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“honey you need to calm down” Mr Logan said.

“honey don’t tell me to calm down how can this poor looking girl raise her hand on my son” Mrs Logan shouted.

“Madam I respect elderly people Alot but if you slapped me with that hand of yours again.

I will lock you up and I mean it” olive said Angrily. “Mum I don’t like what you just did, that lady is a woman like you, who even told you she slap Wyatt in the first place?” Nathan asked.

“Wyatt did” Mr Logan replied. “Wow you mean your son reported me to you and you are coming like a super hero to slap olive isn’t it, I forgive you for this but I don’t think I can forgive you if you try that with me next time, my parents have never raised up their hand on me before so don’t try it again, come to think of it, did your son don’t have a hand to fight for hiself thank God you said your son earlier not daughter, aren’t you ashamed of the woman you gave birth to that you called a son?” olive asked.

“Enough young lady I am very sorry on behalf of my wife” Mr Logan said.

“why are you apologizing to her?” Mrs Logan asked moving closer to Olive.

“madam What are you trying to do, are you trying to beat me?” olive asked smiling.

“honey you stand their why this girl that doesn’t have family is there insulting me” Mrs Logan said.

“She’s not insulting you, she’s only explaining things to you” Mr Logan said calmly.

“Oh I see you and your son are at her back right?” Mrs Logan asked angrily.

“No honey but you caused this respect is reciprocal you need to earn it. she’s also a woman and a woman like you gave birth to her. you need to treat the poor well not the other way round” Mr Logan said.

“I am highly dissapointed in you Logan and as for you go in there park your things and leave my house” Mrs Logan said.

“It’s not up to that, and you’re making a mistake our house not yours” Mr Logan said.

“What have gotten over you Logan?” Mrs Logan asked angrily. “madam sorry to disappoint you I am not leaving this house until the person that employee me send me out hiself” olive replied.

“Mom can you see what am talking about, this girl really have some nerves” Wyatt said.

“Shut up just shut the f--k up aren’t you the reason why all this is happening in the first place. aren’t you ashamed of yourself” Mr Logan said angrily.

“Mum I will fire her on one condition” Nathan said calmly.

“I will travel out of the country and you won’t see me ever again” Nathan said.

“it’s not up to that my darling” Mrs Logan said. “I am not your darling cause if I am your darling and your first child, you will first call and asked me before taking actions” Nathan said.

“Am very sorry my son” Mrs Logan pleaded giving olive a deadly glare.

“Did you still want me to sack her” Nathan asked with a smirk plastered on his face. “No she can stay” Mrs Logan replied.

“Welcome ma where are your bags” olive asked smiling at her. “it’s in the car” Mrs Logan replied giving her a deadly glare.

“Welcome sir hope you brought something for us while coming” olive asked.

sure but you guys need to offload our luggages first” Mr Logan replied.

“Alright sir” olive said and drag Kate outside. “That woman is so mean, she looks like a witch” Kate said.

“you’re very funny, did you know what a witch look like?” olive asked.

“I don’t know but I heard they’re ugly and wicked” Kate replied. “But Mrs Logan is not ugly she’s a beautiful woman” olive replied.

“To you I don’t like her Kate said” “Don’t judge a book by his cover she might be a nice person who knows” olive said.

“I don’t think she’s nice” kate replied “what are you fools still doing there” Mrs Logan yelled from the sitting room.

“We are not a fool ma we are packing the stuffs” olive yelled back and Kate burst into laughter.

they both carry the luggages inside the house. “Weldone my children, Nathan and Wyatt why don’t you help them out the load is too much for a lady like them” Mr Logan said.

“Honey what are you talking about are they not our slaves leave my children out of this” Mrs Logan said.

“point of correction ma we aren’t a slaves but your workers we also have parent the fact that your children are paying us doesn’t make us a slave.

and uncle thanks for your concern we can carry it alone sir, you’re a nice person” olive said.

Mr Logan nod his head positively and smile at them. “Let me join you guys” Nathan said smiling.

“No sir you don’t need to join us we can carry it ourself” Kate replied. “If you say so” Nathan replied and sit down.

“You guys should be fast with that thing cause am hungry” Mrs Logan’s said. “Alright ma” Kate replied her.

“What are we going to prepare for her now” Kate asked olive. “are you asking me? you should be asking her and not me my dear” olive replied her.

“Alright I will be right back” Kate said and went out.

“Ma what will you like to eat?” Kate asked. “What will you like to eat” Mrs Logan mimick.

“You guys are so dumb is there not times Table in the kitchen?” Mrs Logan asked. “I don’t know there’s Times Table ma” Kate said and went inside the kitchen.

Later that day.

“Mr Nathan I will be on my way” olive said.

“Why Mr not Nathan?” Nathan asked. “I just feel like respecting you” olive replied. “I don’t need the respect” Nathan replied and Mr Logan gave him a thumb up.

“why will you allow this dirty and a girl from poor background like her call you by your name?” Mrs Logan asked.

“excuse me ma you don’t know how my background is so you don’t have the right to insult my background” olive said.

“And how dare you talk back at me” Mrs Logan asked angrily.

“Hi everyone” someone greet. “Charles” they all called happily except from olive who put a shocked expression on.

Ma…….. “Charles was about to call olive before olive signal him to shut up and she drag him out.

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