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Wonder’s POV 💦 continuation

“Wait o, so there has been kidnappings. Maybe that’s happened to Johnbull and his Mom”

“Who is Johnbull?”

“He was a classmate, an accident happened at school. I heard he was arrested that same day of the accident. Weeks later, his neighbours couldn’t find his Mom”

“Eya, this world is really wicked”

“Yes, just like miss Sarah”

“Hmm, just like her”

My Mom was really sober

I can imagine how she is feeling right now.

Sarah was like her best friend

They didn’t really get along cause of marriage

And now here she is, when she’ll become her second wife

It’s just painful when you realize that someone you trust could hurt you to that extent

I’m very very sure she has boyfriend, buh I don’t just know why she chose my Dad still

It doesn’t just make sense.

“Wonder are you okay?”

“Yes I’m good” I lied

“Don’t overthink, it will be alright” she smiled – she has been talking slowly and gentle these days

“I know Mom, I just don’t want that woman in this house”

“Yea I know, but there isn’t anything you can do. It’s done already”

I’m going to bring hell to that woman if she steps into this house




Deborah’s POV 💦


My back hurts

It’s really dark in here

Where the heck am I?


How did I get here?

All I remembered was that someone hit me from behind

I tried moving but it seem I was tied

I couldn’t

“Hello, who is there?” I yelled a little

“Wow, our miss soft is awake”


Who is miss soft?

“Hello Miss soft”

“I’m not miss soft, my name is Deborah”

“Yea we know, John has already told us”


“What do you mean John has already told you? Where is John? Where did you keep him?”

I kept asking different questions

I don’t want to believe what they were saying

“Hey John, come here. Miss soft wants to see you” one of them called John

“Uhmm Deborah, I know you’ll be surprised” John responded after reaching where I was

“Yes I’m surprised, can you just explain what’s going on here?”

“You see Deborah, somethings aren’t supposed to be”

“Can you just go straight to the point, John” I yelled

I was really getting angry

“Ok, I needed some money, so someone brought a job with huge amount of money. The job was to bring a girl”

“So you brought me, right?” I asked, looking at him in tears


“John you can go. You are making miss soft crying” one of the men said and they all laughed

“Please, can you please untie me?”

“Woah, miss soft wants freedom, you better don’t try to escape”

One of them untied me

I touched my skin, it was really stuffy due to the rope

I decided not to escape due to his warning

“Emm, what do you guys mean by miss soft”

Man 1➡️ haha, she wants to know

Man 2➡️ Joshua tell her, since you were the last

Joshua ➡️I told Victor not to call my name

Victor ➡️it’s not my fault, you’ve already said my name

Seriously 😏😏😏

These men are fools

“Can you just tell me why you’re calling me that name?” I yelled again

“Ok, while we were taking you into the van when you blacked out. We touched your body”


Oh my God!!

“You touched my body?”

“Yes” Joshua laughed

“You’re really soft. It seems you’re still a virgin” Victor smirked

“Don’t worry, we are going to do more very soon”

What the hell 😬😬😬😬😬

They touched me

My husband hasn’t even touched me yet

I wanted to scream but this place was closed

It looked like a hole

“What are they going to use me for?”

“Ritual of course. You and a boy”

“Oh, so there is a boy also?”

“Yes, he is in the secret prison. You will be taken there for the rituals”

While I was talking to them, I was trying to take the keys on Victor’s trouser but stopped when I heard “secret prison”

Maybe that’s where Johnbull is

“How does the look like?”

They started laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

“You want to know his physical qualities right?” Victor asked

“He’s a human, that’s what I can tell you. You guys will be staying in the same room for a while”


“I’ll be staying with Johnbull in the same room”

“Who is Johnbull?” Joshua asked

Oh shit 🥶🥶🥶

“It’s nobody. I was distracted” I lied

I’ll be staying with a guy in the same room

Oh my God

I’m finished

What if the boy is not Johnbull?





Don’s POV 💦

Today is going to be big

I’m going to get big money from my client

Anytime they ask for a girl

It’s a big sign

It’s either they are going to use her to prepare charm for elections or something else

Most times, they ask for both a girl and a boy

I don’t dull myself too

Most of the girls they bring, I sleep with them

I just can’t wait to see this girl

I’m really h---y


It’s really charging

“Hello Victor”

“Yes boss”

“Don’t yes boss me, is the girl around?”

“Yes boss”

“Is she cute?”

“Boss, she is everything infact. She’s even a virgin”

“Oh my God” I screamed over the phone

Hearing the word “virgin” made me hornier and hornier

“Ok Victor, just wait take her to the secret prison I’m coming”


I took my car key and drove to the prison


My phone rang

“Hey babe”

“Don, don’t baby me, where is my money?”

“Aha, why are you doing like this? Check your phone”

This woman just like money too much

“Better!! Don. If not I would have ..”

“What will you do? You better no deceive yourself”

“So Don, are you at home? I want to come”

“No, I’m on my way to the prison. Ehen wait a minute.. what of Mike?”

“Which Mike?”

“The boy you framed as your son”

“Ohh that one.. I have waste him jorr. I dont have time for nonsense”

“Ohh I see. I’ll call you later” I hung up quickly

I don’t want any other talk from her

I just want to solve my present condition


I got to a certain place, I saw some police men fighting with some civilians on the road


This country, may God help us

I remember when I was poor

I had nothing to buy talk less of eating

It was a man named master that helped

Then I got into this business





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