Love Diary - S01 E02

1 month ago

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“Lovely name,” I said.

“Thanks.” She smiled as she opened her lips

slightly. I swear she has open teeth.

“What brought a beauty like you to our country?”

I asked.

Suddenly she looked down. I noticed sadness in

her eyes. It was quickly replaced with a smile.

“Work.” That was all she said.

Then there was silence. Chai. I hate this kind of

situation. I call it hostage situation because I am

holding my voice hostage. Before I could speak

again, she said, “The Company I’m working with,

a telecommunication company, we came here for

a conference.”.

“I see.”

“Where do you work?” she asked. I was taken

aback by the question,


She nodded.

“I work with a consulting firm.”

Then we relaxed and started small talk. After ten

minutes, she excused herself and I returned to

where my friends were staying, waiting for me.

“Spill it out boy,” said Moses. The guy is so


“She gave me her number We set up a date

tomorrow evening at KFC.” I said with a huge

grin on my face.

“KFC? You mean you want to take the girl to a

football club?” asked Timothy. He was definitely


“Jeez. Guy,are you dumb? You don’t know KFC?”

Moses asked as he cast a puzzled look at


“It’s a restaurant, Kentucky Fried Chicken wow


the full name.” I said. I guess I just saved the


“Which one in particular Chris,” asked Moses.

“Actually, she is staying at Paradise Towers. So

we agreed on the one in Banana Island.”

“Banana Island!” Both of exclaimed.

“This girl will chop you mugu,” said Moses.

Annoying. He just wanted to make a fun of me.

So let me jerk him up a bit. “I don’t care. Right

now, I need a girl who knows how to chop

money.” I said. He was quiet.

We went to a nearby cafeteria and bought some

cheese burgers. We promised to communicate

and meet again soon. We dispersed. I can’t wait

to see Samantha again.

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