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This are the new intakes, boyd said introducing felix, Benson and the three others to three people in a training hall.

You what is your name, sanju asked.

Cross sir, Felix replied.

Who look like quite familiar , have we met before, sanju asked.

Yes sir, you are the one that trained us on sword handling sir, Felix responded hardly compressing his anger.

Oh, OK, sanju said.

Now you are going to face one of us, some in two’s and some in threes.

This is also assessment

Rick and you, sanju said referring to benson, are a team while the rest of you pick a weapon of your choice and face one of us.

Grayson will you do the honors.

My pleasure Grayson said stepping out with an axe.


Grayson immediately charged at the team of three not giving them time to strategize, dividing them, making it easy to attack one by one.

After about 10minutes Grayson won with no scratch on his body but the rest three had had cuts and were bleeding all over.

They were taken by some men to were they will stitched up and treated.

Next, rick and cross both stepped in, rick holding a chain and a sword and benson a bow staff.

Grayson used the earlier strategy by charging in on them making Felix and Benson separate.

Grayson staff his axe at Benson but benson dodged and skillfully used his bow staff to block the axe.

Meanwhile, Felix quickly attached his chain to his sword and swung it at Grayson but used his axe to block creating an opening for benson to use the bow staff to hit him hard on his lap.

Grayson was then forced to a corner by Felix who was swinging the chain and Benson holding a bow staff

In a desperate attempt to leave the corner, Grayson threw the axe at Benson and charged at him but felix held the sword and threw the chain at him tying him up, then he struck the sword firmly to the ground.

Grayson tried to free himself but all his effort were futile because of the chain attached to the sword.

Felix was hitting his palm with his fist and Benson was hitting his palm with his bow stick.

Felix started unleashing heavy punches on Grayson abdomen and Benson was hitting him on the back with the bow staff.


Boyd freed Grayson from the chain and gave benson and Felix a look of contempt.

Rick, face him one on one, sanju said.

Grayson picked up two sword and his eyes were bloodshot

Felix attacked first swinging the chain with a sword attached at the end.

Grayson blocked the attack and almost slashed Felix neck who moved back a couple of meters.

Felix striked the sword to the floor hard and Grayson charged towards him,

Felix then dashed to a direction extending the chain making Grayson trip and fall hard on his face.

Grayson now in a kneeling position tried standing up and he turned his face backward but he was met by Felix knee to his head which knocked him out cold😴.

What, boyd couldn’t help but voice out his surprise.

Lady mitsuki was also surprised.

This is one of the supreme elites defeated in a couple of minutes by a newly inducted elite, that was the thought running towards the mind of everyone in the hall.

Hmmm, sanju said almost in a whisper

Boyd quickly went to check on his friend but he confirmed he was out.

And boyd was enraged clenching his fist and sparks of electricity could be heard by benson who was closer to him.

Boyd , you face the other guy tomorrow, sanju said referring to benson .

it will be my pleasure, boyd said without a deadly expression .

The boss need us, sanju said leaving the room with lady mitsuki and boyd who carried Grayson on his shoulder.

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