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Ep 21




JAJA’s Point Of View



That’s us after what happened on the


We went to our room quietly. Master is still

pissed off. He go to the corner and cried,

nah! Just kidding! He goes to the balcony

of out room. While me, I went to bathroom

to clean myself. My body is full of sand.

People that we has passed are looking at

us, curiously. Little did they know that we

almost make out on the seashore.

I wear my robe and joined Master on the

balcony. He’s smoking. I’ve seen him

smoking whenever he’s feeling pissed or


“Master, can I try it?” I asked and leaned

my back on the rail.

“No. You shouldn’t smoke.”

“I’m also tensed up, Master. I need a


He looked at me and made a distance. Is he

also pissed of me?

“Master, are you angry to me?”

“Of course not. I just distance myself from

you for I might loose my control again. Just

like what happened awhile ago.”

I was silence for a moment. “Master, I’ve

noticed that you’re making out with me

this past few days. Why?” This question

keeps on bugging me since I got out from

the hospital.

“It’s the doctor’s advice. They’ve seen that

you’re swelling on you genital so they

advised me to not take you until you are

fully recovered.”

So that’s the reason. Everything is clear to

me now.

“Aren’t you fully recovered yet?” Master


I can see lust in him again. But I know he’s

controlling it the best he can.

“N-not yet, Master.”

Master look away. Poor Master, he can’t

take me even he really wanted to.

“Master, are you okay?”

“My abdomen is aching.”

I gulped.

I was about to talk when we heard knock

on the door. Master go there and opened it.


My head quickly tilted into the door. That

voice is the one who shouted awhile ago.

“D*mn you, Timmy!” Master cussed.

“I-it was you,” I said. My cheeks is blushing

now. Timmy saw us making out! God! I

would like to be eaten by earth now

because of shame.

“Hi, Jaja! Did I interrupted your love

making?” Timmy giggled.

“What are you doing here, Timmy?” Master

asked. I thought he’s going to be angry but

no. He’s serious.

“Visiting you.”

“Visiting me or ruining my moment by

shouting get a room?!” Master shouted.

Now he is angry.

“Woah! Easy, man. Jaja, your lover is

becoming monster again.”

I just shrugged at him and tried to walk

out when Master stopped me.

“Where are you going?” Master asked.

“I’m leaving you two to have some man to

man talk, Master.”

“What?! Jaja, it should be me who is going

to leave! Don’t leave me here with your

monster lover!”

“You had awaken Master’s monstrous side,


“Stay here, Jaja.” Master picked the beed of

my broken bracelet on the table and throw

it to Timmy.

“F--k! Alright! I’m leaving! I’m goint to GET


Master sighed after Timmy left. Timmy is

like Ginny, they’re bringing tumult to us.


AFTER EATING breakfast, Master had been

bugged by Timmy again. Master is so silent

while Timmy is very noisy and talkative.

God! My head aches by just being with

Timmy for a few minutes. Poor Master, he

has been with Timmy for a long time.

“Hi, Jaja!”

The three of us stop what we are doing

and look up to the lady beside our table.

“Valerie!” I called. She’s the one whom I

had talked to yesterday, the vulgar lady.

“You know her?” Timmy asked.

“Yes, honey. I met her yesterday,” Valerie

answered Timmy.

“Timmy?” Master look at Timmy who is

now smiling like a boy who was caught

cheating by the teacher.

“Can I borrow Jaja for awhile? I think you

two need to talk, man to man.” Valerie

pulled me up and didn’t wait for Master to

stop us.

“You know Timmy?” I asked Valerie.

“Yeah. I met him yesterday too. And you

know what? We s*x!”

This lady. I am speechless. Why is she so


“But Timmy have a girlfriend,” I said.

“What?!” Indeed, Valerie didn’t know. “F--k

that man!”

I shook my head. This lady is weak in terms

of men. I noticed yesterday that she’s

flirting with man that passes by.

“Where are we going?” Valerie asked.

Surprised. “You pulled me yet you don’t

know where are we going?”

Valerie shrugged. “Now that I learned

Timmy is an *ss, I won’t say my suggestion


I saw the stall that I have gone into

yesterday. I pulled Valerie there. I saw the

vendor that I have talked to.

“Hello, lady. Are you going to get your

order?” the vendor asked.

“Yes. Is it finished?”

“Just got finished. Take a look.” He handed

me the pink apron.

“Wow, pink! What’s written on it?” Valerie

spread the apron. “Master Benjamin?”

I paid the vendor and after thanking him,

we leaved. I took the apron from Valerie.

“Who is Benjamin?”

“My lover?”

“Why you’re unsure?”

“He’s currently courting.”

“Oh! A suitor yet he kissed you yesterday

and you said something had happened

between you two. Are you f--k buddy

turned into lovers?”

“Sort of.”

“Why’d you bought that apron? Do love

cooking? And why do you call him Master?”

“Yes, I love cooking. Apron is his fetish. And

Master and slave is our call sign.”

Valerie’s eyes widen. “Really? Oh my God!

That’s too hot. Is he wild?”

I nod. This conversation is getting hotter

and hotter.

“But you’re naive, noob lady.”

“How’d you know that?”

“The way you answer my questions, you

don’t answer too much.”

“Yeah. He’s my first.”

“Let me give you tips on how to pleasure

your man.” She pulled me on the corner of

the resort. “You want to learn how to

pleasure your Master Benjamin?”


“You’re not sure.”

I gulped. “Yes. I want to learn.”

“Alright, let’s start with eight positions

that really pleasures a man. First is Side

Lotus, you wrap your legs on his waist.

Second is Cowgirl, in this position, you gets

to pleasure and tease you Master while at

the same time, he can t----t as hard or

soft as he wants from below by simply

pulling you down close to his chest. Both

of you could get extreme pleasure and

some control. Third is Reverse Mantis, you

lie flat on your back. He mounts you in the

reverse and lies flat on top of you with his

head at your feet that is upward. Fourth is

do the lap dance, dance like you’re

seducing him.” She look at me and smiled.

“Can you follow?”

“Wait, let me analyze it.” I memorize

everything she said. “Alright, continue.”

“Fifth is Scissor Missionary, start by putting

one leg on his shoulder, while holding the

opposing leg toward the ground or bed.

Sixth is Girl On Top, it makes the perfect

position to extend the pleasure for you

both. Seven is Dragon Fly, your Master lies

seated with his legs out with his weight on

his arms behind him. You sit facing him

with one or both legs over his shoulders.

And last is Doggy Style, it is the posi–”

“I know that position. We’ve tried it

before,” I cut her.

“Alright, next is the do’s and dont’s.”

“There is also rules on making out?”

“Nah-ah. Don’t call it making out, call it

making love. Yes, there is a rules in making


“Okay. Go on.”

“You’ve tried Fellatio?”

I nod.

“Alright. Do not lick his head too long, it

would only make him uncomfortable. If

you’re s-----g his whole manhood, try

your best to not make your teeth touch

their skin. Let him do the deep throat.”

“Wait. Deep throat?”

“Yes. It’s f*cking your mouth until his head

reach your throat.”

I gulped again. This is really awkward! I am

having a teaching lesson from a sex addict!

“Moan his name and do compliments to his

actions. Be wild. Scratch your nail on his

back, it makes man lose control. Massage

his head. Lick his earlobe or whisper your

moans to his ear. Oh, I forgot, men do like

shaved p*ssy.”

God! I can’t take this conversation

anymore. Yes I still need to learn lot of

things about making love but it is really

awkward to learn it from someone you

didn’t even know that much!

“Let’s continue?”

“No. We’re leaving.”

I quickly turned to face Master. His brow is

furrowed. Did he heard what we are




:::::::::::::: to be continued :::::::::

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