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Sarah’s POV 💦

I’m really happy I got a child for Luke.

It’s like I’m the luckiest person on Earth.

I didn’t intentionally get pregnant for him, buh I can’t just help it

I’m really in love with him.

As for Xavier, I’ll sort it out.

I don’t care if he finds out that I’m pregnant for someone else


My phone rang

“Hey babe” it was Xavier calling

“Hi Xavier”

“Babe, what’s it? Are you not happy to hear my voice?”

“I’m really happy Xavier, I’m just unhappy it’s been a long time I saw you. You know this job I’m doing keeps me away from going out with you”

“Ok I understand. So can we go out tonight?”


“Please Sarah, don’t say no. I really want to see you”

“Ok, I’ll see you tonight”

“Yessss” he was laughing over the phone

“I’m really happy Sarah, that I’ll be seeing you tonight”

“Me too Xavier. Bye I’ll have to call you back” I quickly hung up


I have to stop the relationship between Xavier and I

I can’t date two men at once

There have to be some way

I think I should call Luke

I dialed his number

It kept ringing…

“Pick this call” I said to myself


Luke’s POV 💦

What’s her problem now

Why is she calling me?

She has finally destroyed my home and now she’s calling me

I can’t answer this call

I quickly turned in the flight mode option

I really didn’t wish for this to happen

When she told me about the sex tape some weeks back, I was shocked

I didn’t have the brain to think whether the video is fake or not

It’s just now I’m realizing my mistake

My wife no longer talk to me like before

It’s not her fault anyways, I’m the cause




At night 🔥

“Wonder!!” I yelled her name cause she was upstairs

“Sir, you called me” she replied when she got to where I am

“Uhmm sit first. I know you will see me as a bad Dad, a man that’s irresponsible..”

“ Dad. I don’t see like those things you just said, it’s not really your fault. You were drunk like you said and I’m sure it was your first time of drink.. wait a minute Dad!”

“What’s it Wonder?”

“Dad what if the pregnancy was for her boyfriend and not you?”

“Huh, we talked about this. Sarah is pregnant for me!”

“Did we confirm it from the doctor?”

“What do you mean?”

“You said we talked about it by going to the doctor. But we only went to confirm if she was pregnant or not. But we didn’t check the DNA if it contains part of yours”

“Hmm, that’s a good suggestion. What if the pregnancy belong to someone else. I love you Wonder, you took my IQ”

“Ehen, I took mom’s”

“No you are intelligent just like me”

“It’s a lie Dad, it’s Mom’s intelligence”


My phone rang..

Oh no! Not again

“What is it Dad?”

“She’s calling again”

“I don’t need to ask who is that, I already know is Sarah. Dad just pick it”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes, just do it”

I picked the call

“Hello Luke, I’ve been calling you like for ever, you freaked me, are you okay? Are you home yet?” She kept asking different questions

“Calm down Sarah, I’m fine. Why did you call?”

“Uhmm Luke, I’m really tired, the baby is disturbing me”

Huh! Baby 😏😏😏😏😏😏

“Sarah what do you mean? The baby is just a month old and it’s already disturbing you. Are you serious Sarah?”

“Uhmm I know, I was just trying to get your attention. Please can you come over?”

“No I can’t, I’m with my family”

“What! Luke! What of me? Am I not your family? Remember I’m pregnant for you”

“Sarah just relax, don’t worry you’ll fall asleep in no time”

“Luke I hate what you’re doing, you better come over or else..”

“Or else what.. you would kill me or something else, right?”

“Don’t worry, I know what to do, I’m going to release the sex tape”




Deborah’s POV 💦

It’s weekend, I was just relaxing when suddenly tap me on my back


“Hey Deborah”

“How did you find my house”

“Are you not happy seeing me?”

“I uhmm.. just sit” I gave him a chair to sit

Only God knows how he found my house

“So uhmmm, I just came to greei and uhmmm ask about what I told you the other time”

“Yeah.. about that. The truth is that I’m not really interested in this relationship thing, I just want to concentrate on my studies. I’m sorry but no!”

His face changed, I know I’ve hurt him by refusing but I don’t like him.

I love someone else

“Ohh ok” he replied slowly

“But can you at least do me a favour?”

“Yeah sure, anything”

“Let’s take a stroll, at least you can’t refuse that” he grinned

Ohh! A stroll!!

“Alright, that I can do. Let me just inform my mom”



“Mom I’m coming, I want to excuse John”

“Oh you mean our ex husband”

Oh God! My Mom has come again

“Mom please stop. I’m not ready for this again. He was not my husband, I’m too young to get married”

“Hmm for your mind”

“Mom bye!” I ran out quickly, ignoring her call

John and I strolled for some distance.

We kept talking about school, weekend, relationship and some other things

We reached a place, we saw some boys staring at us somehow

Suddenly someone hit me from behind





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