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Compared with Qin Yinze who is so sickly, Ji Rou prefers Qin Yinze who is domineering and powerful. Qin Yinze who is so cheerful and confident seems to be the leader of the world.

Ji Rou has seen his domineering and powerful appearance. Now she sees his sickly appearance. She is so distressed that she would like to be able to get sick for him.

She moved and gently struggled out of his arms, lying beside him instead: "Qin Yinze, you must get better quickly, don't let me worry about it, OK?"

I don't know if he heard her talking. His frown was even loose. Ji Rou pasted another note to his arms: "I'll lie with you, and you can sleep in peace."


After Qin Yinze fell asleep, Ji Rou took his temperature again, and saw that his temperature had dropped to 37.6, so she went downstairs to prepare breakfast for him.

Jirou herself can't even make the simplest porridge, so she has to learn from Qiaoyi. In case Qin Yinze gets sick later, she can accompany him to take better care of him.

Qiaoyi handed a box to Jirou: "Miss Ji, this is from your friend. She said that your mobile phone left at home. Security said it was checked. It's a mobile phone. There's no dangerous goods. "

"I left my cell phone at home. No wonder I can't find it." Ji Rou took over the box and put it aside. "Aunt Qiao, can you teach me how to cook?"

Qiaoyi said with a smile, "Oh, Miss Ji wants to learn how to cook?"

"Yes. After learning, you can make the dishes Qin Yinze likes to eat. " Ji Rou holds aunt Qiao's arm and smiles at her sweetly. "Aunt Qiao, you must teach me, right?"

"Miss rare quarter you have this idea, of course I want to teach you." Qiaoyi led Jirou into the kitchen together. She took out a handwritten notebook. "Sir, I'm very picky. I don't eat onions, cilantro, and a lot of food that I don't want to eat."

"He has so much food to avoid?" Jirou thought about it. They had a lot of meals together. How could she not find that he had so many taboos?

Ji Rou still remembers that once she dragged Qin Yinze to Huangji casserole porridge for dinner. The waiter asked if she wanted to add cilantro. She liked to eat it. She didn't ask Qin Yinze, so she asked the waiter to add it. At last, she didn't see Qin Yinze not eat it.

No, she ate every pot of porridge that day. Qin Yinze didn't seem to finish a small bowl This man is also really, don't eat to say, he is so stuffy don't say a word, deserve to be hungry.

"That's not all." Qiaoyi turned back, turned to a page and wrote in a big red pen, "although you don't like meat, you can eat some beef or something. Only rabbit meat. It's the food that Mr. Wang absolutely doesn't touch. It can't appear on the table. "

This season, Ji Rou agrees: "the little rabbit is so cute, I don't eat rabbit meat, I remember that. Aunt Qiao, lend me this notebook. I'll have a good look at it sometime. "

Qiaoyi gives Jirou the notebook: "if Miss Ji wants to see it, take it to have a look. Anyway, I have all these in mind."

"Aunt Qiao, please teach me how to cook porridge. Qin Yinze is not in good health. Dr. Yang said that he should try to eat light food these two days. " Ji Rou is full of Qin Yinze. She also feels sweet in her heart. "If Mr. Ji knew that it was Miss Ji who cooked porridge for him, he must eat two more bowls."

"If he doesn't dislike me, he will be fine. I don't expect him to eat two more bowls." Jirou has cooked porridge before, but the white porridge always looks like paste, which is not seldom disliked by her mother. Later, she simply doesn't make it.

Aunt Qiao said, "Mr. Ji is so painful, he will not dislike you."

"Aunt Qiao, you can see that he loves me very much, right?" Ji Rou chuckled, "I can see that he loves me, but he just doesn't tell me."

Qiaoyi said: "generally, men don't like to say sweet words, especially for a character like Mr. Qiao, who can't even say it. But his concern for you, Miss Ji, is in the eyes of all of us. "

"Haha I see. " Ji Rou listened to her sweet heart. "Aunt Qiao, I don't want to say anything else now. Teach me how to cook porridge first. I think Qin Yinze will be able to eat my porridge when he wakes up. "

"Good..." Qiao said with a smile.

Aunt Qiao said that Ji Rou did it.

Ji Rou thinks it's better to just wash the rice out of the pot, but aunt Qiao also asks her to pay attention to the quantity of water, the temperature, etc. how much trouble there is.

Ji Rou is also a person who is very afraid of trouble. Before that, she had no patience, but today she does not have a trace of impatience. Her whole mind is trying to find out how to make good porridge and how to take good care of Qin Yinze.


Ji Rou cooks porridge and goes upstairs. Qin Yinze wakes up.

After a sleep, Qin Yinze's spirit looks much better.

Ji Rou took his temperature again. It's 37:2: "it's going to be normal. You should drink warm water first and then some porridge later."

But Qin Yinze ignored her.

"What's the matter? What's wrong? " Jirou comes to him, reaches for his forehead, and cares about him as much as a child, "if you are uncomfortable, you must say it. If you don't say it, it's your own."

Qin Yinze still has a black face.

Ji Rou was a little angry, but she couldn't get angry with him when she saw one of his patients: "master Qin, have a glass of water first, and I'll go to see Doctor Yang after drinking it."

Qin Yinze didn't drink water either.

Ji Rou is in a hurry: "Qin Yinze, what's the matter with you?"

Qin Yinze remained silent.

Ji Rou is so anxious that he is fierce: "when you are angry, you will have a black face. You don't say anything. Where did you learn such a stinking problem? Didn't your mother tell you that communication can solve things? "

This woman doesn't mean to talk. She's also cruel to him.

Qin Yinze went back with black face: "I asked you to sleep with me, who let you run away?"

It turns out that she didn't sleep with him. Why is this man so mean?

Ji Rou shook her head: "I just went to cook porridge. I think you can drink the porridge I made for you when you wake up. You can only go when you are asleep. "

"No running without my permission in the future." Qin Yinze glares at her discontentedly, seeing that she is the reason for making porridge for him. He forgives her for once, but it will not happen again.

"Well, I remember." Ji Rou hands the water to him, "master Qin, have a drink first."

"You feed me!" Qin Yinze said without shame.

"All right." This man can do anything without bottom line because of his illness.

Come on, she doesn't care about a single patient, so she should learn how to take care of her son in advance.

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