Bitter Rush

2 weeks ago






“Why can’t an igbo man or woman get married in our village,papa,i am in love with Femi,i want to marry him”

“my daughter not that you cannot marry him but its forbidden in my family to mr Oji said,

“then i will kill myself”Ijeoma rushed in to take a knife,

Ijeoma ! stop don’t do anything crazy

“why papa ,why! i love Femi”

“Ijeoma do not try to act wierd ijeoma will do something toward that ijeoma promise,but they has to be a lot of sacrifice maee to appease the gods” mr Oji said

“whatever it requires ijeoma will do it”

just then Chibuzor, my brother broke the silence by informing me Femi has arrived

in shock*******

(to be continued)

Bitter Rush - S01

Bitter Rush - S01

2 weeks ago