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I only become inhumane when it comes to you

BACK TO THE SCENE IN THE CAR(Beware mature content)

Aditya broke away from their heated make up session and stared into her captivating brown orbs.

“This time you’re not drunk. You can blame this on anyone or anything. You’re in your complete senses Sanyukta,”he gulped down and cupped her cheek. “God knows I can’t resist you. I just can’t. Never have I ever desired anyone like a desire you. I want this to happen but I can’t do this. Last time we were both in distress and drunk but this time,this is real. We can’t blame it on alcohol or our mental distress. Are you hearing what I am saying?”

She giggled, sitting on his lap. “Of course I hear you and understand you perfectly well,”she placed her hands on his firm abs up to his chest then around his neck. “But looking at me what do you see in my eyes Adi?”

“What? What did you just call me?”

She poured. “Adi,”she repeated. “I figured out that if you and I are going to be doing this from time to time,we should come into friendly terms with each other.”

He chortled.” You’re one crazy girl. But Sanyukta are you sure about this? Once we do this there’s no turning back. It won’t be a one night stand anymore. Are you really sure about this?”

“Make Love to me like you did the other night Aditya.

Show me some love. Show me what love is please,”she cupped his face and initiated the kiss.

He put his hands on her hips and drew her in.

The kiss lingered and lingered, turning into a french kiss.

The car seat was flattened for more space.

Aditya flipped her over and now he was on top of her, kissing her neck while she did the same to him.

She took off his shirt while he tore her top apart and immediately attacked her chest, adorning it with love bites.

If he was going to mark her as his then Sanyukta made sure to leave her marks on him too as he took off her bra and pants leaving her on her panties. Once they were both naked and clinging on each other, Aditya pulled away from the kiss and stared down at her with lustful eyes. When he saw no hesitation in her eyes he interlocked their hands and slowly slides himself into her.

Sanyukta took a deep gasp and arched her back.

Their foreheads met and Aditya moved in and out of her in slow rhythms. Everything moved in sync. Their moans,their sharp breaths,their movements and their kisses ( nipping, s-----g and pulling each other’s lips passionately). Combined all together created a beautiful atmosphere. A serenity that will never be forgotten in their emtire life time.

Sanyukta knew she was screwed when she kissed him. She was totally doomed to even do this with him for the second time.

As for Aditya,he knew he was f----d up. Totally whipped. Sure he didn’t know her but something about her drew them together. He was sure it was not the amazing sex but something special. But what?

His eyes caught the ring on her finger as he was lavishing her body with love.

It all came flashing on his face as she stared down at the girl beneath him.

‘Don’t worry you will find the right one for yourself. Your girlfriend was an idiot to let you go.’

‘Shall I try out something?’ he took the ring from her and slided it into her finger.

‘Awww! It’s so beautiful. Can I keep it? Pretty please.’

‘Yes,you can. It’s yours forever.’

The memory ended with them kissing.

Yeah,he was totally f----d. He binded himself with her right from the beginning that’s why he was so attached to her, willing to do anything to get her.

Too make her his. His heart was pumping blood to his waist,he froze as o----m hit him and released himself into her.

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