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Heaven-Earth Lock

Although he recovered his balance in an instant by relying on his God-ranked physical endurance, there was a momentary loss of control.Seizing the opportunity, countless starlights shot down from the sky.

Tang Wulin paid no attention to the giant dragons charging toward him. He utilized the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to dodge the starlights shooting down from the sky.

These starlights were not only moving especially swift after being enhanced by the domain, it had some influence over him as well. It was possible that Tang Wulin’s overall movement would be affected such that his comrades would have better chances of attacking him.

Nevertheless, he neglected the power of these starlights. The Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track had concealed his track to perfection almost. Yet, many starlights still landed on Tang Wulin’s body under the illumination of the starry sky which stopped him momentarily.

“Clang!” A crisp sound was heard. A series of sparks flashed past Tang Wulin’s back. His Golden Dragon Moon Song battle armor was being hit.

The sharp sword aura slammed against his body as if it was trying to penetrate his battle armor. However, the Golden Dragon Moon Song deserved its reputation of being one of the most powerful four-word battle armors on today’s continent. A seven-colored radiance shimmered on the surface of the battle armor to neutralize the sword’s radiance.

‘The radiance of Ye Xinglan’s Stargod Sword is actually mixed up within the starlight?’

Tang Wulin looked astonished once again. Xu Xiaoyan’s starlight attack was troublesome enough, but the radiance of Ye Xinglan’s Stargod Sword was actually mixed up with the thousands of starlights. It would be even more difficult for him to resist. In the meantime, he was already immobilized by the attacks.

Tang Wulin had no choice but to spurt out the Dragon Air from his body, while he conjured countless speartips from his Golden Dragon Spear to form a shield above him.

The Golden Dragon Spear could not fend off Xu Xiaoyan’s Dazzling Starlight. On the other hand, it could be used to block the radiance of the Stargod Sword.

Meanwhile, the situation inside the array could not be seen from the outside anymore. The people outside the array watching the battle could only see the occasional flashing radiance and distorted light shadows amidst the darkness.

Only Gu Yuena whose spiritual cultivation base had achieved the Divine Consciousness could vaguely sense the situation inside. Just like how Tang Wulin was shocked, Gu Yuena had a surprised expression on her face similarly.

She made the Shrek Six Monsters and the others fight Tang Wulin to provoke him. She did not expect the combination of the Shrek Six Monsters, A Ruheng, and Sima Jichi to cause such an impact. In the fused array, they were truly capable of suppressing Tang Wulin.

What was the significance of suppressing Tang Wulin then? It signified that the array possessed the ability to rival a God-ranked powerhouse! It was simply unbelievable.

Gu Yuena could not help being awed by mankind’s creative power that seemed inexhaustible. Obviously, they were at the pinnacle of this world, yet they were still capable of advancing further. It was related to the evolution of the life core and the entire plane which resulted in the loosening of the planar stress. Henceforth, the Shrek Six Monsters and the others were capable of seizing this fortuitous opportunity to elevate themselves to higher levels. It was absolutely shocking! If they were given more time, perhaps they would be able to rival Tang Wulin individually when the array was enhanced.

In fact, Gu Yuena was rejoicing for having sent someone to set up the Ten Thousand Beast Platform and utilize its ability to control people’s minds. Otherwise, what would the Ten Thousand Beast Platform be used for? If the minds of these powerhouses had not been influenced earlier, they would definitely be having a tough time now.

“Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!” A series of crisp humming sounds were heard. The Golden Dragon Spear finally managed to block a large portion of the radiance from the Stargod Sword.

Yet, Tang Wulin felt tortured during the process.

There was nothing he could do to minimize the discomfort. His body was immobilized by the Dazzling Starlight when he unleashed his spear’s radiance. He was pausing at intervals and his actions were awkward. Even the Dragon Air was incapable of stopping the effect of the Dazzling Starlight.

On the other hand, the giant dragons had made their way to surround Tang Wulin. They did not get close to him but began spewing their voluminous breaths at him.

A ghastly scene emerged. Although the giant dragons’ breaths did not carry any attacking ability, they were jinxed. Despite Tang Wulin’s powerful Divine Consciousness which prevented him from being affected, he was at a loss whether to cry or laugh when he found out that the jinxes were coated in sugar.

What did he mean?

In simple terms, the little angels sitting atop the evil dragons’ heads emitted golden radiances which enshrouded the cursed breaths spurted out by the evil dragons.

The golden radiances turned soft and gentle when they arrived at Tang Wulin’s side as if they were a pure form of origin energy.

Tang Wulin’s Dragon Air was extremely intelligent on its own. It would devour and absorb the origin energy to replenish itself.

When a soul master’s cultivation base had achieved a certain level, he or she would instinctively ensure the effort of engaging in a long battle could be sustained. Yet, the situation taking place now was a complete turn of events.

The sugar coat was absorbed, but so was the curse!

Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Moon Song battle armor reacted to the situation instantly to block off the curse, but it still affected Tang Wulin’s attention. Moreover, the evil dragons were in large numbers, and they casted a myriad of strange curses. Some were unknown as he did not even sense that they were curses until they produced some ghastly effects on him.

For example, there was a type of curse which accelerated sleep. It was harmless on its own. However, when it was absorbed by the Golden Dragon Moon Song, Tang Wulin could not help yawning as he felt sleepy. His willpower to fight was diminished and it became troublesome.

There were a large number of such curses. Tang Wulin had no choice but to shift his attention to ward off these curses. His God power was gradually exhausted akin to sinking into quicksand.

It seemed as if this particular area was completely locked down. The origin energy was blocked from coming in.

Tang Wulin clearly remembered that he personally customized the Heaven-Earth Lock Domain for Xu Lizhi. Xu Lizhi created this domain based on his understanding of the destructive power. He utilized the destructive power as the core to enhance the battle armor’s amplification effect. In a battle, it could be used to support the team and entrap the enemy.

At present, the domains which he equipped for his comrades with painstaking effort were now used to attack him. It was akin to him lifting a rock just to drop it on his foot. Even though Tang Wulin came here fully determined, he was at a loss whether to cry or laugh at the moment!

‘What’s going on here actually?’ More importantly, he was not sure what he should do now.

He could not defend himself in such a passive manner anymore. The prolonged consumption would exhaust his God power eventually. On the other hand, his comrades possessed soul cores which were unaffected by Heaven-Earth Lock. If the situation dragged on, Tang Wulin would be exhausted to death.

He stretched out his left arm and grasped the air. A blackhole appeared. It was the Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break!

This time, Tang Wulin did not show mercy. He infused the God power to devour everything.

Instantly, the lighting in the surroundings warped. Even though the starlights were still shooting down from the sky, their numbers had reduced significantly. The Dazzling Starry Sky was slightly affected, while the surrounding evil dragons were s----d in during the devourment.

At the same time, Tang Wulin retracted the Golden Dragon Spear in his right hand. The Sea God’s Trident replaced the Golden Dragon Spear. A striking, glistening golden radiance shot out. Tang Wulin’s eyes glowed brightly soon after.

Everything in the surroundings slowed down, so did the starlights. A gush of perishing aura bloomed from Tang Wulin’s body soon after. Everything in the surroundings collapsed extensively including the space which was compressed. In the next instant, the inside of the array became dark all around!

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