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🍨🍨The plan🍨🍨

“What!” He let out a loud gasp which made Sanyukta jump back with a startle. She gained her composure and cleared her throat.

“I’m pregnant,”she led her head high with a smile.

“You got to be kidding me.”

“No I really wish I was,”she shrugged and whipped her hair backwards dramatically. “I’m four weeks pregnant Adi and you as a caring husband as you are kindly let me in. It’s freezing out here,”she said and carefully walked passed him, squeezing her body in. Careful not to get herself killed.

When she was fully inside,she let out a sigh of relief.

In anger Aditya slammed the door, creating a loud bang sound that would have made another cringe in. Sanyukta did but didn’t show it on her face. It was more in the inside.

“You … you think life is a joke!” He grasped her forearms and made her face him. “Do you take me as a joke! Someone you can just use and throw away anytime you want! Listen I don’t have time for jokes. Just leave from here. Get out!” He dragged her towards the door.

“What are you doing?” She pulled her wrist from his hand and sternly faced him. “You can’t kick me out. I am your wife. Lawfully and legal wife.”

He scoffed. “Wife? Last time I checked you and I erased every memory we have for each other. You’re not my wife and you never were and never will be.”

“No, you’re the one who erases our memories. I didn’t. Listen I m only here for my rights. Still if you want the attention of the media and the scandal go ahead and kick me out,”she grinned. “Now be a caring husband and take care of your pregnant wife,will you.”

“You disgust me.”

“But I didn’t when you had sex with me.”

“That was before I knew your real face,”he sneered at her. “What can I say? All the women I have met in my life turn out to be snakes but you are the worst of them all. You’re the most vicious woman I have ever met in my life. I curse every moment I spent with you. I curse the day I met you even more. You want to stay in this house as my wife, don’t you? Fine,feel free,feel at home. This is your house,”he announced. “Welcome home dear wife. Control everything. But let me tell you something,the day I find out that told me such an expensive lie about you being pregnant that will be the worst day if your life,”he warned and left her alone in the hallway.


She was in the kitchen nursing her lips when she got a call from her sister.

“I’m so sorry about what happened today Sanyu. Because of me you ended up getting all that beating.”

“It’s fine sister. I can tolerate mom and dad’s anger just to save you from Dev. Moreover,our plans won’t have worked had I been staying in that house. Dev is smart he would have suspected something fishy. Now that I am out of the house, everything will happen according to our plans. Just trust me this time.”

“I trust you Sanyu,”she said. “But are you feeling right now?”

“If having your parents mad at you and your husband upset with you is called being fine then I guess I am really fine,”she jokes.

“Don’t joke like that,”her sister scolded. “Is that how someone jokes? I understand with mom and dad but Aditya shouldn’t stay mad at you for a long time,he anyways loves you and you love him. In marriage when a wife is upset with her husband the husband try everything within his power to pacify her so even you do the same. This time the husband is upset, it’s your duty and responsible to pacify him.”

“He is not barging sister. I guess this time I messed up really bad,”she poured her lips as she applied a ointment. “You know he initially didn’t want to let me inside the house. Believe me if I hadn’t convinced him to let me in,I would have to spend the night in the streets,”she replied putting on a plaster.

“How did you convince him?”

She stayed quiet for a while. “I might have lied to him.”


“I told him that I am pregnant.”

“Oh my goodness! Instead of making things better for the two of you,you made them thrice worse! Sanyu what is wrong with you yah? Do you have any idea what he will do once he finds out that you were lying to him?”

“Of course he will kill me. He wouldn’t trust me ever again.”

“Sanyu,tell him the truth.”

“I wish I could sister. He doesn’t even want to look at my face. Do you ever since I got here he has locked himself in the room. He doesn’t want to talk to me. How do I pacify him when he doesn’t want to meet me ever.”

“You’re his wife. Do something you know will make him smile. You know him better than anyone.”

She sighed. “I heard you Sanju.”

“But you didn’t understand me.”

“Look,I got to go. I’m feeling hungry. I will talk to you tomorrow. I love you Sanju.”

“But Sanyu…..”

She disconnected the call and let out an exasperated sigh staring at her phone wallpaper. It was picture of hers and Aditya,the one they took when they were at the temple.

“How do I make you smile again? I’m the reason why you’re angry and I will be reason you will smile again,”she said to herself and got up from the counter chair and over to the kitchen to prepare something for dinner.



From his study he could smell a nice aroma coming from downstairs. He didn’t realize that he was angry til now. He shut his laptop and let the aroma carry him downstairs to the kitchen where he found Sanyukta moving about.

He breath got stuck on his throat,his heart lost it. He was falling. Again.

She was looking so beautiful with that wet curly hair and the blue shirt. And what made her more beautiful was that the shirt was his.

He was lost in her blissfulness that he leant on the doorframe and watched as she did her magic in the kitchen.

She was now chopping the vegetables and her hair kept falling on her face, distracting her. She tried to brush it back with the back of her palm but it didn’t barge.

He took it upon himself to help her.

She didn’t see him, only felt his presence behind her as he picked a few strands of her hair and tied them into a bow so that her hair is held in place.

Once he was done she turned and looked at him locking their eyes.

He signaled her something with his eyes,she frowned and asked him back using the same gesture.

He rolled his eyes and made her focus on her work, placing his hands on top of hers and guided her on how to slice the vegetables.

Sanyukta smiled and followed his guidance. She was happy that even though he was upset he was helping her. He didn’t feel disgusted by her presence this time. He was so close that she felt his breath on her neck, making her skin curl with goosebumps.

“There you go!” She smiled as she served him the pasta with pesto,gravy and some hot wings.

He picked his fork and started eating.

“How is it?”

He gave a shrug as an answer.

“Erm….I just want to say thank you for helping me,with everything.”

“I wasn’t helping you but myself,”he answered. “The reason I helped was because I care about myself so much. I don’t want to die of food poisoning, that’s why I helped. God knows what is it you would have added to the food had I not been here.”

Ouch that hurt more than her father’s slaps. She licked her lips and clasped them together.

“So you don’t trust me hmmm?” She let out a pained chuckle.

“Trust? That was broken the day you decided to choose yourself over everything else,”he replied and stood up from his seat and trailed his feet from the dining.

Tears pricked on her eyes and she immediately wipes them off with a sniffle.

“It’s okay Sanyukta. It will be alright,”she said to herself looking down at her food. She had lost her appetite.

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