Hide and seek

1 month ago




I and my friends were like a gang and we usually do a lot of mischievous things together, hence our reason for not wanting to go home. We all have a some naughty plans in our minds to carry out once everyone has gone home.

“Elisha”, a tiny voice called my name from behind.

“Yesss”, I answered while turning my head to see the person that was calling me. It was Linda, my everyday crush. I have been crushing on her since the very first day we got to SS1 when I realized that we are in the same class.

I didn’t just have enough balls to tell her, so I just pretended as if I was cool with been being her friend only and not desiring for anything more. She took more interest in me when she realized that I wasn’t wooing her like every other guy in class, so, you’ll always find us talking and gisting anytime we were less busy.

Hide and seek - S01

Hide and seek - S01

1 month ago