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“Babe he is Arjun and he is my high school friend. I asked him to look into Dev’s background and try find some dark secrets about him we know nothing about.”

“I see. Ehu….hi I am Sanyukta.”

“Nice to meet you Mrs. Vadhan,”he said in a cheesy manner.

“Dude now is not the time,”Adi scolded. “Tell us what you found.”

“Right,better seat down because what I am about to tell you is very interesting.”

“Really? What is it?” Sanyukta asked.

“Did you know that Dev’s name is actually not Dev. His real name is Tejawat Shunkhant.”

“What?!” Adi and Sanyukta exclaimed in disbelief.

Arjun took out some documents and handed them over to them. “It wasn’t easy to find this information. He had it all covered but he wasn’t smart enough. He left some traces.”

Sanyukta’s was in shock as she read the information. “Th…this?”

“That’s not the interesting part. The interesting part is Tejawat has been married six times.”

“Are you f*king with us?” Adi asked him,not believing it.

Arjun frowned. “Please don’t insult my occupation. I am a computer genius Adi and I can hack into any system I want. And not only that I work for RAW as a secret agent. You came to me asking me to find information in this bastard and I did and you think I fooling around? That’s a d--k thing to say to me.”

“Sorry. It’s just that this is unbelievable man.”

“Yeah the dude is a bastard,”Arjun said.

“Wait. If he is married then where are his wives? Why didn’t they come to stop his wedding with my sister to take place?”

Arjun took out some pictures. “Pictures of his marriage ceremonies with his late wives. And the picture taken on their death beds.”


“Yes,all six of them are dead.”

“Oh my God!” She let out a gasp looking at the girls in the pictures and they were all dead. “How….how did they….? Did he…?”

“No evidence to prove that he killed them,”Arjun replied. “You see when Adi came to me to find information on this dude I took it as an opportunity to open a new case so that the old ones would reopen. I have been hunting this man for the past six years and I couldn’t find any evidence that he killed his previous life partners. I strongly believe that he killed them.”


“All his victims reign from rich families. All the six women belonged to rich families. And your sister comes from a rich family too.”

“That means his target is rich women,”Adi concluded.


“That bastard!”

“How does he kill them?”

“A clean murder,”Arjun replied her. “All those six women dead tragically. The first one, Aliyah Bharat,she died due to an asthma attack. Divya Singhania,heart failure she was found dead in her garage. The third one Sia Gover, sleeping pills overdose she had insomnia and to fall asleep at night she took sleeping pills. Fourth, Zoa Khan,she fell from her wheelchair while trying to climb down the stairs and fifth one Anita,she died of antidepressants overdose. You see,all the death are due to an accident. He is smart. He committed murder and made it look like an accident.”

“And the sixth wife?”

“She’s alive but she has disappeared. I tried looking for her but it’s like she vanished into thin air. I believe she’s dead too.”

Sanyukta scanned all the pictures but stopped on the sixth. She picked it up and looked at it closely.

“I know her,”she said looking at the smiling girl.


“Adi remember that day at the coffee shop?”


“That day I saw Dev he was with this girl. I’m sure she’s the same girl. She’s Dev’s wife but how come she’s not dead like the others?”

“Partners in crime,”Arjun stated. “These two might be working together to achieve a certain goal.”

“But what is their goal?” Sanyukta asked.

“He has been married six times before getting married to your sister and all six of the women were from rich families. His target is women who are single and rich. If his wife dies then he gets something from his wife’s property. The entire property written on the girl’s will automatically becomes his,”Adi stated. “He is aiming at the girl’s fortune. Once he gains her trust he kills her in such a way that it won’t incriminate him. That’s why all his murders were reported to be accidents.”

“Oh my God!” Arjun gasped. “Sanyukta, does your sister have any weakness? That might be a danger to her life?”

“Not that I can think of. She grew up as a healthy kid. She sure takes some antidepressants because she wants to keep……,”she paused her sentence when she remembered something. “Anita Johr,died due to antidepressants overdose. Oh my God! Sanju got admitted once for drug overdose,that means his target is now my…..”

“Your sister,”Arjun completed.

“He made sure that Sanju has a case of overdose so that when he finally murders her he will go free like all the time,”Adi added.

“We got to save her!”

“Sanyukta relax. I have been hunting for this guy for so many years. Believe me when I say he is smart. We have to play our cards right. First,you are going to help us. You have to somehow take a peek at your father’s will and a peek into Tejawat’s legal documents.”

“I can’t do that but I know someone who can.”

“Good. Then we will find Tejawat’s fake parents. That won’t be difficult for me. We have to find out if our prediction are true or wrong. If we find something in Tejawat’s documents then he will be a goner. His game will be over.”


To be continued

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