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Chap 28

Jarvis then turn back wanted to be going

Dasos: where are you going

Jarvis: where did you think

Jason : are you going to fight

Jarvis: yes

Fang: we have to go together

Jarvis: not this time guys.

Priest Hator: then why

Jarvis: not that I am selfish, I am not selfish, I have to do this alone this time I want to see how it works without team, teamwork makes the best their is nothing like team work.

Dasos: okay be careful

Jarvis: all hopes is in you choose what you want you are going to have it.

( Jarvis leave the cave )

Mr James: just be careful


Jarvis arrived at the battlefield alone

Jarvis: show yourself, Hoxo where are you

( he shout Calling for Hoxo then the sky begin to dark the sign if his arrival shows in the fifteen kingdom )

I think he his here

Hoxo: here I am

( Jarvis look at his back with fear )

Jarvis: so you come

Hoxo: why did you summon me

Jarvis: to fight you once and for all

Hoxo: am giving you chance now to quite and beg me

( Jarvis in hearing him was astonished why remembering in his flashback remembering how the priest said that they should beg him and quit )

Jarvis: not like me

Hoxo: are you confused because I can see on your faces.

Jarvis: now rise your sword

Hoxo: ha ha ha fighting me is not easy the way you think, you think you can get my weakness,never the synchronized power crown spirit has been making me fully powerful and strong than I ever be, now go on your way and let me reign peacefully, go on your way and let me turn my world to your world.

Jarvis: that will never be, you think you can fool us

Hoxo: am not fooling anyone now, I too strong and also hold mysterious power that anyone can’t compared with in your kingdoms empires.

Jarvis: you must be insane

Hoxo: no go before I neutralize your

Jarvis: I will never because I called you here to fight

Hoxo: as I said when we are in the past world you can’t fight me you are not the obstacles of mine, many heroes many villains many metahumans many kings from different challenge me, non of them succeed since when I am having the power, your kingdoms are not the only kingdom am setting sight on.

Jarvis: then who else

Hoxo: the entire universe

Jarvis: will Masterum, Realmner, Awesome, Dragon man let you stay

Hoxo: how dare you mention them

( he give him a blast,the blast drive him to a long distance why he fall, crashing on the ground, before he land Hoxo as reached their, he hold his neck )

Jarvis: you brat

Hoxo: you are jumping from fry pan into fire

Jarvis: you won’t succeed

Hoxo: I am invincible, I will do what I will do just to achieve my goals,I have begin my destruction before your great great great grandfather was born.

( he throw him on the ground )

Time to finish you

( Hoxo place his own hand on already weak Jarvis head why he use his full power extracting his metahuman power out of him gaining him for himself,Hoxo scream hard while shouting at the same time )

I kill your power in you now

( Jarvis fall then faint in the ground )

Hoxo: ha ha ha powerless Golden Claw

( all Jarvis super abilities vanish out of him then become normal human )


( as he was about to go Fang and Dasos arrived )

Fang: what did you do to him

Dasos: what did you do

Hoxo: it seems I recognize you, old friends you work for me just to please me and to feed my evil plan

Fang: Hoxo, we have knew and at the same time realize that we are not your guys, what did you do

Hoxo: I did something pretty good,I did something pretty extraordinary things, I have neutralize all his power he has lost his power now in fighting me

Dasos: never

Hoxo: believe me or not, am not a time waster, a time waster is a life waster ha ha ha my next return will be different

( Hoxo vanished )

Fang: come back

( he shout )


After Three days Jarvis wake up

Jarvis: where am I

( he open his eyes as be rise up )

Dasos: he has finally wake up

Jason: are you okay

Jarvis: yes I am

Jason: it has been three days since you have slept, mom and daddy are worried of you including uncle Frank

Jarvis: you said three days, how is that possible

Fang: thanks that you are alive, you are no longer a superhero

Jarvis: what!!!

( the priest arrived )

Priest kang: what have you done

( looking him in bad look )

Jarvis: why are you looking me like that

Priest Hator: Hoxo as absorb all your powers and super abilities

Jarvis: that can’t be, what I remember is when he place his hand on my head

Priest Hator: he got it due to that, you are no longer a superhero, all we need is to ask for a new hero from Awesome

Jarvis: with all due respect, you can’t say that Awesome himself knew who am I, he will restore it back I will meet him

Priest Hator: is going to be hard, since you lost your power your power due to not listening to us

Jarvis: I don’t have a mentor, I am a mentor of myself, am going back

Priest Hator: your family won’t want to lose you

Jarvis: is that really true dad

( facing his dad )

Mr James: son

( he move closer to him )

I will not let you go, am really afraid of who you are, since I have begotten you, I know you will be a good guy and a strong hero always that many will rely on, but for now I don’t want to loose you, I am aware of you when you slept all days long, please stay listen to me, makes me proud

Jarvis: you told me that I am your Achilles heel is that really true

Mr James: yes

Jarvis: if so, let me go, let me fight Hoxo, let me disobey you for the first time, I am your son, like father like son

Mr James: I said I don’t want to loose you

Jarvis: if you don’t loose me, many will die please

Mr James: I don’t want both of you to die, Awesome will never look and watch us like this, he will find a better solution for it

Jarvis: I am the solution and the key

Mr James: a key

Jarvis: Awesome said he will restore us including those that dead when Hoxo begin his destruction in our kingdom,so, it gives me hope, if you like me, you will let me go

Mr James: am proud of you son, I won’t

Jarvis: I can’t end like this

Mr James: you have to

Jarvis: if so I am going to die here, it is an honor for a soldier to die in a battlefield than to die in his resident

Mr James: impossible, make me proud son

Jarvis: make me proud Dad

( they were all confused )

Believe me dad

Mr James: I believe you now

Jarvis: I may return also I may not, so forget about me

Mr James: you will, I agree with you

( he place his hand on his head )

I believe Awesome, but the Sovereign matter most, I mean the God

Jarvis: should I

Mr James: yes

Jarvis: thanks dad, I will never let you down

( he run out of the cave while his Family smile at him )

That is my boy

Priest Kang: why did you let him go, they will kill him

Mr James: you knew about the Sovereign right?

If so let him

Priest Hator: like father like son

Mr James: yes he his like me, like father like son.

( they were amazed as they here Mr James )

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