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Is still there let me come and help you” Nathan said and stood up from his chair.

He move closer to olive. He look into her eyes and smile to hiself.

He took his hand to her lips. “What are you trying to do?” Olive asked and Nathan come back to his senses.

“Hmm am sorry actually I want to” Nathan said.

“You want to what?” olive asked. “Nevermind” Nathan said and removed the thing from her Eyes.

“So as we are saying” Nathan said. “Before you interrupted” olive replied with a smile.

“Yeah so tell me more about yourself” Nathan said.

“There’s nothing much to know about me am just olive” olive replied.

“Just olive didn’t you have family and friends?” Nathan asked.

“My family are in America and my only friend is here” olive replied.

“Tell me more about your family” Nathan said.

” there’s Nothing much to know, am from the Thompson family and there only child” olive replied.

“Is it from the popular Thompson family?” Nathan asked smiling.

“Ah no oo do I look like one of them I have never seen them before” olive said.

“I thought as much” Nathan said with a smile. “The only person I like very much in your family is your father that man is so nice” olive said.

“You mean you don’t like me” Nathan said. “Yes I don’t” olive replied with a smile.

“But I didn’t do anything bad to you” Nathan said.

“i did not like you but I love your personality. And I also like Wyatt because he makes this place fun for me” olive said.

“So you mean I am not fun to be with?” Nathan asked sadness written in his voice.

“Nope I am always comfortable with you” olive said. “Olive can I tell you something?” Nathan asked. “Go ahead am all hears” olive said.


“Wyatt where are you going to?” Cynthia asked. “am going to Nathan office any problem?” Wyatt asked.

“can I come with you cause the house will be f*cling boring without you” Cynthia said.

“no problem let go” Wyatt said and they both enter Wyatt car and Wyatt drove off.

“where is Nathan maid I can’t find her in the house and why are you at her side this morning, I thought you don’t like people like her” Cynthia said.

“she’s different” Wyatt replied. “and by the way why are you going to Nathan office didn’t you have your own office?” Cynthia asked.

“Cynthia you talk too much how I leave my life is none of your business” Wyatt yelled.

“Wyatt are you Okay why are you raising your voice at me?” Cynthia asked.

“Cynthia am sorry for raising my voice at you. I know what am doing” Wyatt said.

” this is not the Wyatt I knew” Cynthia said.

“Cynthia am still the Wyatt you know” Wyatt replied.

Wyatt drove to Nathan office and park his car at the parking lot.

“you are welcome ma and sir” the receptionist greet.

“hold your greeting we don’t need it” Cynthia replied with an eyeroll. and she her Wyatt walked to Nathan office.


” what’s wrong with her she’s too full of herself” the receptionist said.

“I hate her with passion another worker said. “is she now dating the boss brother?” the receptionist asked.

“who knows, because there’s nothing she can’t do she is too desperate” the other worker said.

“you people should learn how to mind your business am sure the boss will sacked the both of you one day cause you guys don’t always mind your business” another worker said.

“and is this also your business?” the receptionist asked.

“I have said my own you guys should mind your business” she said.

“so what did you want to tell me?” olive said.

“promise me you won’t get angry” Nathan said.

“fine I won’t get angry can you tell me now” olive said.

“I like you” Nathan said and olive burst into laughter you are very funny” that’s not a problem there is nothing bad for a boss to like his employees” olive said.

“no is not that kind of like I love you olive” Nathan said.

“you must be cr*y Wyatt said and enter inside Nathan office angrily.

“Wyatt what are you doing here?” Nathan asked calmly.

“what am doing here doesn’t matter you have a fiance already why will you like her Wyatt said angrily.

“I said it.. I knew this girl will later bewitch you didn’t you see that this girl is a witch am the best partner for you, how could you stoop so low?” Cynthia said angrily.

“Cynthia I told you it is over between us you and I aren’t in a relationship anymore” Nathan said.

“just keep quiet you are a bloody lier Cynthia is your fiance and there’s nothing you can do about it” Wyatt shouted angrily.

“Wyatt you are not olive neither are you Cynthia what’s your stress I mean what’s your business in this?” Nathan asked.

“it my business because olive is my friend and I won’t let you deceive her” Wyatt shouted.

“Wyatt did u you remember this place is an office?” Nathan asked.

“yes I do and I can destroy this place right this now” Wyatt shouted. “Wyatt calm down if you continue shouting like this you will have hypertension” Nathan said.

“don’t tell me to calm down” Wyatt shouted. “get out of my office” Nathan said. “I won’t” Wyatt replied shouting. “enough” olive shouted and they both keep quiet.

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