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Chap 30

He land in front of Hoxo

Jarvis: oh Bullshit

( he rise up, as he was rising his head up, he begin to see Hoxo leg then fully rise it up )

Jarvis: why did you bring me here

Hoxo: you came by yourself

Jarvis: you make me land here

Hoxo: actually I did not

Jarvis: may be this might your end on earth

Hoxo: whao it seems as if you have come to the lions den, welcome to my hell

Jarvis: it’s time for your end prepared

Hoxo: you have to say this back to yourself also you have came to my lair to challenge me, I won’t spare you this time arround am going to kill you for real

Jarvis: I will like to say this too, those who have challenge me non of them still live

Hoxo: that words is useless to me,that doesn’t mean anything to me, control your fury,think twice before you utter any words, I have makes Fang and Dasos to challenge you over many lifetimes, are they not still leaving

Jarvis: I know the good in them, you also battle me still now I live

Hoxo: I have extend your death, by the way, you came into my peaceful lair to challenge me, definitely am going to give you what you want, since you are having no power now am going to destroy you, am going to overpower you

Jarvis: don’t be overjoy, I have gain it back I am cub now with a short nail this will help me in defeating you

Hoxo: I don’t think so

( Hoxo use his teleportation power while they all land in the battle field )


Hoxo: this is your end

( Hoxo use his bomber blast them blast Jarvis while the bomber hit Jarvis alot )

Jarvis: no way

( Hoxo move speedily to Jarvis while he give him a mighty punch making him weak than ever then bury Jarvis, he lift up Jarvis as he was about to use his power to extract his power out of him, Mr James then arrived along side with the priest and all his the members in the cave )

Fang: never

( Fang and Dasos run to Hoxo striking him, Hoxo then forcefully throw Jarvis away while he reach a long distance )

Jason: I have to meet brother

Hoxo: their is no chance

( he block his way )

Fang: their is

( Fang quickly speedily run to Hoxo while Dasos hold his head dragging the combine crown from his head,the priest and Mr James were all amazed they were all frightening, it all seems to them as if they are watching movie but it is real )

Hoxo: the crown as been plastered with my head

( he luckily free himself then use his long sword to strike them, he then furiously run to them stretching his hands to them while he use his ability to wiped them out of existence they all screamed as they vanish turning into air,Hoxo smiled as be move to Mr James family and the four priest he do the same to them, they all turn to snows as they vanish )

Ha ha ha this is the best way to kill

( Jason reach were Jarvis was he then quickly hide him they all escaped, when Hoxo reach their, he find nothing )

They have gone that doesn’t mean the end

( he use his power to detect their location while he quickly land their, they still hold each other running until he appeared at their front )

You can’t hide somewhere else, actually you tried, but you failed

Jarvis: let my brother go and kill me,kill me

( he cried )

Hoxo: how helpless you are, now hmm mm

Jarvis: kill me

( he then smiled, Hoxo was confused thinking of what Jarvis is going to do, he then think something )

Hoxo: I get you, your brother is the key to destroy me ha ha ha, I have read it long time ago no one has change the future but I will change it today

Jarvis: many has change it, many heroes as change it

Hoxo: it’s time for me also

Jarvis: no no no

( pretending, his brother then understand what he mean, they have to fool him )

Jason: he has know, who did be arrived to that

Hoxo: I get the text, written by you, I got it in the last book of the prophecy

( not knowing that it was a fake )

Jarvis: Jason run, Jason run

Jason: ok ok, I can escape

( he then pretend, running while Hoxo laughed )

Hoxo: you are not going anywhere

( he stretched his hand then send the spell to them, Jason too turn to snows as he vanish )

Jarvis: no no no

( he cried real )

is it how you are going to leave me to mourn for my brother also my parents

( using that to fool Hoxo in order to spare him )

is it how, you get all my power, nothing left to me you kill all my families including the priest I relied on, is it how you are going to go, now this is your chance kill me

Hoxo: ha ha ha, I think you have feel my great power, I think you have feel it

( he laughs )

Jarvis: I said kill me

Hoxo: I will not kill you, I will let you mourn for your death, twenty years to this time you will still be crying, like I said no one confront me and still be living a better life

Jarvis: I said kill me or I kill myself, you knew my secret right

Hoxo: I will let you mourn after twenty years am going to kill you ha ha ha ha, regret now, I succeed you loose

( Hoxo vanish out of the place )

Jarvis: thanks now, he don’t know what I am doing, this is a set up.

( he leave the place why go to were his parents has been vaporized )

Oh dad am sorry for not listening to you, I know how you feel you don’t want me to go but I insist, at the end I am going to make you and mom proud wherever you are.

( he sigh )

Hoxo, you have offend my family, you have offend the priest, you offend My dad, my mom, uncle Frank, Jason,priest Kang,Priest Hator,priest Jole and other priest I can’t mentioned not only that, you have offended Keeper, for me to pay back, I am going to destroy you for real, my battle against you just begin

( He leave the place, going to the cave when he get their the Cave as been consumed and also was set on fire while he was astonished )

This battle is going to tough

( Hoxo begin his destruction, he turns the beautiful kingdom into a doom kingdom having blasting everywhere their was a great catastrophe, the destruction begin in which no one know where he was all peoples forget their homes different kind of places where set on fire )


Jarvis arrived to a place where he could see the same thing happening to his kingdom

Jarvis: am I dreaming

( an old man come to him )

Old man: you are not dreaming, this is real

Jarvis: did you mean that

Old man: I mean it, are you are stranger

Jarvis: probably not, this is my home town this is my kingdom.

Old man: that is how it happens to everyone in this kingdom

Jarvis: what are you hopping for now

Old man: we need a protector

Jarvis: a protector

Old man: yes a protector,God should give us a protector

Jarvis: the protector his hear

Old man: if he was here, he will protect us, may be Hoxo as killed him

Jarvis: will you believe him if you see

Old man: is he here

Jarvis: I am the Golden claw

Old man: how will I believe you

( Jarvis then summon his power, he turn, his eyes turn golden this time, why his sneakers also including his nail, his nail has fully grow than ever )

Jarvis: I am the Golden Claw

( all the people near that place all shout for joy, they all utters his name )

I am the Golden Claw

( he begin to save many from an infant to the old ones whiie he protect his kingdom having protecting many from the fifteen kingdom at the same time while his power increased beyond with his super speed, he save them from destruction of fire till the whole day )

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