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JAJA’s Point Of View


I jump in fright because Ben hug me from


“Please don’t be scared at me, sweetie. I’m

sorry for what I have done to you in the

office. I just couldn’t control myself that

why I shouted at you. I really didn’t mean

it. My anger consumed my sanity. I’m


His hug tighten like he was afraid to let me

go. I sighed and hold his arms.

“I understand, heart. Just don’t hurt


“Okay, sweetie.”

Back in the office, it took me time to calm

him and ease his anger. I notice that

sometimes he’s not paying attention to

everything. Ben is really acting strange.

“Let’s sleep, sweetie.”

Stunned. Sleep? It was only 4 in the

afternoon and he want to sleep. I faced

him. He’s massaging his temple.

“Are you feeling sleepy, heart?”

He didn’t speak for a moment. “Come

again, sweetie. I didn’t heard you.”

He didn’t heard me but he is just in front of


“Are you okay? You’re acting like stupor.”

“Hmmm.” He just hum and then leaved me.

I was left stunned and confused. He’s not

drunk to act like that. Maybe he is on

drugs?! My eyes widen with the thought.



MRS. COLLEEN kiss my cheek as we

approached her. She invited us to go with

her and want to have a bonding with me

and Ben. She also want to know more

about Ben, she bet him.

“Good morning, Mrs. Colleen,” Ben greeted

as he kiss the cheek of Momsh.

“Don’t be too formal, dear Ben. You’re my

darling’s boyfriend and I like you for her so

just call me Momsh,” she said and pinch a

bit of Ben’s cheek.

Mrs. Colleen want me to call her Momsh like

she’s my real grandmother, even we

haven’t confirmed it yet.

“Alright, Momsh.” So cute. Ben looks cute.

“Let’s go eat first.” Momsh is between me

and Ben, she’s holding our arm.

We’re talking while eating. Momsh held the

topics and mostly, it was Ben who can only

answer those. Their topic is pure business.

Seems like Momsh want to offer a

partnership with JewelCore.

“So, I am wondering, how do met my

Jaja?” Momsh asked.

Ben look at me and smiled. We had

prepared about Momsh asking about us.

“I met her in the auction, Momsh.”

“Auction? What are you doing there,

darling?” Momsh ask me.

“I was sold by Uncle Troy, Momsh. He sell

me to a club that sells ladies,” I answered.


Ben quickly give Momsh water. She’s

freaking out.

“Thankful that Ben is there,” I added.

“You save my Jaja, dear Ben?”

“Sort of, Momsh. I fell in love with her from

the first sight that’s why I did everything

to get her. She was auctioned so even I

don’t want to join the auction, I have no

choice. I really want Jaja that time.”

“You bought my Jaja? How much?”

“$150,000, Momsh. He even competed with

his stepbrother that wants me too. They

rose their bids until Ben exploded and bid

$150,000,” I answered.

“That’s my boy, dear Ben. You didn’t let go

of your one great love just like my Jane.

Thank you. How can we pay you? You’ve

given huge amount of money for my Jaja.”

Ben shook his head. “Jaja already payed

me, Momsh. She just stay beside me and

everything is alright.”

Momsh hold Ben’s hand. “I like you for my

Jaja. Please don’t let her go.”

“I won’t, Momsh.”

After we eat, we did the shopping. Ben

became our slave because he’s the one

who’s carrying the bags that we had

shopped. Momsh bought us two a couple

shirt that is too expensive. Ben wanted to

reject but I widen my eyes at him,


“Alright, thank you for carrying my stuffs,

dear Ben. Is it okay if I’m going to leave

you for now?”

We both nod. Of course. This is the time to

solo out moments. After Momsh leave, Ben

pulled me.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“I’ve seen something I want for you to try,


Yesterday, he is acting strange. Sometimes

he is calm, then angry, then sleepy, then


I’ve done research for the signs of split

identity and I thank God that Ben don’t

have the signs. Ben just act like he have a

mood swing. Unlike Ginny, she have

another identity. Ben is only one, he knows

what he’s doing. He just lost control but he

know what’s happening. One thing for sure

is Ben have no DID. The only problem here

is why is he acting like that.

We entered a lady’s boutique and went to

the underwear section.

My eyes widen when he pick the t-back and

show it to me.

“I would like to see you wear this while

doing the pole dancing,” he said while


“BEN!” I shouted. I look around, hoping

that no one heard Ben.

Ben just laugh but he really buy the t-back.

God! My face is red now! I saw the cashier

laugh a bit and smiled at me like saying,

‘Have a wild night.’

“Oh my God! Look what you’ve done with

my drink!” the lady shouted.

I look at my dress that was stained by milk

tea. A lady accidentally poured it to me

when we accidentally bumped to each

other. Accidentally or intended.

“F--k! Look at your way, lady!” Ben

shouted at the lady.

I look at the lady. A sophisticated and elite

lady base on her dress and bag.

“Ben! Why are you shouting at me like

that?! What happen to you?” the lady

asked as if she knows Ben very well.

I look at Ben. He was staring at the lady for

a moment and then his face became




Olga. It was his ex. I look at Olga, she’s

smiling, sweetly. How dare this lady could

afford to smile at him after what she have


“Yes, honey. It’s me, Olga. Didn’t you miss


“Stay away from me, b*tch,” Ben said and

then pulled me away from the lady who

was dumbfounded.


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