Romance with a stranger - S01 E11

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🩺💊🩹 Surgery Room🧬🩺💉

She made sure to wear the right clothing for the surgery.

“Well I had given you thirty minutes but you said you will do the surgery within fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes it is,”he smiled at her.

She rolled her eyes at him and waited for him to press the start button.

“Okay you can begin!”

She took in a deep breath. “God you only can help me.”

She started doing her magic with Aditya watching her like a hawk. Pacing around the room,his arms crossed over his chest.

Like she promised,she finished her surgery within fifteen minutes and her patient was stable.

“Done!” She squeaked with happiness as she handed her reports to him. He crucially checked them. Everything was so perfect and brilliantly done. And it angered him so very much. Just when he was waiting for her to make a mistake there she is with everything perfectly done.

“Can you see me in my office? I would like to talk to you about something.”

She nodded and followed him.

“Please close the door.”

Once she did that,she wasn’t given a minute to breath when he pressed her against the door.

“You always keep doing this! Why?”

“What are you busy talking about?”

“You left me yet again last night! You left me all alone Sanyukta! What do you take me for? Your sex toy you can use anyhow you like!? ”

“No you’re misunderstanding me. Listen I…”

“Misunderstanding you? No. You only want to use me. I thought what we had was mutual feelings but I was so wrong to think that.”

“Aditya, you’re all ………”

“Shhhhhhhh! Now you listen to me. That was the last time you and I would ever be intimate together. I am fed up with you already and I hate you right now for using me damnit! All my life I have been used by so many people and I thought you were different. Now I will take that thing that unite both of us. This ring,”he took her ring and tried to take it off but was only inflicting pain on Sanyukta.

She hissed in pain. “You’re hurting me. Leave me! Aditya leave me!”

He didn’t listen he kept on pressuring to take off the ring.

“”Aditya let go please. It hurts. Just stop it!” She shoved him off and gave him a tight slap. “Just stop! You have misunderstood me once again!”

“I don’t even wanna see you right now. Just leave!”


“Get. out!”

She hurried out of there still in thought.

“I didn’t mean to hurt him even this time. How do I make him understand that whatever I did,I did it for my sister. If I haven’t left dad would have suspected something and he would have found out what I have been doing behind his back. He would separate me from my family and my sister and that can’t happen til I make sure that my sister is free from that Dev. But what do I do to achieve that? Now Aditya is angry at me. He doesn’t want to talk to me nor look at me. What do I do? How do I make him understand without spilling out my whole life to him?”


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