

“number one I missed you and lastly am running from your mum he said.

“mum” olive tried to shout but Mr Thompson covered her mouth with his hand.

“don’t shout what did you want me to do for you I will do anything?” Mr Thompson asked. “what did you do to her?” olive asked. “I will tell you later ” Mr Thompson replied.

“fine i want you to follow me to select my wedding dress” olive said. “alright let go but I will sneak out I don’t want your mother to see me” Mr Thompson said. “Alright” olive replied.

Marriage day

Wyatt stand with his expensive suit waiting patiently for his bride he smiles to himself when he saw his parents sitting “so they finally came” he said and smile to hiself.

the bride came out and they make their marriage vow. the priest pronounce them husband and wife.

“you may now kiss your bride” the priest said and Wyatt removed olive veil and kiss her deeply. “congratulations” the priest said.

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