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JAJA’s Point Of View


Master is indeed my personal teacher. He

taught me how to swim and how pleasure

him. God! My Master a hot teacher!

We had just swim on the beach half of an

hour because of tiredness and hunger.

After we took a bath and changed regular

clothes, we go to the restaurant to eat



I quickly look at Master when he called my

name. How it feels good to hear it from


“Smile.” He’s holding his phone, I think he’s

going to take a picture of mine so I smiled


“Beautiful sunshine,” Master said. I

remember my question to him yesterday

night, when I asked him about acting

strange. Until now, I am clueless. The only

reason that I have thought brought shivers

in me.

I saw that even Master is wearing

sweatshirt and denim jeans, he still caught

ladies’s attention. I feel proud because

Master is only looking at me, no one else.

“Wait,” Master said so I stopped eating. My

hand which holding the spoon with food is

hanged in the air. Master wiped the side of

my lips and s----d his thumb that he had

used. He’s staring at me while doing it.

My cheeks blushed because of his action.

Well, it’s way better than using his own

tongue to lick the excess food beside my

lips. It’s quite romantic yet erotic. D*mn!

Am I desiring it?!

“You’re quiet. Why?” Master had noticed

my silence.

“Master, do you have DID also?”

Master almost choked and cough. I quickly

handed him a water. I think he was

surprised of my question.

“Why’d asked that?”

“Master, you’ve been acting strange lately

so I had thought that maybe you have an

alter which is gentleman and kind.”

Master smiled but didn’t talk. He didn’t

answered me again. Is he avoiding that


After we finished eating, we got up the

stairs. “Have a rest then we’ll go to the

gymnasium,” Master said and come into his



LOUD AND ENERGETIC. That’s the room of

gymnasium. I can hear groans and shouts.

Mostly, the people here have good body

shape and muscles.

“Hi! My name is Jack. You’re new here! Do

you want me to instruct you, beautiful


I almost jumped in fright because a tall

man with a big body pop up in front of me.

I need to look up to see him because he is

tall, taller than Master. Jack is smiling

seductively while shaking my hand.

“I…” I am speechless. This Jack is so hot!

But of course, Master is hotter.

“No. She’s with me. She’s mine.” Master

placed his arm around my shoulder and

pulled me near him.

“Oh! Hey, lady, if your instructor isn’t

available, call this number and I’ll be

there.” He give me a calling card.

I was about to take it when Master took it

quickly. “That won’t happen.” He pulled me

into the corner of the gymnasium.

I saw Master tearing the calling card into

pieces and throw it somewhere. He faced

me and smiled. I want to ask Master why

he did that but I have no courage. Master

put our bag on the side.

“You need to do the stretching first. You’ll

feel terrible pain if you didn’t condition

your body. Follow me.”

I imitated everything he said and does. We

did few stretches and then we went to the

equipments there. Master let me use first

the dumbbell for ladies. Then he teach me

how to use the others. He never leaved my

side, seems like he’s protecting or hiding

me from someone or something.

And I kinda like it!


THE WHOLE afternoon became tiring yet

enjoyable. My energy was drained by

continuously using the equipments of the

gymnasium. I’m enjoying Master’s reaction

when Jack is persistent in bugging me.

Master almost punch Jack because he was

pissed off. And then Master wrapped the

whole towel on my body.

I smiled when remember his actions. He’s

like a possessive boyfriend. Oh how I wish!

“Master, what are you doing here?” I asked.

I saw him outside of my room again,

aiming to knock on my door. It’s already 11

in the midnight.

“I can’t sleep.” He come into my room and

sit on the table. “What do you have here?

Let’s play a game.”

“Master, my body is tired.”

“Then think of a game that we can play

without using our body. I need to have fun

right now.”

I walk towards the bed and sit on it. If we

won’t use our body to play, then we will

use our brain. But what game should we


“How about guess what is on my mind?”

Master suggested.

“It should be one thing, Master.”

“Things or words that can be seen inside of

this room and no cheating.”

“Let’s write in on the paper so there’s no

cheating to be done,” I suggested. I took a

piece of paper and a pen. “Who will the

first to guess, Master?”

“Me. I’ll count to three then start. Set your

timer, 2 minutes is the time limit for each

of us.”

I took the lipstick on my make up kit. “Put

lipstick on the face if you haven’t guessed

the word.” I said and put up the lipstick.

“Alright. Game.”

I quickly look around and spotted a thing

that I will think. I write it down to the

paper and hide it.

“On the count of” Master

pressed the timer and looked at me.

“Commonly used by people?”

“Yes, Master.”


“Yes, Master.”

“Upper body?”

“No, Master.”


“No, Master.”


“No, Master.”


“Almost, Master.”


“You win, Master”

“Alright.” Next to guess is me. Too bad that

I used the whole two minutes without

even guessing his words. He put lipstick on

my right cheek.

“Start,” Master pressed the start button.

“You’re seeing it.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Right here in this room.”

“Yes, Master.”

“It’s on your mind.”

“Of course, Master.”

“Does it make you happy?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Ah! I know what’s on your mind now.” He

giggled. “Me.”

I laughed. Master’s actions now is really


“It’s not me?” Master asked.

“No, Master. You are not a thing.” You are

something, Master. But of course I didn’t

said it.

The whole two minutes is wasted because

of Master’s naughtiness. He lost the game. I

get the lipstick and shade his pinkish and

kissable lips. Master’s brow furrowed.

“Oh my, Master! You look beautiful!” I said

while laughing hard.

I gasp when Master pushed me down and

he placed his body on top of me. “It should

be handsome, not beautiful.”

He kissed me torridly. I missed this kind of

kiss of him. I thought this would lead to

making out but he stopped. I saw

determination in his eyes that he’s not

going to have me.

“I miss this body but I shouldn’t take you

for now. Your body needs a rest.”

Be still, my heart! You’re pounding wild!



BENJAMIN’s Point Of View


“Master! Help me!”

I saw Jaja being pulled by Jack, the gym

instructor that have an affection of Jaja. He

forcefully pushed Jaja to sit into the chair

and tied her hand from behind.

I was about to go after them when I saw

Ginny, smiling wickedly, at Jaja’s back.

She’s holding a knife.

Frightened. I couldn’t move my body

because of shock and fear.

“Hello, my dear Benjamin. Did you miss

me?” Ginny asked. It was Hella.

I can’t speak. I couldn’t find my strength to


“Of course you don’t. And it is because of

this witch!” Ginny aimed the knife into

Jaja’s face who is now crying. “You promise

to me that we will talk! Even your slave die!

Now, she’s going to die because you didn’t

grant your promise!”

Jaja screamed when the knife was struck

on her chest. My heart pounded so fast. I

saw Jaja’s chest was filled with blood. She’s

dead. Jaja is dead.

No. It can’t be. Jaja can’t die. She should

not die!

My Jaja. I can’t lose her.



JAJA’s Point Of View


I heard Master groaning so I immediately

got up and look at him. His face is full of

sweat and pale.

“Master. Master, wake up! Wake up!” I

nudged him on his shoulder with force.

Master open up his eyes and quickly look at


He looks so scared and like came from a

marathon the way he breathe. What’s

happening to my Master? Is he possessed

or came from a fight?!

“Master, what’s happening to you?”

He hugged me tight like he was afraid. He’s

also shivering and breathing heavily.

“Master,” I called.

“I thought I’d lost you. God! I’m afraid to

lose you. Please don’t leave me. I need you,

Jaja. Don’t leave me, please,” he begged.

My heart beats fast. Why did he said that?

“Master, I won’t leave you. Where am I

going if I leaved you?”

“Promise, you won’t leave me.”

“I promise, Master. I won’t leave you.”

He relaxed when I said those words.

“Thank you, Jaja.” Then he fell asleep again.



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