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The memory ended with them kissing.

Yeah,he was totally f----d. He binded himself with her right from the beginning that’s why he was so attached to her, willing to do anything to get her. To make her his. His heart was pumping blood to his waist,he froze as o----m hit him and released himself into her.


When Sanyukta woke up it was already late. It was dusk. She separated herself from the sleeping sexy man and started looking for her clothes but they were all torn into shreds of pieces.

She picked up his Armani shirt and put it on,she grabbed her heels too then sorted out her just had sex hair and got out of the car.

She made sure to leave a note for him and a kiss before leaving from there.

“Where are you coming from?” Her father asked once she got into the house. “And what are you wearing?”

She glanced down at herself then gave him a proud smile.” Well let’s just say lunch worked out perfectly fine. Arnav is a very great guy. After having lunch,we decided to kill our spare time by getting to know each other. After that w went for dinner,I was tired so he offered a place to sleep in his car. When I woke up I didn’t want to wear my clothes anymore so he gave me this shirt of his. You know it Armani!”

“Dear,I am so happy that you are finally considering your decision to get married,”her mother smiled at her.

“Of course mom. I’m very happy too. Umm…mom I am very tired. I need a very long slumber.”

“Okay go have your beauty sleep.”

She nodded and went upstairs to her room where she took a deep sigh of relief.


“Since your lunch with Arnav was great why don’t you fix another date with him?” Her dad asked with a grin.

“What? Arnav? Who is Arnav?” Sanyukta asked serving herself breakfast. She honestly didn’t know who her father was talking about,she was lost. Her mind was only filled by the thoughts of Aditya Vadhan.

“Arnav Raizaidah. The one you had lunch with yesterday Sanyu,”Sanju gave her a nudge.

That’s when it clicked. “Yes! That Arnav! Wait, what? Another date? With him?”

“Yes because you love him isn’t it?”

She nervously chuckled and left like dying. “I wasn’t talking about him last night. I was talking about someone else and they think about someone else. I’m so dead,”she mumbled to herself.

“Sanyu are you okay? Did you say something?”

“No! No! Yes,I am fine. Perfectly fine.”

“So what day dear will you fix another date or should I fix it for you?”

“No!” She half screamed startling everyone. “What I mean is,I will figure out what to do. You don’t have to do anything dad.”

“Hey what’s that on your neck?” Her mother asked pointing at the crimson patches on her neck which were standing on their beauty.

“Great 😒 mom. Thank you for noticing the hidden,”she groaned to herself then looked at her mother with a smile. “Mosquito,”she replied. “Mosquito bites. You know those insects that s--k blood from us.”

“We know what a mosquito is Sanyu. But why are the bite so big. It looks like a bump.”

“It was a big mosquito ma. Okay my breakfast is getting cold so is yours. Let’s just drop everything and eat huh?” She changed the subject.


He found himself all alone in the car. She had ran away again after their passionate sex. How could she?!

On top of that his shirt was missing and she left again a nonsensical note.

Now he was sure he hated her so bad.

He felt like she used him for her own benefit and pleasure.

He took a shower when he got home then decided to pass by the hospital then college later.

He had two important surgeries today and if he wanted them to be a success,he had to clear his mind from the thoughts of Sanyukta.

He will deal with her later when he meet her.



“Hello guys,”he greeted with one of his charming smiles. “How are you today?”

“We are perfectly good sir,”Vidushi replied on behalf of the class.

“That’s great to know. Right today we are going to do something interesting in our biology lesson. You are all surgeons in the making right? I had a very important surgery and by God’s grace it was a success. Today I want you to erm….perform that surgery today. I did it within an hour. It was nothing much.

Angioplasty, that’s what you will be doing today. Now I have with me here some chips,on the chips is erm….the health conditions of your patient. Things like blood pressure,sugar levels heart rate and the amount of time you have to save your patient from death,”he continued to explain the details of the activity as he gave each one of them their own chip.

Sanyukta took a glance at hers and a sharp gasp left her lips.

“Do you have a question Agarwal?”

“Mr. Vadhan this? My patient is practically dead!” She exclaimed.

“He is not Agarwal. Your duty as a doctor is to heal and relief pain. To save lives.”

“In thirty minutes! You yourself have just said you needed an hour to perform this surgery successfully. How do you expect me to do it in half an hour time especially when my patient has slim chances of survival!”

“You’re really not that special Agarwal that I would only give you a limited time to perform the surgery. I have reduced everyone’s time. ”

“Well I am sure I am the only one who have such a short time!” She raised her voice at him. “Thirty minutes! He will be long gone by the time I start cutting him!”

“As a doctor you have to always be ready for anything. Just because the books say the surgery has to be done within two hours it doesn’t mean it always has to be like that in real life!” Aditya urged towards her. “As a doctor you have to use your time wisely for an operation to be a sucess. If you are going to be a cry baby then this institution isn’t for you. Medicine isn’t for you. If you want to work out then that’s the door Agarwal,”he replied sharply. “A doctor should always be under pressure to save a life! If you are going to be a slow poke then this job isn’t for you?! Why don’t you try out culinary arts or just go back home,get married, become a house wife and have kids!”

She stepped closer to him with determination. “I will prove you wrong. This occupation is for everyone and I will stop to nothing to fulfill my dreams. Thirty minutes. I don’t need thirty minutes Mr. Vadhan,I will do this surgery within fifteen minutes. You just wait and watch.”


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