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Authoress p.o.v

“Olive Nathan is dead” Mr Logan replied firmly. “Oh no Nathan can’t die” olive shouted.

Wyatt Walked into the hospital and fix his hand on his pocket. Mrs Logan moved closer to him and hold his collar.

“You have finally killed him an sure you’re happy now” Mrs Logan said crying.

“Mum I didn’t kill Nathan is his time” Wyatt said. “Wyatt I cut all ties between us I am not your mother anymore I disown you” Mrs Logan said and ran out.

Olive clean her face with the back of her hand and walked to the doctor office which is her uncle.

“Olive how are you doing” Mr Brian the doctor asked. “Am good and you” olive replied.


A month later

“Olive since the death of Nathan you haven’t been staying in the house, what happen where are you always going, and aren’t you going to move on, you are 25 olive and you’re not getting any younger” Mr Thompson said.

“Dad I will get married soon” olive replied. “Olive someone is waiting for you outside” a maid said.

“Alright it Wyatt tell him to come inside” olive replied. “Alright” the maid said and went out. “Who’s Wyatt?” Mr Thompson asked. “Wyatt is the guy friend” olive replied.

“What’s he doing here?” Prissy asked. “Relax prissy he is here to talk me out” olive replied. “Are you for real?” Prissy asked.

“Yes any problem with that?” Olive asked. “I don’t like that guy” prissy said. “If you don’t like him Keep it to yourself cause he’s the one I wants to get married to” olive said.

“Are you crazy didn’t you know that he’s the one that killed his brother” prissy said.

“Which evidence did you have against him. He isn’t the one” olive said. “Don’t tell me you’re in love with him” prissy asked.

“Yes and am planning to introduce him to you guys today” olive said. “Olive are you sure you love this guy?” Mr Thompson asked.

“Yes Dad I do and I need your support cause we will be getting married soon” olive said.

“Am also at your side cause I knew I have a wise daughter. But are you sure you’re not making the wrong Choice?” Mr Thompson said.

“No Dad” olive said. “Mum won’t you say anything?” Prissy asked. “Prissy what did you want me to say she’s old enough to know what’s right” Mrs Thompson replied.

Wyatt enter the house and olive went to hug him. “Hi Olive” Wyatt greet with a smile. “Good day” Wyatt good.

“How are you doing” Mr and Mrs Thompson asked. “Am doing good” Wyatt replied with a bow. “Mum dad meet my fiance Wyatt, Wyatt meet my parents” olive introduce.

“Nice to meet you all” Wyatt said with a smile. “You’re welcome” they replied. “Lastly Wyatt meet prissy my one and only sister, prissy meet my fiance wyatt” olive said.

“I don’t need the introduction” prissy replied with an eyeroll. Wyatt whispered to olive.

“Didn’t she like me” “she do she’s in a bad mood today” olive replied. “Are you ready?” Wyatt asked.

“Yes I am” olive replied. “Mom dad I will be right back” olive said and whisper to prissy. “I am not a fool.


“Olive I am happy you’re now mine” Wyatt said and hold her by her waist. Olive stylishly remove his hand away from her waist.

“Yeah am also happy” olive replied with a smile. “How’s your mum doing now hope she’s fine?” Olive asked.

“I don’t know I left the house for her since she’s insisting I killed Nathan which I don’t” Wyatt replied.

“What of your father?” Olive asked. “That man doesn’t look bothered about his death. Nathan death is very painful to me cause I really love my brother.

He have sacrifice many things for me and am sure if he’s still alive I will still be the one to marry you cause am sure he will surrender to me” Wyatt said.

“Is that not Cynthia” olive asked. “Where did you see Cynthia?” Wyatt asked.

“Over there” olive said pointing to Cynthia. “Let go and say hi to her” olive said and drag Wyatt with her.

“Hi Cynthia” olive greet and was surprised to see olive. “Is this not olive?” Cynthia asked unsure.

“Yes this is me are you surprised to see me like this. It’s a pity you claim to love a man and you didn’t show up when you heard he’s Dead” olive said.

“How did you expect me to show up. Nathan humiliated me in public” Cynthia said.

“You claim to love Nathan didn’t you know that love doesn’t get angry” olive said. “To you” Cynthia said and drag the man she came with along with her.

Olive shake her head. “Let go back to our sit” Wyatt said. They went back to there seat and keep talking about some random things.

“When are we getting married?” Wyatt asked. “Is next week okay?” Olive asked.

“Yeah it okay by me” Wyatt replied. “Can I kiss you?” Wyatt asked trying to kiss her. Olive shift her lips away and use her hand to stop him.

“Not now we can do it after our wedding” olive replied. “Alright” Wyatt replied sadly.

“I need to get going see you later” olive said and blow him a kiss. She get into her car and drove off.

“Olive” Charles called. ” Yes darling” olive replied. “What game are you playing, I Know you too well you’re emotional but since Nathan died you’re not behaving like you’re hurt by Nathan death talk to Me didn’t you love Nathan as you claim?” Charles asked.

“Charles I love Nathan and i really do you don’t expect me to be crying up and down and moreover my wedding is next week” olive said.

“You must be joking” Charles replied. “Watch and see am going to America tommorow don’t tell anyone not even Wyatt am telling you this because you’re my personal assistant.

And why did you come here, cause I knew you wont come here for no reason” olive said.

“Actually” Charles said scratching the back of his head. “Actually what?” Olive asked him

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