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JAJA’s Point Of View


After what happened a while ago, lots of

questions pop up in my mind. The lady

who said she knows my Mum very well has


Ben and I decided to go home after the

attention that I got. There are lots of press

in the party and Ben know for sure that

those press would bug me because of the

showdown happened between me and


He hold my hand while his one hand is on

the wheel. “Are you okay, sweetie?”

I smiled. “Yes. Just curious about the lady

who approached me.”

“That lady is Mrs. Delia Colleen, the CEO of

CoMines, a company that gets minerals

from their legal mine sites. They are one of

the great mine company that is being

chased by the company like JewelCore.

There is a rumored about the Mrs. Colleen

regarding her only daughter but we don’t

know if she have a daughter. Only sons.

They did not confirmed that they have a


Mrs. Delia have no daughter. But she said a

while ago that she knows my Mum. She

said a mother knows her daughter very

well. Means she my Mum’s mother, my

grandmother. But as Ben had said, she

have no daughter. What’s that? Is she


I sighed. “By the way, you watched me play

the piano?”

He smiled. “Yes. You’re great, sweetie. Very

talented lady. I’m lucky to have you.”

I kiss the back of his hand and let it touch

my cheek. “Thank you, heart. I am also

lucky to meet and have you. If it wasn’t

because of you, I am still on my Uncle’s

side, treated as slave and couldn’t

showcase my talents.”

“Are you drunk?” Ben asked when he

noticed that I am still kissing the back of

his hand.

“Just tipsy, heart,” I giggled.

He squeezed my hand. “Wear your seatbelt,



AFTER THE door closed, Ben quickly grabbed

my waist and kissed me torridly. I kiss him

back. I felt his tongue knocks on my lips so

I open my lips and let his tongue enter my

mouth. I let his tongue plays with my


My hand caressed his head and massage it

as he deepen the kiss. His one hand is on

my ss and the other one is on my brast,

squeezing those.

He let go of my lips. He licks my jaw up to

my earlobe down to my neck. He sipped

my neck like I did to him before. I don’t

know how he managed to remove my

gown, I just found out that I am naked,

totally naked in front of him. He s----d my

n----e while he’s squeezing my one br*ast.

The sound from his mouth s-----g my

n----e gives me more heat that makes my

lust level up.

He kissed me again and lift me up. We’ve

been kissing until we ended up on our bed.

His lips touches my whole body, he stayed

a while between my spread legs. Ben sit up

and removed all of his clothes, even his

scanty. He lie down beside me and licks

again my earlobe.

“Let’s do our favorite position,” he


We’ve done this position before and it

became my favorite. I give him pleasure

while he’s giving me pleasure at once. I rise

up and positioned my p*ssy on his head as

I lean forward to reach his great manhood.

He eats me while I s--k him.

“Ben, that’s good, ughm.” I tried to focus

my attention to his s---t but he is making

me crazy, the way he lick and s--k my c--t

gives me shivering sensation.

“I can’t stop it. Lie down and face the bed,


In a quick move, he’s on my back, on top of

me. I help him easily enter me by rising up

my *ss a bit. I gasp as he enter his hard

manhood in my well, it feels so good.

“Ugh! Ben, harder!” I screamed as I moan

because of the ecstasy. Sweat is dripping

all over our body but it only makes us hot.

He pump me hard and fast as he can while

squeezing my br*asts that is wildly

swaying because of his forceful t----t.

“Don’t stop! I’m coming!”


Ben’s kiss on my shoulder waked me up.

He’s hugging me from behind.

“Good morning, sweetie.”

“Good morning, heart. How’s your sleep?”

“Very good. And it is because of you.” He

kissed my nape up.

I smiled and let my body close to him.

“Ben, I was thinking about the lady.”

“Mrs. Colleen?” he asked.

“Yes. I’ve dreamt of her. Ben, I can feel in

my heart that she’s connected with me.”

“You believe that she have a daughter,”

Ben said. He had guessed what I am


I nod.

“Then let’s arrange an appointment with

her to confirm your guess, sweetie.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course. Just for you I will do anything.”

He touch my genital that made me gasp.

“Stop that, heart. You’re making me hot


“That’s what I like.” I felt his hot tongue

lick my nape.

“You’re late on work. Stop it.”

“I better consume my whole day here with

you in bed.”

I rose up into sitting position and slap his

hand squeezing my br*ast.

“Let’s eat.”

“But you’re the one I want to eat.” He

pulled me down to his body. He’s awake

again, I feel the second head. We kiss as we

touch each other’s body.

We are on the middle of making love when

Ben’s phone ring. It was his secretary.

“What is it?” Ben asked after he answered

the phone. I watch his face as he talk on

the phone. “Say we are free today. Cancel

all of my meetings and arrange us a

meeting to her… Yes, 10 AM will do.”

“What’s the matter?” I asked after he end

the call.

“Mrs. Colleen is looking for you, sweetie.”


A CREW OPENED the door for me and Ben.

After the call, we quickly cleaned ourselves

and dress up. His secretary said that our

meet up place is on the restaurant.

“We are looking for Mrs. Colleen,” Ben said

to the crew.

The resto crew lead us to the private room

for VIP customers. I am the one enter the

room first then Ben followed.

“You’re here! Thank you for accepting my

invitation. Have a seat,” Mrs. Colleen said.

There are two man sitting beside her. The

one man beside Mrs. Colleen looks

surprised and look at the her.

“She…” The man couldn’t complete his


“I told you. Now, do you believe me?” Mrs.

Colleen said as she smile warmly at me.

Ben pulled a chair for me then he sit beside

me. There are lots of foods on the table but

they are all chicken.

“Let’s eat first,” Mrs. Colleen said.

I smiled apologetically. “Thank you, Mrs.

Colleen but I’m sorry to reject the food, I

am allergic to chicken.

“You are really my granddaughter!”


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