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Authoress p.o.v

“Prissy my love hope Tyler is treating you well” Mrs Thompson asked.

“Mum am treating her well” Tyler replied. “Tyler am not asking you keep quiet and let my daughter answer my question” Mrs Thompson said and Tyler gave prissy a pleading look.

“Mum he is trying” prissy said. “Why don’t you say am the best you just broke my heart” Tyler said.

“You’re not serious” olive said. “Goodnight I wanna go to bed an feeling sleepy” olive said yarning.


“Mum can you see what you cause Nathan have left the house you just spoilt my plan” Wyatt said angrily.

“Wyatt calm down you don’t need to blame me did you think am happy that Nathan left the house.

I slap him so he can leave olive for you but he left the house I really missed him” Mrs Logan said.

“Have you called her?” Mrs Logan asked. “who?” Wyatt asked and Mrs Logan shake her head. “olive of course” she replied.

“Oh I have forgotten to call her” Wyatt replied.

“Can you imagine and you claim to love her” Mrs Logan said.

“Mum I love her I just forget to call her” Wyatt said.

“Fine call her now” Mrs Logan said and Wyatt dial olive number.

“Hi Olive” Wyatt said. “Hi who am I speaking with?” Olive asked.

“It Wyatt didn’t you save my number” Wyatt asked.

“Oh Wyatt am sorry how are you doing?” Olive said fine just say I should hear from you” Wyatt said.

“Alright that’s good of you thanks” olive replied.

“You’re welcome dear” Wyatt replied and end the call. “mum where’s Cynthia?” Wyatt asked. “He went out” Mrs Logan replied.


Cynthia parked her car outside Nathan gate and came down from the car she placed a knock on the gate and the security guy come out.

“Hello madam how may I help you?” The security man asked.

“Are you crazy didn’t you know who I am” Cynthia asked angrily.

“Am sorry I did not know you” the security said.

“I will make sure I sack you when I get married to Nathan” Cynthia said.

“Am sorry ma” the security said. “Keep your dawn sorry to yourself and open the gate for me” Cynthia said.

“Am very sorry ma I can’t allow you to come in cause the boss gave us an order not to allow anyone in” the security said.

“Are you crazy did I look like anyone open that gate for me right this moment” Cynthia shouted.

“Bring down your voice madam the boss will hear you” the security man said.

Cynthia pushed him and he fall on his butt she used the opportunity to enter the house.

“Nathan Nathan” she shouted. “Who’s shouting my name like this” Nathan asked hiself and went out to check.

“What are you doing here and you Chris why did you let her in?” Nathan asked.

“Am sorry sir I didn’t let her in she force her way in” the security man said.

“Keep quiet you lier you talk too much” Cynthia replied.

“Darling if you see what this incompetent fool did to me” Cynthia said.

“What are you doing here?” Nathan asked. “I came to check if my baby is fine” Cynthia said.

“Get out I don’t want to see you here” Nathan said.

“No now, I can’t just go back just like that, you will be bored if you stay alone in this big house and I don’t want that for you that’s why I came” Cynthia said.

“Chris” Nathan called. “Sir” Chris replied. “I give you five seconds to carry this lady out of my house” Nathan said.

“You can’t do this to me” Cynthia said. “This way madam” Chris said.

“Don’t touch me with that hand of yours” Cynthia said.

“Chris you are wasting my time” Nathan said and Chris carry Cynthia and throw her out of the house.



The next day


Olive p.o.v

I feel someone hand on my hair and I open my eye immediately.

“Olive darling how are you doing” Dad greet.

“Am doing good dad and you” I asked. “Am fine my daughter am very happy this morning” Dad said.

“Why are you happy tell me about it?” I asked him.

“Because you and prissy are here with us” dad replied.

“Talking of prissy where is she and Kate I remember leaving them in the sitting room yesterday night?” I said.

“She’s in her room with Kate” dad replied.

“Alright Dad let me go and check on Kate” I replied and stood up from the bed.

I enter prissy room and I met mum there discussing and laughing with them.

“Good morning olive” Kate greet on seeing me.

“Morning Kate how was your night” I asked her “it was splendid” she replied.

“That’s good to hear” I replied her.

“Good morning mum I greet” morning my darling how was your night” she asked.

“I won’t replied you cause am jealous” I replied.

“Jealous of what?” She asked. “You didn’t come to my room to wake me up like Dad did” I replied and she hiss.

“Happy jealous my darling” mum replied. and continue with her discussion.

“Kate go and freshen up we are going out together” I said.

“Alright” Kate replied and dash into the bathroom.

“Why only Kate?” Prissy asked. “Jealous sister” I said. “Am not jealous” she replied.


I came down from my car with Kate by my side. “Nice to be here again” I said.

I walked inside the company and left my mouth open in shock, Charles really did Alot of work here I really trust him.

“Good morning olive” the workers greet. “Morning my darlings hope you’re all fine I asked.

“Yes we are fine and welcome back” they chorused.

“Thank you all” I replied them. “We have a gift for you but we don’t know if you will like it” they said.

“Wow a gift for Me you guys are the best” I replied and they brought out the gift.

“wow a diamond wristwatch, you guys really spent Alot on this, I really appreciate and am going to add to your salaries” I said and they all jump up happily.

“Thank you very much olive may God continue to bless you” they said happily.

“Amen and you too” I replied.

“Actually I came here to introduce your new managing director Kate to you guys cause I can’t cope with many companies and I will be traveling out soon” i said.

“Wow welcome Kate ” they said and shake hands with her Kate smile happily at them.

“That’s it I love to seeing people smile and I also have a surprise for Charles for being a good personal assistant and brother.

Nathan call came into my phone. Oh I have forgotten I promise to send Nathan some pictures i end the call and sent the pictures I snap with my father to Nathan and Wyatt I will be traveling out of this country tommorow.

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