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A cute couple 🥺🥺🥺

“Hey what’s going on? Are you alright?” Aditya asked as soon as she dropped her phone.

“C…car keys please?” She desperately said shooting up from the couch. “I need your car keys right now. Please give them to me Aditya, please.”

“Okay,okay,”he went somewhere in the house then came back holding the keys to his Jeep. “There you go.”

“Thank,thank you so much. I will bring it back,I promise.”

“Hey,”he caught her wrist pulling her to him then softly pecked her forehead. “Be safe alright.”

She gave him the best smile she could master then stormed out.

She rushed through the automatic double doors,took the elevator to the fifth floor. She impatiently pacing around in the elevator waiting for it to stop and when it finally did,she zoomed out running over to her destination.

“Sanyu!” Her mother who was in tears rushed over to her and attempted to hug her but she took a step back.

“Don’t come near me and don’t touch me,”she said with bitterness. “Where is she?”

“Sanyu please dear…..”

“Mom where is my sister! Where is she! Where’s my SISTER!”she shouted then her hard eyes turned to Dev who also was looking devastated but she wasn’t fooled by his tears. She knew him well too much to believe his act.

He didn’t know how it happened but Sanyukta was already coming at him with punches.

“Leave him I say! Sanyukta leave him!” Her father separated her from him and she struggled against him, throwing profanities of curses at him. She had him pinned on the floor,he was sure that if it weren’t for her father she would have wounded him too much.

She had broken his nose which was bleeding and had bursted his lips a little.

“LET ME GO DAD! LET ME GO!” She screamed.


She freed herself from her dad then glared at Aditya.

“I’m going to ask for the last time. Where’s my sister?” She asked calmly glancing at each and every one of them. “If I find out that my sister is no…,”she chocked on her tears. “If by any chance my sister is dead. Dev Khan, I will kill you and I promise you that I won’t go to prison for that,”she said dangerously calm.

Dev gulped down his fear and averted his eyes away from her cold ones.

“Look at me when I am talking to you,”she added. She was commanding him and there was nothing he hated like being told what to do by anyone but this wasn’t anyone. It was Sanyukta Agarwal. A pissed off Sanyukta Agarwal and he didn’t want to mess with her when she was like that.

“I said look at me!”

He looked back at her.

“What have you done to her? What did you do to her this time that she ended up being hospitalized?!”

“Enough Sanyukta,”her mother interrupted their conversation, twirled her around so that she could face her and when that happened,she slapped her. “Enough of your nonsense,”she glared. “Enough of yours and your sister’s drama okay? What can happen to you people huh? Sanjana has already done enough to hurt us and now it’s you.”

“Mom you can do whatever you like and want but if my sister’s hurt then I will bring all of you down with me.”

“Your sister is alive. She’s still alive,did you hear me?” Said her mom as she grabbed her forearms. “She overdosed on antidepressants. Dev has nothing to do with all this Sanyukta. He is innocent! I don’t know why you are kin on making him the bad guy. What has he ever done to you tell me? He loves your sister so much. Can’t you see it? Everything he has done til now,it was all for your sister. Can’t you see this love he has for her?”

“I have no time for blind people. Mom it is very easy to wake up a sleeping man but very difficult to wake up a man who is pretending to be asleep. Right now my priority is my sister and not your son in in-law. Mom there’s more to what meets the eye. The day you realize this will be day you will lose both your daughters. Just remember that. Now tell me where is my sister?”

Her mother replied by pointing at the ward 304.

Without another way she walked over to it.

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