Love Diary - S01 E03

1 month ago

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The next day, I drove my Bentley to Banana

Island. I drove past theModupe Alakija Crescent

and soon I was cruising through the 1st Avenue.

Situated in Ikoyi, the island is known for its

wealthy, multi-cultural community and has some

of the most expensive real estate in Nigeria.


beautiful island has become the preferred abode

of the rich. A first time visitor is greeted by the

sight of well laid lawns, beautiful towers and well

paved roads. Beautiful trees were planted in

canopy form to serve as umbrella and supply

fresh air. Surprisingly it’s an artificial Island.

Lagos state government has been sand-filling

these parts of the ocean. Bar beaches in Lagos

are no longer what they used to be. You know

what I think? Just because some people have

loads of money doesn’t mean they should fill the

ocean with sand and build houses on it. I see it

as a dare on nature. Na demsabi.

Soon, I have reached the 2nd Avenue. I

approached the cozy restaurant and parked my

car in the VIP section. It was 7pm. I entered, sat

down and waited. Samantha came ten minutes

later. All eyes were on her. When she sat down,

we ordered red wine and fried chicken. She

doesn’t want to eat food and me too. We

entered into a lovely conversation. She is 26 and

she resides in Pretoria. Her first name is

Busisiwe which means blessed. Soon she was

telling me all about her life. As she was talking

about her family, her carefully crafted exterior

began to crack. Suddenly she began to cry.

I was surprised. I brought my white Versace


“Take this.”

“Thank you,” she said as she collected it and

wiped away her tears.

Now to the one million dollar question.

“What is it my dear?”

She kept quiet. I felt I am prying into something

that doesn’t concern me. I don’t want her to

think that I am poking too much into her

personal life.

“My apologies dear. Sorry for asking the


“No nono,” she said as she made a motion with

her hands.

I nodded but kept quiet.

“Actually, it wasn’t work that brought me here,”

she said.

Omo see confession. Now I have to thread


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