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Broken 2





The afternoon sun casted long shadow on the ground , the rays bathing the building with its warm light.

I sat there on a bench , in the yard , doing Demi and I laundry.

If you see the clothes, hen, you will pity me .

It was so plenty that I was left wondering how and when I would be done with it . but nevertheless, I kept on washing, humming a song as I washed , until I took the last of the clothes out of the soapy water.

“At last”. I muttered, mopping the sweat from my brow and began rinsing the clothes thoroughly.

When done , I hung the clothes on the cloth line to dry, attaching a “cloth peg” to it ; then I poured out the dirty water, rinsed out the basin and climbed up the balcony, holding the two big basins .

The door was slightly ajar, so I kicked it open and scurried across the sitting room to the sparkling neat kitchen.

I smiled proudly, my handwork!

Reaching up , I put the basins on top the cupboard and let my eyes wander round the kitchen for any hidden dirt , but found none .

Good! I nodded in satisfaction and stepped out of the kitchen, dragging my feet as I walked to the room

I was so d--n tired!

Entering, I found Demi seated at the side of the bed , his laptop on his laps as he typed into it.

Oga ooo! since morning! does he want to sprain his neck ni?

“baby!” I called as I ambled to the mirror stand. “what are you still doing?”

“working”. he answered without even sparing me a glance , his serious gaze fixed on his laptop.

“hmmm”. I sighed deeply. “but today is a Saturday and you need to rest”

“I will do that once I am done with this ledger”. he simply said

“okay ooo Mr workaholic”. I mumbled under my breathe and looked in the mirror to see two dilated eyes staring back at me .

I was looking so tired at exhausted!

Una mehn! I need to take my bath and …….

“are you still going to your friend’s place”. Demi asked, interrupting my thoughts

I stared at him in the mirror to see him staring at me .

So he has been watching me!

“Yes”. I nodded . “but that will late in the afternoon”

he smirked . “It is already 4:00pm”

I glanced at the huge clock on the wall and my Jaws dropped

4;00pm! so fast! I really need to be on my way!

quickly, I pulled off my gown , unclasped my bra and was about going into the bathroom when I felt Demi hands around me .

“I want you baby”. he whispered into my ears

I shook my head slightly. “not today”

“Come on now”. he tried to give me a kiss on the cheek but I resisted his advance and pushed him away from my face briskly

“I said not today”. I repeated , but this time around with a hard voice

He let go of me in an instant, his surprise gaze roving round my face


I scoffed . “Are you really asking me that! my mum recently passed away and the only thing you can think about is sex”

“but it has been almost a month”. he defended himself

“and so?” I eyed him coldly . “I don’t want to have sex with you and that is final”

he frowned confusedly and I felt guilt overwhelm me as I realised how disorganised he was.

he would probably be wondering what came over me.

“You really want to punish me hun”. he probed on, his eyes not leaving my face for once

what is he saying?

“and how am I punishing……..I stopped mid- sentence when I noticed the huge bulge in front of his trousers

Ewoo! so this is what he is talking about

He continued. “I understood how you felt all this while and that was the reason why I chose not to disturb you, but right now I can’t control myself any longer and I need to you to take away this weird feeling deep inside me”

“as your sex machine abi”. I fired at him

his eyes widened and he opened his mouth, trying to speak , but no words came out .

I smirked. “or did I lie?”

“who.. who. is teaching you to use vulgar words”. he stuttered a bit before speaking

“You”. I stared boldly at him . “or what more is expected from the girlfriend to a sex addict?”

his eyes flashed with anger for a moment and then he ran his fingers through his hair

“Jeez! all this insults because I asked my girlfriend for sex”. he muttered, it was more like he was talking to himself.

I felt heaviness sink to the pit of my stomach and regret tricked through me

“Baby”. I called , attempting to hold him , but he took a step backward and smiled

“You should go and bath”

“Can I really do that?” I asked foolishly

“Yes!” he nodded , still smiling

“Alright!” I nodded and walked to the bathroom

my heart was beating faster than usual and I wasn’t in my right state of mind

what if he is angry with me? I thought within

“and why would he be? he smiled at you right”. my subconsciousness assured and I sighed softly

“he is not angry with me”. I assured myself and with that , i stepped into the bathtub and had a quick bath.

when done, I reached for Demi’s towel , wrapping it around my body as I returned to the neat but empty room.

where did he go to now? I wondered as I walked over to the wardrobe.

opening it , I rifled through for a simple gown and soon found one.

a white short gown with flare edges

This will be perfect!

hastily, I towelled off , put on my undies and hurriedly changed into the gown ; then I removed my hair net , brushed down the long bone straight hair and put on a red fluffy slippers.

I grabbed a black handbag , shoved my books into it , reached for my phone and rushed out of the room into the sitting room where I met Demi

He was seated on the big sofa , playing his PS3 game.

“Demi!” I called and he slowly shifted his attention to me

“hey!” he smiled lightly . “you ready to leave?”

I nodded slowly, my worried eyes searching his face for traces of anger ,but found none as his expression was blank .

“Okay , you can go”. he plainly said

just that! I swallowed hard . The Demi I know would have checked me out and compliment my outfit, telling me how beautiful I look and all that…

Oh God! Please don’t let him be angry with me!

“erm can you erm please take me to Shakirat’s place”. I begged

“what happened to your car?” he asked calmly

“I am out of petrol”

he smirked. “then you should make use of a bike”

“Alright!” I readily agreed as I didn’t want to get him more upset.

I turned away from him , began walking to the door, hesitated , then stopped to face him

“I love you baby”

he nodded slowly. “I love you too”

Smiling , I walked out of the house , through the huge gate as I headed to the street Junction…



The Junction was noisy and rough as usual, the voice of touts could be heard as they solicit for passengers.

I stood there by the roadside , waiting for a bike when a red Benz pulled up in front of me

who is this one? I wondered, taking two steps backward

“Obianuju”. the driver called , winding down the window and my eyes grew wide at who I saw ——-

“Dave!” I called out In shock and he chuckled lightly

“Why are you standing here?”he looked me up and down. “You going somewhere”

“Yes!” I swallowed hard . “to my friends place”

and where is that?” he arched his eyebrow

” white complex”. I replied , my voice so low

“the one at Igan road ba?” he probed on and I nodded slowly

“Good! hop into the car , let me take you there”

hop kwa! so he can shoot me with his gun! no ooo!

I forced a smile . “Don’t worry , I can go by myself”

“I insist”. his voice was levelled and controlled and I gulped hard , making a sound

“what are you waiting for, get into the car”. he repeated, and this time around I opened the car door and slid into the passenger seat closing the door behind me.

“You alright?” he asked staring at my shaky hands

“Yes!” I quickly hid my hand behind me and without saying a word, he started the car and drove off speeding to the white complex…..


In what seems like forever, he got to the complex and parked out in front of the huge gate.

“Thanks”. I opened the door and made to climb down when he asked

“Can I have your number?”

I froze in my seat , staring at him like a dummy .

my number ! why is he asking?

He smiled and pinched my nose lightly

“don’t think too much , I just need it to check on you from time to time”

“why?” I asked , clearly confused

“because you are my friend’s girlfriend”.he replied, still smiling

“Oh! was the only thing I could say as I was still confused, his reasons didn’t make any sense to me .

“so can I have your number now?” he repeated and reached into his pocket and handed his phone to me.

I stared down at the expensive looking phone . should I give him or not? I decided to give him!

heaving a sigh, I typed my digit into his phone and handed the phone back to him

“thanks”. he brushed my cheek lightly and for a moment, I was lost staring into his dark eyes, it was filled with an emotion that I couldn’t identify”

“erm”. I dropped my gaze . “thanks so much for the ride”

and without waiting for his response, I climbed down the car and rushed inside the gate into the compound and began walking to the building when I heard a voice call my name .

I turned my head in the direction and saw ——Susanna waving at him , a light smile on her face

Oh! I completely forgot she lives here

“Juliet!” She called again and limped up to me , holding as waist as she walked

Jeez! I never knew it was this bad!

“Susanna!” I faked a smile. “how are you?”

She shrugged lightly. “I am just managing to be fine , what about you?”

“I am doing great?”

An awkward silence follows and then she broke it with a sigh

“I am deeply sorry for what I did to you , I never meant to hurt your , I was deceived by ..erm …. she scratched her hair , as if thinking..

“Faith!” I helped her out and she nodded vigorously

“Yes Faith, she was the devil who deceived me , she was the one who came up with all the plan , she wanted so much to hurt you”

“did she tell you her reason?” my voice was surprisedly calm

“actually she said something about you hurting her or there about”. she replied , “but I think she was jealous of you”. She quickly added

Jealous! that ungrateful b**ch! a good thing she left quietly, if not I would have disgraced her to the core.

Susanna continued. “I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness but believe me when I say I am truly sorry”

“hmmmm!”. I took in a deep breathe. “It is alright”

“really?” her eyes lit up . “have you forgiven me?”

Forgive kwa! no ooo! I just don’t want her feeling guilty more than she already is

“So how is your leg?” I changed the topic

she stared down at her leg and sighed

“I thank God it is not more than this”. she paused to wipe her face before she continued. “at least the pain is not up to the pain in my heart. I am ashamed of myself , I am… am broken”

“Susanna”. I called softly

“I have lost everything, my career, my friends, everyone avoids me , no one wants to associate with me and it is all because of that devil…..

“Faith”. I butted in

She shook her head. “Dave”

Dave! I heard a loud bang in my head,what the hell is she talking about?

“what did he do?” I was so curious to know

she smiled lightly, a far away look in her eyes

“I made my findings and got to know he is the leader of the gang who destroyed my life”

leader! destroyed!

“did he rape you?” I asked , staring at her in disbelief

“not him , one of his boys”

I grew pale of a sudden, Dave gang did this to her? Is Demi aware of this?

“I want my revenge, I want him to rot in Jail , I want him to pay dearly for his sins”. she half yelled, beating her chest as she cried.

her words burn into me and I felt her pains

“I understand how you feel , but Dave is not someone you can face”. I tried to advice her

“why? because he is a small god”. she sneered, anger sparkling in her eyes

“not that ,he Is dangerous and ………

“I don’t care , I really don’t care”. she cut in . “I am going to confront him , I am going to…..she stopped mid- sentence and broke down in tears

“Oh dear! I pulled her into a loose hug and patted her back lightly

“It is gonna be alright!”

we stayed like that for a while and then she pulled out of the hug , staring into my face

“you have got a good heart Juliet”

“Me!” I retorted , my hands on my chest

she nodded . “I can now see the reason Demi loves you , why he chose you over me and I pray I get a man who will cherish me as mush as he cherishes you”

“Don’t you love him again?” I blurted out , then gasped when I realised what I have done

I never planned on asking that!

She smiled lightly. “just hold him tight and never take his love for granted”

with that , she gave me a curt nod and limped away to the opposite direction..

I followed her with my eyes till she was out of sight , then I walked into the building and climbed up the wooden stair to Shakirat room .

The door to her room was wide open so I entered and found her laying face down on the bed, a lot of big books scattered around her

“Good evening!” I greeted, joining her on the bed

“You are late”. she queried, her eyes fixed on one of the big books

“I am sorry, I was busy with lot of things”.

she raised her head and looked at me,smiling mischievously

“like talking to Susanna ba”

“how did you know?” I asked in surprise and she pointed to the window

oh! she saw us through the window!

“so what were you guys talking about?”

I shrugged lightly. “nothing much, she just apologised to me”

“hmmmh okay oooo”. she averted her gaze from me and looked down at the book”

“so how many pages have you written?” I asked and picked up a book , flipping through its pages

“one”. she replied

“only one! I repeated in disbelief. “han han now! but you know we are submitting it on Monday”

“So?” She retorted nonchalantly , she didn’t even seem bothered

Chai! why did I even choose her as my partner sef!

“You should sleep over here”. she quickly suggested

“Sleep over?” I asked to be sure I heard right

“Yes, that is the only way we can get done with this project on time “.she explained and yes , she was right!

we have to work on it overnight!

“I will put a call through to my boyfriend and inform him”

“Alright!” She nodded

Sliding my bag open , I took out my phone and dialled Demi’s number.

he picked up on the third ring

“hey baby”. I greeted first

“hey! how are you?” his voice was flat

“Fine”. I replied . “erm I want to let you know that I will be spending the night at Shakirat’s place”

“why?” he asked

“we need to erm work on our research over night”

I was nervous without knowing why!

There was a pause and then he sighed


“are you okay with….I trailed off when I noticed the call was no longer connected.

he hung up on me!

“Did he agree to it ?” shakirat asked

I nodded slowly, a thousand and one thing running through my mind

he is still angry, but why? I thought we have settled it … I mean I told him I love him right??

“but you didn’t apologise “. a tiny voice said

sorry! Is that it?

Just then , a knock sounded on the door and Shakirat and I exchanged looks

“are you expecting someone?” She asked me

“Is this my room ?” I snapped at her

She gave me a playful glare and looked towards the door

“who is that oooo?”

“Na me Kemisola”. a girly voice answered

Oh! she is back!

“Okay!come in”. Shakirat told her and she tiptoed into the room ,careful not to stain the carpet with her muddy feet

“Good evening Aun….. she trailed off when she noticed me

“ah!Aunty , you dey here too”

I nodded , smiling at the girl who saved me

“Kemisola! how are you? how is everything?”

“Fine!” she smiled shyly. “I happy sey you dey fine”

“Sure! and it is all thanks to you”. I praised and dipped my hand into my bag and brought out #2000.

“Take!”. I handed it to her . “come to my side next weekend and I will give you something better”

“Ah! thank you so much , God bless you”

“Amen ooo, God bless you too”

She smiled sheepishly and then faced Shakirat

“shey you wan do something, make I help you”

“Not at all dear”. Shakirat responded, grinning like an idiot

I don’t blame her na , she have seen who to call dear!

“Alright ma!”the girl said and made for the door ;then stopped abruptly, facing me

“erm Aunty , shey you don hear anything about Biggy?”

“Biggy! who is that?”

“Biggy na the man wey kidnap you”. she replied and I shifted uneasily on the bed

“his family dey look for am ,but they no see am”

“I don’t erm know where he is”. I told her and she nodded slowly and walked out of the room .

“Are you sure about that?” Shakirat asked , staring intently at me

“about what?” I feigned ignorance and she smiled wryly

“Biggy! you know his whereabout right?”

“No”. I lied , holding her gaze till she looked away.

I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that Biggy was dead and that he got killed because of me…..






My heart was hurting beyond words , the pain tearing up my soul and the one person I needed right now is the very same person hurting me ….

She called me a sex addict , like I don’t have self-control.

Jeez!why do I feel that my past is involved in this?

I turned in my bed , and shifted from side to side , trying to fall asleep , but all to no avail. I couldn’t sleep , the hurt was too much for me to bear.

and to think that she didn’t apologise even made it all worst.

D**n! Is this what loves is all about? pride and stupidity!

Disoriented, I sat up in the bed and reached for my phone , about to dial Kewe’s number when the door flew open and Kewe burst into the room,holding a big book

“speak of the devil! I was even about to call you”

he smirked. “Is that why you left your door all open?”

“my door! wo! don’t mind me jare! I am just too weak to stand up”

“You have been sleeping right?”

“Nope”. I popped the p. “I have been working online”. I partly told the truth

“Oya na! Demi the young money”. he hailed,holding his hands in the air . “standup , make we dey go”

“go where?”

“the gang weekend party , have you forgotten ni?”he reminded

oh!!I completely forgot about it!

“or do you want Dave to shoot us all?” he asked teasingly and I was forced to laugh.

Reluctantly , I got off the bed and walked as slowly as I could to the wardrobe.

To tell the truth, I was in no mood for a party but what can I do? nothing……

I opened the wardrobe and pulled out a red sweater , wearing it on top of my harmless shirt.

“are you feeling cold?” Kewe asked and I nodded slowly

he chuckled lightly . “Your girlfriend nko?”

“she went to her friend’s place”

“Ah! Ah! by this time”. he glanced at his wristwatch. “and you allowed it?”

“and what am I supposed to do? tie her down”. I snapped at him .

I was already getting irritated with everything!

“bobo! calm down first , did your girlfriend offend you?”


“Why then are you acting like this?” he fired at me

“and how am I acting?” I fired back at him

“like a man on heat “. he answered and laughed loudly at his silly Jokes

I scoffed silently. it wasn’t funny to me at all cos he got it right , i am truly a man on heat ….

“Did you come with your car?” I changed the topic

He stopped laughing and shook his head negatively

“Just like always”. I mumbled to my self

“What did you say?” he asked , knitting his eyebrow in a little frown

I smirked and tossed my car key to him.

“what should I do with it?”he looked down at the key and then back at me

“Isn’t it obvious, I want you to drive”. I stated

“Alright!” he willingly agreed

“Good!” I put on a black palm slippers and led the way as we walked out of the room, out of the house.

I locked the door and put the key in my pocket; then I climbed down the short step to the car.

Opening it , I slid into the passenger seat and Kewe who was seated behind the wheel started the car and drove off to the gang popular joint , Map hotel …..



Getting to the hotel , Kewe drove through the gate into the side of the compound where the “gangs members” were already seated , all except ——Tobi .

“what of Tobi ?” I asked Kewe

“he is sick”. he replied and drove into an open space , parking right beside a red Benz——Dave’s car

“sick! I muttered. “since when?”

he shrugged lightly. “I can’t really say,you should call him”

“Sure I will”

Opening the car door , I stepped out of the car and began walking toward my “friends” when I heard my name.

quickly, I looked in the direction of the voice and saw a ———-wow!

“Dumebi”. Kewe said softly.

I shifted my gaze to him to see him staring at the girl

“do you know her?”

he chuckled. “who wouldn’t know the school miss expensive…..oh sorry! your girlfriend is now the miss expensive”

“I don’t know her”. I stated truthfully and he smirked

“that is because you hardly notice girls this days”

“Oh!” I shifted my attention back to the girl , meeting her gaze

“Demi!” She mouthed and I looked away, scoffing

how the hell does she know my name!

“Demi! Kewe!”. Dave hailed as we got to the table full of drinks and smoke.

“hello”. I grunted, sitting down beside Bola

“what took you guys so long?” he asked , puffing out a cloud of smoke into the air

“erm I was erm busy with tutorials”. Kewe stuttered.

he was obviously scared of the devil!

Dave nodded and then faced me

“what about you?”

“I was busy “. I simply answered

“busy with what?” his voice was levelled, as if threatening me

I scoffed silently, idiot please leave my life alone!

“with my books”. I lied and he smiled lightly

“you want to make dada and mama proud hun”

The word “mama” made my brain clicked and I remembered Tobi’s words

“Dave was beside me and I gave the phone to him”

“ehen Dave”. I cleared my throat. “what business do you have with my step mom?”

his eyes widened and a flicker of fear crossed his face .

so they really do have a business together !

“Step mother! what step mother?” he tried to deny it and I scoffed

“the one who called you through Tobi’s phone”

His face grew pale in an instant and he chuckled nervously

“Truly, a woman called asking for me but I told her it was a wrong number, is she your step- mother?”

I nodded slowly

“then how did she get Tobi’s number?” Prince who was seated beside Dave butted in ..

I gave him a cold-eyed stare that spat venom

“I did not remember calling you into this conversation”

“and who are you to tell me what ..he stopped mid-sentence, his gaze fixed behind me

“Isn’t that Dumebi?”

Dumebi… Dumebi…. the beautiful girl!

quickly,I turned around and saw the girl dancing towards us , her big boobs bouncing up and down.

“who invited her here?” Bola asked in whispers

“Invite?” I repeated , staring at him

“Yes, she is a classic runs girl and ………

“enough with the talk boys , she is already here”. Dave cut him off and just like he said , the “fair skinned beauty” was standing right beside me , her eyes fixed on me,like I was the only one there”

Ahh! did they send this one to me?

“Hi Demi!”she greeted and sat down on my laps , sliding back and forth over my d**k

My d--k began to get stiff and lust took over

“hi pretty”. I responded, my eyes on her heavy jugs as they bounced.

Suddenly ,her arms went around me , hugging me tight, her lips dropped to my lips and she kissed me deeply.

my body went stiff, what the heck is she doing to me?

I wanted so much to push her away, but I was controlled by my lust and returned the kiss passionately.

” I want to f**k you”.the girl breathe into my mouth

“So do I”. I pulled out of the kiss . “Let’s get a room.

she shook her head. “I don’t like the rooms here, let’s go to your house”

“my house! no way , I have a girlfriend and she ….. I trailed off when I remembered Obianuju would be sleeping over at her friend’s place

“Alright then!stand up, lets go”. I told her and when she did , I stood up and faced Dave .

” I need to get going”

“why?” Kewe asked ,eying the girl coldly

“because I need a good f**k”.i replied bluntly

“but you have a girlfriend who is way more prettier than this th…..Kewe tried to insult the girl but Dave cut him off .

“Stop that”. he hushed him and then faced me

“You can go”

“Thanks!” I snatched my car key out of Kewe’s hand and Jammed it in my pocket; then I took the pretty’s girl hand into mine as we headed to my car.

A feeling of guilt threaten to overwhelm me , but I quickly shook it off ….

“Obianuju won’t find out”. I assured myself






Laying on the bed, I stared absentmindedly at Shakirat , watching her mouth move as she read out loud from a book . I tried to read her lips, but I couldn’t, my whole mind was on Demi…..

what could be wrong? why hasn’t he called me? Is he still angry?

I flipped through my phone message for the umpteenth time, but still there was no message from him ..

“he is angry with me”. I mumbled and began to sob silently.

“what is wrong?”Shakirat asked and only then did I realise she was no longer reading, but was peering into my face

“nothing”. I lied and quickly wiped off my tears

“Juliet!”she called my name softly. “are you hiding something from me?”

“No”. I sniffed

“Then tell me why you are crying?” her voice was soft, just like my mother’s own and that gave me a sense of comfort .

“It.. is …. Demi”. I managed to stutter a reply

“Okay!” She nodded, urging me to continue

“he has not called to check on me which is so unlike him and … and … I broke down into tears as I could not hold it any longer.

“Oh dear! she drew me closer to her and patted my back lightly

“Did you guys have a fight?”

“Yes!” I nodded . “but it was minor one , he asked me for sex and I ………

“refused him”. she completed and I swallowed hard .

“I also called him a sex addict”

“you did what”. She retorted in a silky voice and I blinked away the tears

“han! haaaaaa! that is too much na , how can you call your boyfriend a sex addict, a boy who has sacrificed a lot for you.

“erm I didn’t know what came over me, I was just trying to state my right”

“what stupid right”. she fired me . “see! see! see! you better call him and apologise before things get out of hand”

get out of hand! as in break up! ahh! that won’t happen!

quickly, I unlocked my phone , about to dial his number when a message from an unsaved number popped on my screen.

I clicked on it and my head literally exploded when I read it.

“Demilade is home with another girl, you should confirm it”

Demi! cheating on me! I shook my head in disbelief, this is not possible!

“what does it says?” Shakirat asked , a curious look on her face

“Demi is with another girl”. my voice was barely audible

“what!” she grabbed my phone and looked into it.

“Oga oooo! but i don’t think this it true”

“Same with me”. I stated . “but I need to confirm first”

“Confirm! are you planning on going to his place?” She asked with her eyes wide open

I nodded slowly

“but it is already getting late”. she queried

“I don’t care , I don’t bloody care”. I snatched my phone out of her hand and stood up in a huff

She heaved a sigh. “Fine! you can go ,but please be calm and don’t make any rash decisions”

Alright ma”. I drawled and grabbed my back and rushed out of the room,climbing down the stairs into the compound and got outside just in time to see a bike pass by.

“Thanks goodness!” I muttered, flagging it down ; immediately the bike man slowed down and pulled up in front of me

“brown building ijesha road”. I called, breathing hard

“Aahhh! by this time”. the bike man queried, glancing at his wristwatch

“I will pay you any amount”. I pleaded desperately and his eyes lit up

“any amount?” he licked his lips . “you fit pay #1000?”

“Yes! yes!” I nodded my head vigorously

“Oya! enter make we dey go”

Sharperly , I climbed on the bike and the bike man started the engine and zoomed off ….

God! please let it be just a prank!


Alas ! the bike man got to the building. He drove through the gate into the compound and stopped in front of Demi’s apartment.

paying him , I jumped down the bike and climbed the short step to the balcony

The door was closed, but not locked so I pushed it open and ran all the way to the room .

Entering, I froze in my track

Demi was right on the bed with another girl …


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