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You Must Be My Fake Companions, Right

…He unleashed Forbid Universe, Dragon Emperor Perish.He swung the Sea God’s Trident forward. It emitted a massive amount of golden radiance and an incomparably destructive aura that felt like it was about to pierce through the entire world. Where the light passed, everything in the surroundings collapsed. At that point, any attack upon Tang Wulin would be rendered useless. The Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law’s fifth move would destroy everything else when it was unleashed.

If it was unleashed outside the array, everyone including the six Shrek Monsters, A Ruheng, and Sima Jinchi would not stand a chance and would be absolutely annihilated. The combination of the super divine weapon, the Sea God’s Trident, and Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law was truly too terrifying.

A rift appeared on the top of the array and a light shone through it. It was apparent that the rift was forcefully cut out by the Dragon Emperor Perish.

Even the combination of multiple domains was helpless when confronted by a real God-ranked attack like that.

How could Tang Wulin let an opportunity like this pass? He flapped the golden wings on his back and unleashed the Golden Dragon Flies. It burst out from the rift almost instantaneously.

He wanted to escape the array first before he chose his next move.

However, if Tang Wulin could see Gu Yuena’s expression, he would never have felt optimistic about breaking the array.

In Gu Yuena’s eyes, the array that trapped Tang Wulin was a gigantic sphere with constantly distorting light.

It was true that the array could not withstand the Dragon Emperor Perish’s power when Tang Wulin had an outburst. Then, the array swiftly transformed from a spherical shape to that of a bottle gourd. In other words, an additional sphere appeared above the original sphere array and both were tightly linked together.

Gu Yuena sensed that Tang Wulin had cut open the original array, and in the next moment, he bored his way into the other sphere. The original sphere fused upward rapidly and engulfed the new sphere. The array remained complete as before.

The array’s transformation of this array could simply be described as amazingly wondrous. In fact, Gu Yuena felt that the array might have been developed with Tang Wulin as the potential target.

That was indeed the case. The six Shrek

Monsters were closest to Tang Wulin! At this point, he was at God rank. The first thing that they thought of was to ensure that the array could hold Tang Wulin when they perfected it. Otherwise, what was the point of the array?

On the other hand, Tang Wulin had just gotten out from the array when he came head-on with countless dazzling starlights, distorted gravity, and the evil dragons’ breath.


‘You must be my fake companions, right?’

Tang Wulin could not help smiling bitterly and hastily endured it. His failure to charge out of the array came unexpectedly. However, he could still feel that the array was not perfect. The array was elegant, but its power was inadequate.

Although the multiple domains had already been completed to a certain extent, they were merely combining and not truly fusing. It was still incapable of achieving the sublimation effect through fusion, so it was still incapable of blocking his Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law.

‘I can’t keep doing this with them anymore. Otherwise, what am I going to do later on?’

At the thought of this, Tang Wulin’s eyes focused. He counted himself lucky that his companions’ array had yet to be perfected. If they had adequate time, perhaps they could really create an array that could entrap him. Fortunately, they were his companions and he still had a trump card he had yet to use.

“Come!” Tang Wulin shouted. He suddenly passed the Sea God’s Trident from his right hand to his left while his left hand made a grasping gesture.

A ghastly scene emerged. The evil dragons in the array that were attacking him suddenly disintegrated, successively dissipating within the violent distortion. The giant dragons had rapidly fused into streams of colored light that entangled one another in the array.

Meanwhile, the entire array had also become shaky and unstable.

A gold-red light shot out and came at Tang Wulin from all directions as if it was trying to hinder him.

What a waste that it came too late.

The Sea God’s Trident in Tang Wulin’s left hand projected golden halos once again. The halos transformed and wrapped around the gold-red radiance.

The array tried to struggle free by turning illusionary and distorting. Space-time transformed, attempting to filter out the Indefinite Storm.

How could Tang Wulin allow them to have their way? His eyes flickered once and all the distortion had vanished in a split second.

How could Xie Xie be the only person capable of controlling time? Tang Wulin was equipped with Time Backtrack when he gained his very own spiritual domain back in those days!

The gold-red radiance was destroyed by the golden halos, revealing a figure. It was the Body Douluo A Ruheng.

Meanwhile, the colorful light streams that formed after the evil dragons disintegrated had finally fused into a gigantic nine-colored saber.

Tang Wulin made a grasping gesture with his right hand and the saber reached him immediately. It was the Dragon Clan’s Power Saber!

He t----t the Dragon Clan’s Power Saber forward, producing a ray of dazzling radiance. It was not a mere display but the fusion between him and Sima Jinchi.

“Poof.” There was a soft thud and the array shook unstably for a moment. Another rift appeared, but Tang Wulin was not in a rush to break out this time. He swung the Sea God’s Trident in his left hand gently.

Clouds of light rippled within the array, making everything in the surrounding area look like an illusionary dream. A muffled grunt came from the interwoven space and time. The distortion of the area disappeared and Xie Xie’s domain broke. The crystal-clear starry sky was revealed once again.

It was the Millenium Cloud!

“Roar!” Tang Wulin raised his head and let out a dragon’s roar. Purple-gold radiance shot out from his eyes as he pointed the Sea God’s Trident at the sky. In the next moment, the incredibly terrifying gold-red radiance exploded from his body!

It felt as if the dazzling radiance was making the sky and ground shake and collapse. The starry sky above him disintegrated inch by inch. All of it was annihilated under the illumination of the gold-red radiance.

It was Forbid Totality, Dragon Emperor Shine!

It was the seventh move of the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law!

It was not a skill but an absolute ability. The partially formed array could no longer withstand it anymore when Tang Wulin went all out and unleashed his true powers on it.


The array exploded. Seven silhouettes came tumbling out and even the Star Chain disintegrated, turning into speckles of starlight that vanished into the sky.

Other than Sima Jinchi, who had already transformed into the Dragon Clan’s Power Saber in Tang Wulin’s grasp, the rest of the seven stumbled out in succession and scattered across the sky. Every single one of them was ghastly pale.

Had Tang Wulin not contained the Dragon Emperor Shine’s power at the final moment, some of them may have been injured severely. It was highly possible that a person whose defense was slightly weaker like Xu Xiaoyan could even be killed.

Tang Wulin held the Sea God’s Trident in one hand and the Dragon Clan’s Power Saber in the other. He looked just like a descended Sea God. His suit of Golden Dragon Moon Song battle armor glistened with golden light and the gigantic wings on his back spread wide open. Determination and persistence emanated from his gaze.

The illusionary shadow of vines emerged behind him, and the sky changed color once again. Blue-purple radiance filled the entire space instantaneously and enshrouded all seven people that were blasted by the impact.

Loud, piercing thunder shook the entire world. Even the satellite image of the was distorted.

He had unleashed the Blue Emperor Forest Lightning Hell!

The group that was just blasted away from the Dragon Emperor Shine’s impact were incapable of controlling themselves. The Forest Lightning Hell had covered their bodies and struck them so ferociously that their four-word battle armors activated self-protection mode automatically.

Tang Wulin had no choice but to acknowledge that the four-word battle armors’ defense was so great that even his Forest Lightning Hell was incapable of breaking it.

However, this was not the end yet!

Light shadow flashed once. Tang Wulin had already taken the initiative to return to the Body Douluo A Ruheng’s side. A Ruheng was completely immobilized due to being bound by the golden halos from the God-ranked Indefinite Storm!

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