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Authoress p.o.v

“they should learn how to treat their workers right, we are also human like them” olive whisper to Kate but Mr Logan heard her.

“you’re right my daughter” Mr Logan said. “Huh did you heard what I just said sir?” Olive asked.

“yes I did” Mr Logan replied. “And you’re not angry with me” olive asked.

“Why should I be angry with you when you’re clearly saying the truth” Mr Logan said. “Logan table manner Please” Mrs Logan shouted.

“And you just go against the dinning rules ma” olive replied her.

“How” Mrs Logan asked with an eyeroll. “You just shouted while eating” olive said. “You must be crazy I am talking to my husband not you” Mrs Logan Said.

“I am also trying to correct you as you are trying to correct your husband” olive replied.

“Hey girl what’s your problem did they sent you to Me?” Mrs Logan shouted angrily and drop the spoon. “Am not eating again” Mrs Logan said and stand up and olive drawn her food to herself.

“Olive that’s bad you don’t need to drawn her food to yourself and you shouldn’t have talk back at her” Nathan said.

“But i didn’t talked back at her I was only correcting her” olive replied. “Olive you need to apologize to her” Nathan said.

“Fine I will that’s because you asked me to, and not because I purposely want to” olive replied.

“Hurry up you are going with me” Nathan said. “Why is she going with you, is she going there to babysit you?” Wyatt asked.

“Wyatt how’s that your business the lady in question haven’t talk allow her to talk” Mr Logan said and Wyatt mumbling some word silently.

“Alright boss am going with you” olive replied with a smile. And Wyatt stands up angrily.

“What’s wrong with this one” olive said. “Ignore him we are running late and don’t forget you will apologize before we go” Nathan said.


“Am very sorry for what I said to you earlier, hope you forgive me” olive said and clap her hands together.

“And who told you I need your nonsense apology get out of my sight right this moment” Mrs Logan shouted.

“I never wanted to apologize but my boss make me do that stop feeling big and accept my apology, after you’re also wrong we are both wrong” olive said.

“Who gave birth to this goat” Mrs Logan said. “She doesn’t have manner at all” Cynthia said.

“Eeyah and you that has manner what have you use it for?” Olive asked.

“Ma I think you have accepted my apology if you don’t mind I need to go out with my boss. Have a nice day” olive said.

“You don’t dare go anywhere with my fiance” Cynthia shouted. “Oh cry out blood baby cause I am already on my way to meet him” olive said and Cynthia run to block.

Olive pushed her away and she fall on her butt. “Just try to stop me again and you will see what I will do to you” olive said. “Please help me up” Cynthia said and stretched her hand for olive to help her. “I will help you am not that bad” Olive said and help her up.


Mrs Logan dragged Wyatt inside her room and locked the door. “Why are you being friendly to that brat?” Mrs Logan asked angrily.

“Mum you really wanna know?” Wyatt asked. “What sort of question is that I wanna know so spit it out” Mrs Logan said.

“Olive is not who you thought she is” Wyatt said. “I thought as much I knew that girl is not normal from the first time I met her” Mrs Logan said.

“Mum you’re getting it wrong that’s not what I meant” Wyatt said. “So what did you mean?” Mrs Logan said.

“Olive is a very rich Lady” Wyatt said. “Stop the joke is very expensive” Mrs Logan said.


“Mum am not joking you know am not that nice. Olive is f*cking rich, she herself can buy the entire Logan not to talk of her father wealth” Wyatt said.

“Are you for real?” Mrs Logan asked. “Yes I am” Wyatt replied and show her pictures of olive and her family.

“What this girl is Mr Thompson daughter no wonder I love her from the start. I fell in love the first day I saw her” Mrs Logan said and Wyatt clear his throat.

“did you know her father?” Wyatt asked. “Who won’t know Mr Thompson, Mr Thompson has once help us when our business fall without even knowing us” Mrs Logan said.

“You mean he doesn’t know you guys and he help you?” Wyatt asked. “Yes he has help so many peoples without knowing them” Mrs Logan replied.

“But what his her mission why did she come here as a maid?” Mrs Logan asked.

“She’s in search of Truelove” Wyatt replied. “She have finally found one” Mrs Logan said with a smile.

“Hope you’re not planning to give her out to Nathan?” Wyatt asked. “No Nathan is so dumb he won’t even agree you’re the right person for her” Mrs Logan said.

“Thanks mum” Wyatt said with a smile. “So have you ask her out?” Mrs Logan asked. “Nope I haven’t asked her out” Wyatt replied.

“What are you waiting for?” Mrs Logan asked. “I just wanna give her some time so she won’t be suspicious you know she’s a very sensitive person the only problem I have is Nathan cause I think Nathan is in love with her” Wyatt said.

“Nathan shouldn’t be a problem, am sure Nathan didn’t love her. The only problem is for you to act fast before is too late cause I can’t afford to lose someone for life” Mrs Logan said.

“Alright mum” Wyatt said and hug his mother.


“You’re so funny” Nathan said and smile. “What is wrong with you, you don’t like laughing you only smile unlike your brother Wyatt” olive said.

“That’s me for you olive” Nathan replied calmly. “You need to change” olive said.

“That’s me I don’t think I can change” Nathan said. “Then I will help you change” olive replied him.

“Try harder my dear” Nathan said. “There’s something in your eyes” Nathan said. “Really?” Olive asked and use the back of her hand to clean her eyes.

“Is still there let me come and help you” Nathan said and stood up from his chair. He move closer to olive. He look into her eyes and smile to hiself. He took his hand to her lips.

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