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Jarvis leave the Cave to a mysterious high mountain that no one as reach the top, he climb the mountain to the top, their was a mysterious force that all always pull many climbers that want to climb the mountain to know the secret behind it,many has failed even many die of climbing and many that insist to climb it does not return, Jarvis could climb to the top it takes about three days for him to reach the top

Jarvis: why is this place cool

( suddenly begin to hear a sounds )

Demons are here so that is why it is forbidden the demon are the force

( he continue when he arrived at the middle of the top mountain, he could see the names of the peoples that are going to die next, it was written in a long tablet, he read the names, he could find the names if his dad and mom their including Uncle Frank why Jason was set apart )

Jarvis: that can’t be, I will do what I can do to stop this, it will pass over me

( he then see another tablet where the names of peoples that have die between six days ago was, he could find three hundred peoples in the fifteen kingdoms his names was written as number one )

So I supposed to die six days ago,may be the extraction of my power caused it

( suddenly a being arrived )

Jarvis: who are you

Spirit: I am a spirit

Jarvis: spirit of what

Spirit: the spirit of the spirit

Jarvis: you are evil right?

Spirit: I am neutral, why have you come to my place to trouble me

Jarvis: are you the one that kill those who came here to know the secret behind this place

Spirit: yes I am

Jarvis: but why did you do that

Spirit: peoples you think they are innocent are not, peoples share crocodile tears to themselves

Jarvis: why are you speaking in proverbs

Spirit: because I like it

Jarvis: you might have here of me

Spirit: more than you expect

Jarvis: are you going to fight me am I your enemy since I don’t know the side you belong to

Spirit: am not going to kill you

Jarvis: I know you can’t evil fight, even if you, am going to kill you

Spirit: ha ha ha, I am unkill I am immortal all days you can’t kill a spirit, even I don’t fear anyone except the one that makes me lives I mean the God also called by many names one of his/her name his the Sovereign and Yahweh the name many knows

Jarvis: but why did you insist to kill those who came here

Spirit: as you know, I am at many places even trillions of places, let say zillion of places at the same time, peoples would force me to do bad their flesh will push me,that makes me annoyed indeed,I then devote to kill anyone that came here having no powers and abilities.

Jarvis: why did you choose to kill them here

Spirit: this is where I did bad, this is my lost home that was destroy a being of evil

Jarvis: maybe Hoxo

Spirit: Hoxo was still in low level, their are still many evils villains coming from afar

Jarvis: what did they one

Spirit: to invade, to destroy and to conquer also to do it for themselves.

Jarvis: this is ridiculous

Spirit: I know you well

Jarvis: I want to ask a question

Spirit: what is it

Jarvis: you said earlier that you kill those that came here…..

Spirit: i understand what you are about to say,I should have kill you but I won’t because you have lost your power and something inside you still stay

Jarvis: something inside me

( confused )

Anyway, what can I do to get my power back and my abilities

Spirit: all is in your hand, since you have be banned in my world

Jarvis: your world, what did you mean, can you please explain yourself better

Spirit: you find grace in speaking to me, I will not let you misuse it since you don’t probably know who am I

Jarvis: funny, anyway, do you know who Awesome was

Spirit: I trained Awesome, he his little greater than me before my lord.

Jarvis: really

( he was amazed )

Am afraid of you

Spirit: I am humble, I don’t proud

Jarvis: please let me go, I am afraid of who you are

Spirit: for your question, you will banned in my world for some time but you will still be allowed when it his time.

Jarvis: you mean you are the one that monitor the spirit world

Spirit: I am commanded to do so, I am in your heart and in the heart of all I work with the soul

Jarvis: did you know who really Lucifer was and all those fallen angels

Spirit: they are banned too from my world because of the works of their hand

Jarvis: I really hate Mephistopheles I mean the Lucifer

Spirit: many hates him as well but many likes to works with him

Jarvis: if it was me, I will never

Spirit: he possess them using me

Jarvis: what are we doing now since i will be banned in your world

Spirit: the only thing to do to restore your abilities is to train

Jarvis: what kind of train

Spirit: I won’t tell you

( the spirit vanish )

Jarvis: oh no he has gone

( as he was about to take a step something like dark being rise up against him holding swords )

I think you guys come to stop me

( he bring out his sword )

I prepared too

( they all run to him fighting him when it get to a stage they mark him while he fall on the ground, the creatures begin to grunt )

You are too tough

( he rise up fighting them suddenly one of them rise his sword then hit it with his sword, his sword then then brake into two )

This is too hard

( he rise up )

Now that you are going to feel my wrath

( He close his eyes summoning something powerful in his body, the creatures run to him as they want to strike him once they all turn into dust,he stand still like a statue not even shaking as he spent almost three days their, all what he was seeing was all warriors he has fought in past and also his enemies including when he was still a child )

Is that all, it has been three days now

( he look his hand then begin to see his claw growing back )

Yes yes I am gaining it back

( suddenly the nail stop growing including his leg nail )

Why is he stopping, something is going on

( he climb down the mountain as he was going down a rock brake from his leg since he was not using any protective instrument, he shout as he fall suddenly a portal open from the ground while he fall inside it landing in Hoxo lair )

Where I am, how did I get here

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