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“Alright am sure you’re mine now” Wyatt said. “Let wait till we see Nathan” olive said.

“Alright let go, let me help you with your bag” Wyatt said.

“Nevermind I can carry it myself” olive replied.

“I insist” Wyatt said. “Trying to be a like gentleman” olive asked.

“Am gentle now am I not gentle” Wyatt asked.

“You’re not gentle at all” olive replied. “Is that why you don’t love me?” Wyatt asked.

“Let close that chapter and move to another one” olive replied.

“As your lordship pleases” Wyatt replied. Olive took him to many places in Spain but her mind isn’t there she’s thinking on how Wyatt came before Nathan.

“Maybe Nathan willingly gave him the address” she thought.

“No he can’t do that, what if he doesn’t love me” olive thought. “Olive, olive” Wyatt called.

“Yes” olive replied firmly. “Olive what are you thinking about?” Wyatt asked.

“Nothing” olive replied firmly. “Alright if you say so but I knew something is bothering you” Wyatt said.

“I said nothing is bothering me are you me?” Olive asked.

“Am sorry are you angry?” Wyatt asked. “Does it looks like am angry ? Wyatt you’re frustrating me” olive replied.

“Am sorry” Wyatt replied. “Let go back to my house” olive said.

“So fast this is just past 9pm” Wyatt said. “Then sit down and play alone” olive said walking to her car “olive wait up am sorry” Wyatt said and run after her.

“Am going back to America tommorow” olive said.

“But why I thought we will spend sometime together” Wyatt said “no am going back to America” olive said.

“Fine” Wyatt replied. “That’s your room over there, you can knock my door if you need anything” olive said and went to her room.

She keeps dialing Nathan number but wasn’tn’t recheable as usual till she slept off.


“So you mean the one you love didn’t show up?” Mr Thompson asked.

“Yes dad” olive replied. “Did you know you cause this” Mr Thompson said.

“Dad I know what should I do now?” Olive asked.

“You should know what you should do cause you didn’t tell me before you left this house in search of love” Mr Thompson said.

“Dad am Sorry you just have to help me out” olive said.

“Maybe you’re not met to be” Mr Thompson said.

“Dad don’t talk like that we are met to be I have never love anyone has I love him not even Steve” olive said.

“Why don’t you go to his place and see him then” Mr Thompson said.

“I think that’s what i will do” olive said. “Can you now see I am also important” Mr Thompson said.

“I Know dad and that’s why I love you” olive said smiling.

“What are you two talking about, Olive you have finally taken my husband love from me” Mrs Thompson said.

“He is your husband and he is my dad we both have right on him” olive said.

“Thompson can you hear your daughter?” Mrs Thompson asked pretending to be angry.

“You’re too jealous, I am not your husband again I have gotten my self new wives which is prissy and olive” Mr Thompson said.

“Talking about prissy, where’s she and Kate?” Olive asked.

“We are here” they said coming inside the house.

“Welcome olive I missed you so much” Kate said and hug her.

“I missed you more” olive replied. “Prissy didn’t you Missed me?” Olive asked.

“Your wish” prissy replied with an eyeroll. “Thank God have gotten myself a new sister that cherish and love me” olive said.

“You dare not I still remain your one and only sister” prissy said.

“You expect me to be happy with you when you didn’t tell me where you went to” prissy said. “Am sorry” olive replied.


“Welcome mum” Wyatt greet and Mrs Logan replied him with two hot slap.

“Ouch mum it hurt what’s my offence?” Wyatt asked.

“You’re very Crazy your brother is lying down there lifeless because of your stupidity, did you expect me to be happy?” Mrs Logan asked.

“Am sorry mum but you also encourage me” Wyatt said.

“I encourage you fine, but I didn’t tell you to almost kill my first son” Mrs Logan said angrily.

“What’s going on there?” Mr Logan asked. “Is nothing I and mum are discussing about something important” Wyatt said.

“And you where are you coming from didn’t you know your elder brother is battling with his life in the hospital?” Mr Logan asked.

“Am sorry I went on a business trip am just coming back” Wyatt said.

“Hope you don’t have a hand in what happen to him?” Mr Logan asked.

“Dad what sort of question is that, how will I hurt my only brother” Wyatt said.

“You better not” Mr Logan said and went out.

“Am keeping calm because I don’t want your father to lock you up because I don’t want to lose the both of you.

And if anything happens to Nathan I will disown you” Mrs Logan said crying.

“I thought you don’t like him” Wyatt said. “You must be crazy why won’t I love my first son.

I only agree to your plan because of greediness, see where greediness lead me to.

God I promise to change and serve you if Nathan survive this I don’t want my son to die neither did I want him to lose his memory” Mrs Logan said crying. “Am sorry” Wyatt said and went out.


A days later.

Olive get down from her car and place a knock on the Logan’s gate.

Ben the security man open the gate. “How can I help you ma” Ben asked.

“Olive remove her shade. “Ben it me olive” olive replied.

“Wow olive is this you?” Ben asked shocked.

“Yes it me” olive replied with a smile. “Who owns that car” Ben asked.

“It’s mine I will explain to you later is anyone in the house?” Olive asked. “Yes Mrs Logan is home” Ben replied with a smile.

“Good afternoon Mrs Logan” olive greet. “Good afternoon how may I help you your voice sounds familiar but I don’t think I have seen this face before” Mrs Logan said and olive smile.

“It me olive, olive said and removed her shade again.

“Wow olive you’re looking good” Mrs Logan said. “Thanks please am here to see Nathan, I have been calling his line but it’s not recheable” olive said and Mrs Logan burst into tear.

“What happen to him” olive asked. But Mrs Logan didn’t reply her she continue crying.

“Mrs what happen to him you’re making me scared” olive said.

“Olive I want to tell you because I knew you love Nathan and Nathan also love you. Nathan is in the hospital battling for with hid life” Mrs Logan said.

“What!!!! Since when?” Olive asked. “For the past four days” Mrs Logan replied.

“Oh no this can’t happen to Nathan, can you please take me to where he’s” olive asked. “Sure am also going to check on him” Mrs Logan replied.

Two days later olive went to the hospital to check on Nathan as usual but he met Mrs Logan crying and blaming herself.

“What happen” olive asked but no one replied her, she went to the ward they keep Nathan and see they have covered him up with a white cloth.

She move closer to Mr Logan and asked. What’s happening here sir, why did they covered him up like that”

“olive Nathan is dead” Mr Logan replied firmly. “No oooooooo Nathan can’t die” olive shouted

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