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Johnbull’s POV 💦


It’s really cold in here..

It’s as if Don instructed the boys to keep me here like this

It’s really freezing here

Talking about here..

Where is the girl Don was going to bring?

I wonder where she is

“Hello, who is there please?” I yelled, I want to really get outta here. I can’t survive here in the next two hours

“What’s it?” One of the guards yelled back

“Sorry sir, but I’m freezing here, can you please help out of here?”

The man bursted into laughter 😂🤣

What’s funny? 🥺🥺🥺

I’m really serious about my condition

“Sir, why are you laughing?”

“You see this boy, you didn’t even expect worse things when you talked back at Don. Remember you were the one that was disrespectful, Don is just waiting for the girl then you guys will be given to some politicians who will use for something”

“Something like what?” I asked looking curious.

I hope it’s not what I’m thinking

“What did you think? Rituals off course. What will a politician use you guys for if not rituals?”


I don’t know if I should be scared or not

I no I’m really stubborn

My Mom has told me that millions of times

But I’m really scared of dying

I don’t want to die God 😭😭😭😭😭

“See this one oo. So Johnbull you’re really scared. I thought you be oga for stubbornness”

Look at this man oo😓😓

Does he think no one is scared of death?

How did he even know my name?

Mtcheew, I’ve forgotten I’m popular in this prison already

“Oya take small food” the man stretched a plate of food

“Ahh, thank you sir”

Even though, the food is small, I still managed it.

It’s better to eat than to stay hungry




At night 🔥🔥

I was still in the prison – the one I was locked in

The place seem warm due to the weather


I really miss my Mom

It feels like it’s been a year I had seen her.

I miss her food, advice, pamper and most especially her beating

I just miss everything about her

I still can’t figure where this prison is

“Hey Johnbull” baba Jason called

“Evening sir”

“Hey how are you?” The prison door was the only thing separating us

“Hmm, I’m managing sir”

“I know it’s not convenient, but don’t worry you’ll get out of here”

“How sir? Cos it’s like they are going to leave here to die”

“No don’t say that. Once the girl is brought here, you guys will be kept in a separate room”

“Wait a minute.. in the same room?”

“Yea, that’s why some of the men here wished they were you and that’s one of the reasons you’re already popular”

“Oh my God 🥺🥺🥺 me and a girl in same room”

“What, are you not happy?”

“No sir oo. I won’t be comfortable in that room”

“Oh I now understand. So you didn’t have a girlfriend while in school”

“No sir. I don’t even think someone will like a person like me. I’m not just ready for that”

“Lol, your stubbornness will not allow it”

“Yeah. But is there no way we can sleep in a separate room, as in, in two different rooms?”

“No, that’s how it’s been since I came here”

“Oh God, I shouldn’t have screamed Don’s name at the other prison”

“It’s not your fault. It’s just heartless someone will just take you to an unknown place without your consent”

“Hmm, I really miss my Mom”

“Yea it’s normal”


“But baba Jason” I continued after crying


“Sorry to say this. You had a daughter, so why are you called baba Jason?”

“Hmm, I had a son. The prison took both of us leaving my wife. When he came here, Don immediately took him as his s bouncer, so he was following Don everywhere he went. But one day, reports said he had an accident and hit his head on the ground, so he lost his memory”

Oh my God

That’s really a sad story

Baba Jason was just trying to hold his tears

“I’m really sorry for bringing back old memories”

“ Johnbull, it’s not your fault”

“So sir, where is he? Did he survive it?”

“Yes he did, but haven’t yet recover his memory, infact he comes here everyday”

“Ehen, I haven’t hear anyone call Jason here?”

“Yes, people decided to call him Seth since he forgot his name”

“Wait a minute… Sir, are you saying Seth is your son?”

“Yes, he is”

Wow 😲😲😲😲

“This life is really full of wonders”

“Yes it is. But there is something I haven’t tell you”

“What’s that sir?”

“Before the prison took me, I had a little boy. So it was my wife taking care of the boy”


“So where is that boy?”

“I don’t know, it’s been long I heard from her”

“But sir, Seth said it’s a boy that have stayed here for long – 2 years”

“Don’t mind, he was saying what he was told”

“So you mean, this place has been existing close to 20 years?”


“Wow, how old was the boy when prison took you and your first son?”

“He was just a year old”


Wonder’s POV 💦

Evening time 🔥

I just ate a bowl of fufu.

I was really hungry to some extent..

I decided to eat full since miss Sarah has decided to pack into this home

That woman is really a devil.

She came in when our family was just getting close

She is……

I just don’t know what to use in describing her

She even threatened to release the sex tape 😂😂😂🤣

Let her release it nah

At least, everyone is aware of what happened

Wait a minute..

Why hasn’t she release the tape?

I thought she would have done it since yesterday

Wait ooo

What if she don’t have any tape

I quickly rushed to my parents room

I was about to knock, I decided to wait to listen to whatever they are saying..

The place was quiet

Miss Sarah has really destroyed this family

“Knock!! Knock!!”

“Yes, come on in Wonder”

“Dad!” I grinned “I came to ask a question”

“Don’t tell me it’s about Sarah again?”

“Yes, it’s about her”

“So, what again?”

“Has she released the tape yet?”

“Emm, I don’t think so. Why do you ask?”

I was surprised by my dad’s question

Has he forgotten

“Dad, she threatened to release it yesternight, remember!!”

“Oh it’s true, I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter, since she is pregnant”

My dad said the last part slowly.

He kept looking at my Mom

They are not in good terms!


So if Sarah hasn’t release it, then the tape is fake so I don’t think there is anything to do about it

Since the doctor has confirmed it


My phone rang


Why is she calling?

“Hello Deborah”

“It’s her Mom, Wonder”

“Oh, evening ma”

“Evening dear, please have you seen Deborah this evening?”

“No ma, I haven’t”

“Ahh, then where is she?”

“What do you mean ma? Is she not at home?’

“No oo. She told me she is following a friend and would be back soon. Hours passed I couldn’t find her. The worst thing is that her phone is here. I don’t know where she is”

“Aha, this is serious oo”

“Don’t worry Wonder, I’ll call you later”

“Ok, bye ma”


Where is Deborah then

I don’t think she went somewhere else

What of the person she followed?

I forgot to ask her Mom

Maybe she is at the house of the person

“Who was that?” My Mom called from behind

“Jeez, Mom you freaked me out”

“I’m sorry, who was that”

“It’s Deborah’s mom, she called asking of Deborah. She said she has not seen her for some hours now”

“Has she been kidnapped?”

“No Mom, godforbid”

“I’m just asking, cause there have been missing people in the past two months”

“No oooo. She is not kidnapped”




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