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The Real Battle Of The Gods

Gu Yuena’s body shook. She said bitterly, “So you really have no regrets?”Tang Wulin nodded. “I don’t regret it. No matter how much I’m involved at this exact moment, I know that I’m happy that I got to spend those days with you in the past at the very least. I may not have held out until now without those days. And if I didn’t have that hope, how could I possibly rebuild Shrek and fight against the abyssal legion? You’ve always been that hope in my heart. It’s precisely this reason that I’m able to persist until now. The hope may be lost now, but it existed before in some measure.”

Gu Yuena was stunned for a moment.

Tang Wulin smiled. Even though his smile was bitter sweet, he remained smiling all along. “The result is important, yet how is the process unimportant? You and I, we represent the soul beasts and mankind. Your judgement is correct. We’re bound to stand on opposing sides. We’ve our clans behind us, so we can’t cower nor run. This is the responsibility that we must bear. Come, let’s put an end to this today. Let’s end this war once and for all. I can only hope that you’ll let the soul beasts and mankind live peacefully if you win. If I win, I’ll certainly do my best to ensure this as well. Is that okay? Think of this as our promise to each other.”

Tang Wulin appeared to have returned to his normal self completely by now. Gu Yuena was glassy-eyed on the other hand. She was in a daze for a short while before she nodded slowly.

In the meantime, both mankind and the soul beasts were immersed in their emotions which had been passed to them from earlier at the ground level.

Tang Wulin slowly raised his Golden Dragon Spear and right hand simultaneously to make a grasping gesture. The Sea God’s Trident appeared in his grasp once again.

His combined act of unleashing a divine weapon and a super divine weapon was undoubtedly a display of his willingness to spare no effort.

The Silver Dragon Spear in Gu Yuena’s hand was raised similarly. A nine-colored halo akin to a light wheel descended from the sky and hovered above the top of her head. It illuminated and enshrouded her body. Her aura began to bloom at full speed.

The battle between them was about to unfold in real life from this moment on. It was the final battle!

Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up first. He took a step forward with his left foot. The Combat Heaven and Earth consciousness burst forth as he unleashed the Forbid Heaven-Earth, Dragon Emperor Fight.

The consciousness that burst forth brazenly elevated his essence, energy, and spirit to its peak instantly. Apparently, the two battles from before did not affect his current fighting capacity even a little.

A terrifying aura spread out from his body soon after. A piercing radiance erupted in the sky. The air was filled with the resonant roars of a dragon as if the Golden Dragon King had awakened.

Triggered by the dragon’s roars, the Dragon God Core above Gu Yuena’s head began to shake mildly. It emitted an incomparably powerful aura as if it was calling out to its dual parts to combine with each other.

A silver light coiled around the Silver Dragon Dancing Qilin battle armor cladded to Gu Yuena’s body. She swung the Silver Dragon Spear which was already rendered in nine colors. All at once, a nine-colored light orb condensed slowly in the air. The light orb was not large, only the size of a man’s fist. Its energy within was constantly superimposing, compressing, and complementing itself.

“Roar, roar…” Two dragon’s roars were heard simultaneously. The golden and the silver silhouettes charged at each other.

The real battle of the Gods had begun at this very moment!


It was the explosive power of a god, turning the sky into a splendor of light. Countless rifts emerged at a high altitude in the sky.

The two silhouettes parted abruptly and shot out toward opposing sides. Tang Wulin unleashed the Mysterious Heaven Loop from the Golden Dragon Spear in his left hand to neutralize the energy storm explosion, while with the Sea God’s Trident in his right hand, he pierced forward to unleash the Thousand Accusing Fingers.

The light shadow casted by the Sea God’s Trident fused into a gigantic halberd. It shot out ferociously and headed straight for Gu Yuena.

A radiance circulated in Gu Yuena’s eyes. Everything within the surrounding area, whereby she was at its center, suddenly became distorted. The Dragon God Core above her head shone a light ray which landed precisely on the halberd’s shadow.

“Buzz…” A divine radiance shook the place. Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena swayed simultaneously.

The Sea God’s Trident transformed once again to unleash the Millennium Cloud. Tang Wulin appeared to have no reservations in the battle anymore.

Gu Yuena squinted her eyes. She raised the Silver Dragon Spear vertically. The Dragon God Core immediately spewed forth a stream of nine-colored radiance. A gigantic nine-colored dragon’s head emerged behind Gu Yuena and spat out a huge breath which enshrouded her body instantly.

At this very moment, Gu Yuena’s aura was elevated exponentially. Her raised Silver Dragon Spear swung down brazenly to transform into an enormous nine-colored light blade which was targeted at Tang Wulin.

The white clouds cracked and dispersed into the air. In the next moment, the nine-colored radiance had arrived before Tang Wulin.

The Sea God’s Trident unleashed the Mysterious Heaven Loop!

The golden halos were projected in overlapping layers. These halos neutralized the nine-colored light blade. Soon after, the halo expanded outward to form into Tang Wulin’s most powerful control-type divine skill known as the Indefinite Storm!

The Indefinite Storm condensed from the Mysterious Heaven Loop was so far successful when it was unleashed in the previous battles such that no powerhouse was capable of resisting it.

The beasts watching the battle from the ground became nervous at once. Was Gu Yuena capable of resisting this Indefinite Storm then?

The abyssal Sage King was defeated by the Indefinite Storm, unleashed by Tang San personally, which resulted in his eventual death. Once the target was entrapped within the halo, the target would need to endure a full-force attack.

Meanwhile, the Dragon God Core above Gu Yuena’s head suddenly dropped down. Her pupils were suddenly tainted with rich, nine colors. At the same time, an ineffable icy cold aura burst forth from her body.

An invisible overbearingness erupted from her body instantly.

Tang Wulin felt his Golden Dragon King’s bloodline aura dimmed abruptly. There was a feeling of forced suppression which made him uneasy.

Ever since he possessed the Golden Dragon King bloodline, he had always suppressed the others. He had never encountered a situation where he was suppressed by the others. This was the first time he felt it.

It was the Dragon God’s power. It was the suppression from the Dragon God’s bloodline. Gu Yuena who possessed the Dragon God Core inherently had the upper hand.

Meanwhile, Gu Yuena swung the Silver Dragon Spear forward in her hand and made an upward lifting motion. The golden halos were deflected into the surroundings silently. Finally, not even one managed to enshroud her body.

On the other hand, the Silver Dragon Spear in her hand turned more translucent every time she made the upward lifting motion. It felt as if the spear was absorbing and devouring the power contained in the Dragon God Core.

She had succeeded!

Gu Yuena had actually broken Tang Wulin’s Indefinite Storm.

Ever since Tang Wulin utilized the Indefinite Storm, Gu Yuena became the first person to break the attack without being immobilized for the slightest bit.

At this very moment, Tang Wulin was seemingly stunned. On the other hand, Gu Yuena was already one with the spear! In the next moment, the spear was shooting straight at him.

All the humans and beasts were anxious.

The decisive battle lasted way shorter than they imagined. The two candidates knew each other too well. The battle was just that simple and direct at their level where even the plane was incapable of suppressing them.

All of a sudden, the sky darkened. A gush of invisible pressure appeared abruptly between the sky and the ground. At the same time, the Golden Dragon Spear and the Sea God’s Trident in Tang Wulin’s hands glowed brightly. However, his physical self remained the same. His entire body turned translucent and glowed brightly with his heart acting as the core. In a split second, he illuminated the vault of heaven.

He unleashed the Forbid One World, Dragon Emperor Shine!

It was the final move of the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law and also Tang Wulin’s most powerful ability. When he achieved the true God rank, it elevated his Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law to a whole new level.

The Golden Dragon Spear unleashed the Mysterious Heaven Loop while the Sea God’s Trident swung to unleash the Forbid Totality, Dragon Emperor Shine. The golden dragon wings on his back flapped at full force to propel his body into shooting toward Gu Yuena akin to an arrowhead.

Their eyes met at this very moment. Tang Wulin stared at her with a burning gaze as if he was recalling every single detail of hers in his mind.

Gu Yuena was completely enshrouded in a nine-colored radiance, leaving only her pair of eyes which shone as brightly as before.

It only lasted for a split second. Nonetheless, it felt as if they were already eternalized.

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