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JAJA’s Point Of View


“Come in,” I opened the door widely. Kaelo

and Ara come in with their literally open


We are currently in the condo unit. These

two became my close friend in the


“Sir Benjamin is really amazing! This condo

is expensive!” said by Ara.

“Indeed. Jaja, how does it feel to live here

in this grandiose condo with Sir Benjamin?”

“Are you here to interview me, guys?” I

laughed. “Would you like to eat or drink?”

“Let’s go eat first.”

I lead them to the kitchen. They help

prepare the snack. Me and these two

requested for undertime on our work for

Kaelo and Ara had been asked by Master to

do the make over for me.

We are busy eating our snack when the

phone ring. It was Master for sure.


“You’re home. Are you with Kaelo and


“Yes, Master. Where are you?”

“I’m on my way for my last meeting. I’ll

fetch you there later. I love you.”

“I love you too, Master. Take care.” I turned

to face the two when the call ended. Kaelo

and Ara are smiling widely and giggling.

“Get me as your made of honor, Jaja,” Ara

said, excitedly.

“I would love to compete with you, Ara,

but a man couldn’t be a made of honor,”

Kaelo followed. I forgot, Kaelo is gay.

I laughed. “You’re too advance thinker,

both of you.”

“But we can hear the ring of the bell!” they

said in chorus.

“Stop. You’re making me hope for it.”

We laughed because of their joke. But deep

inside of me, I am really hoping that Master

would be my first love and would share the

rest of my life with.

“Jaja, get me as your secretary,” said by

Ara, suddenly.

“Me too. Even a personal assistant, I am go

with it,” followed by Kaelo.

“What do you mean?”

“Despite of the fact that you are Sir

Benjamin’s lover, you are a very talented

designer. We can sense that you’re going

to be promoted. Not just a team leader but

maybe manager.”

“Dream on, guys. I still need to experience




BENJAMIN’s Point Of View


After the closing the proposal, I quickly hop

into my car. I drive straight to Dad’s place.

I’m going to get something important.

By just thinking of Jaja waiting for me in

my condo everyday makes my day

complete. I realized that I couldn’t live

happily without her. She’s my precious.

“Son, what are you doing here?” Dad

asked, surprised.

“Dad, you’ve told about the family’s

tradition before. Can I know it?”

Dad smiled and nod. He lead me to the

library and he took a box from the secured

vault. He handed me a rectangular box. I

opened it and I saw a necklace that have a

shining diamond heart shaped pendant.

“That is the Lufu jewelry. A very special

jewelry that couldn’t be sell by our

company. It’s important for our family. My

grandfather gave it to your grandfather

and passed it to me. I should have gave

this to your mum but I didn’t. Gratefully, I

didn’t. This special jewelry should be given

to the lady that was really love.”

He smiled. Dad tried to love Mum but he


“Now, I pass that Lufu to you. Give it to the

woman you love and to the woman you

want to be with for the rest of your life.”

For the rest of my life. In short, I will give

this necklace to the woman I want to be

my wife.

“But I am expecting for you to come here

and get that. And I am hoping that you’ll

give that to the right lady. I am expecting

to have a daughter-in-law that is good in

household chores, not brat nor b---h, kind,

humble, trustworthy, designer, petite and

of course BEAUTIFUL!”

I laughed. “Just say you like Jaja to be my

wife, Dad.”

“Sort of.” Dad laughed. “Are you ready to

settle down?”



JAJA’s Point Of View


“Oh my God! You are very gorgeous and


“Petite yet voluptuous!”

I look at my reflection on the human size

mirror. Wearing Donna Karan’s devoré

evening gown really shows my curves and

my fair flawless skin.

“I am sure Sir Benjamin would fall deeply in

love with you, Jaja!”

“Thank you.”

“I’m home!” It was Master. Kaelo and Ara

quickly cleaned the mess and fixed the

things they used for me.

“Good evening, Sir Benjamin,” greeted by

Kaelo and Ara.

“Good evening,” greeted back by Master

without taking away his eyes from staring

at me.

“We’re leaving, Jaja, Sir. Have a good

night!” Kaelo and Ara quickly leaved us


“You look beautiful, Jaja.”

“Thank you, Master.”

He walk towards me, wrapped his arm

around my waist, and pull me against his

body. Master look more handsome on his

white three-piece suit and brushed up hair.

He gave me smack kiss and then he kissed

my forehead. I saw him holding a red

rectangular box. He took out the precious

necklace from the box and he walk behind

me. He let me wear the necklace. He stayed

behind me and hugged me.

“Be my lover, Jaja.”

I smiled and hold his arm on my stomach.

“I am already your lover, Master.”

“Don’t call me Master now. Treat me as

your real lover. Be my girlfriend.”

I turned to face him, wrapped my arm on

his neck. “I would love to be your

girlfriend, sweetheart.”

He smiled and pecked me on my lips.

“Sweetheart. Hmm. Nice endearment,



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