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JAJA’s Point Of View


I hold Ben’s hand as I emerged from the

car. He let me wrap my hand on his arm

and lead the way.

“Good evening, Sir and Ma’am. Can I see

your invitations?”

Ben showed the invitation to the event

checker. After confirming the name, they

let us in.

The party is held in the mansion. The

owner of the Client 560 is really rich. I’ve

seen the beautiful garden that lighten up

the beauty because of the lights around it.

The lot size of the compound is huge. The

mansion itself is very wonderful, I can say

it was meticulously designed and made.

As we entered the mansion, the chandelier

hangs in the ceiling had caught my

attention. It was the very expensive

chandelier. Next is the paintings attached

on the wall, all of them are made by the

great artist. The things here in the mansion

are antiques yet beautiful.

People on the party are busy chitchatting.

It was indeed an elite evening party. The

gentlemen are wearing formally attire and

the ladies are wearing luxury evening

gowns and jewelries. I noticed that some

of the jewelries I see that was worn by

some ladies are my designs.

I became anxious when some of the ladies

are looking at me, intently.

“Those ladies that wears your designs are

the ladies of the owner’s family. Some of

them are daughter-in-law, daughter, niece

and others. They love your designs,


I smiled. “It boosts up my self-confidence,


“Ladies here are elites and brat. Don’t be

drown of their stare, let them be aware of

your presence.”

Aware of my presence? “What do you


“You are being drooled over by men. Let

them be aware that their beauty could not

equal yours, sweetie.”

“You’re making me bigheaded, heart.”

“What? I am only stating the truth,


“Hi, Mister Benjamin! I’m Quetch. I’ve seen

your jewelry designs from those beautiful

ladies. They are very beautiful!”

Ben smiled. “Well, thanks for this lady

beside me. She’s the one who designed

them all. Quetch, this is Jaja, my girlfriend.”

Quetch look at me and grabbed my hand.

“Nice to meet you, Jaja. I am looking

forward to work with your company.”

“Thank you, Quetch. Here’s my calling card

if you are interested.” Ben handed Quetch a


After Quetch leaved, another one

approached us again.

“Benjamin, my darling! I am very happy to

see you here.” The old lady kissed Ben on

the cheek.

“Happy celebration, Mrs. Vallo,” Ben said.

“Thank you. And who is this beautiful


“Mrs. Vallo, this is my girlfriend Jaja. The

one who designed the jewelries.”

I smiled. “Hello, Mrs. Vallo,” I greet.

“Hello, dear. Nice to meet a talented lady.

And oh! You’re couples? Benjamin, marry

her now! Don’t let her go.”

I laughed. Ben and Mrs. Vallo looked at me.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, dear, I like to hear your laugh.

Have you eaten yet?”

“Not yet, Mrs. Vallo. We’ll just eat later.”

“Oh, okay. Enjoy the party, alright? I need

to entertain the other visitors. Is it okay to

leave you here?”

“Of course, Mrs. Vallo. Have a great night.”

“Thank you for having me here, Mrs. Vallo.

And congratulations for the celebration,” I


Mrs. Vallo leaved us two. Ben lead me on

the table of two and pulled me a chair.

“So, you want to eat now, sweetie?” Ben

asked as I sit on the chair.

I shook my head. “No, heart. I’m still full.

Can I drink some wine?”

“Sure. Just don’t get yourself drunk. You

know what’s happening to you if you get


I giggled. I am becoming wild if I am


“Hi, Mister Benjamin!”

We both look up at the lady in front of us.

She’s smiling at Ben, in a flirty way.

“Do I know you?” Ben asked.

“We’ve met before, don’t you remember?”

Ben stared at the lady and shook his head.

“I don’t. Are you one of my clients?”

“No. It was my father.”

“Well, pardon me if I don’t know you. I

only know my clients.”

The lady leaved without saying anything.

“That’s rude, heart,” I said but I am smiling

because of the lady’s failure to flirt with


“Rude, you may say, but she’s also rude.

She can see that I am with you yet she still

approach me in a flirty way. What’s the

matter with that lady?”

I laughed. That’s my Benjamin.


“WHY DOES a beautiful lady is alone here?”

I look up to the one who speak. He sit on

the chair in front of me. I know this man.

He’s Mister 13, the one that Ben had been

competed back on the auction. He’s

smiling, flirty smile just like the lady awhile


Ben leaved me here for a moment. He said

he just need to talk to a client that he need

to talk to.

“Hi! I’m Frederick. You remember me?”

I nod. “You’re Mister 13.”

“Yeah. You know I like you way back on the

auction. You’re beautiful and sexy, that’s

why I competed with BenBen.

Unfortunately, he had won you.”

I didn’t replied. I don’t like the way he look

at me and talk to me.

“What do you want?” I asked in an

impatient way.

“Woah! Don’t act like BenBen, you’re too

beautiful and young to be stress. BenBen,

he’s my brother. You know, BenBen have a

mental disorder, don’t you notice it? He’s

dangerous for you. Just come with me and

I will assure you your safety.

I smirked. “Ben is way better than you,

Frederick. You’re his brother? I think you

are Ginny’s brother, both of you have a

mental disorder. You can’t brainwash me.

You are more dangerous for me.”

Frederick laughed. “I like you. I really like

you. You’re a brave lady.”

“Thank you but I don’t like you.”

Frederick was about to slap me when we

heard someone cleared a throat.

“A real man never slap a woman because

he was rejected. Now, leave if you don’t

want to be on the circle of shame.

I smiled when I saw Dad. He’s with his new

wife that is smiling at me.

“Hi, Jaja! I’m sorry for what my son have

said and done to you. He’s really like that.

Boastful,” Felt apologized. She’s the

mother of Mister 13.

“It’s okay, Auntie Fely.”

Sometimes, I wonder why does the

attitude of the children is different with

their parents?

“Jaja, you’re getting beautiful every time I

see you.”

“Thank you, Dad. You’re getting younger

every time I see you too, along with Auntie


“Oh come on, Jaja. Don’t lie to me, I might

believe it,” Auntie Fely said.

“That necklace suits you well, darling. I

knew it, Ben is serious about you. That

necklace is very important for our family


“Family tradition?”

“Yes. The necklace was named Lufu, an old

english word for love. It symbolizes great

affection and sincerity to settle down. Ben

is really ready to settle down. I am happy

to say that I like you as my daughter-in-


Settle down?!


:::::::::::: :::::::::

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