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Mama Mike’s POV 💦

Of all my companies, this is the only one slowing down.

I’ve done everything necessary to get it up, buh it won’t still balance.

I’ve got models and popular celebrities for the company, yet same result.

“Luke, what are we gonna do?”

“Let’s reshuffle our plans, get more afvertisers, then we would see what will happen”

“No Luke, I’m not going for anymore celebrities, the ones we have are enough.

Why is this company the only one giving me problems”


My phone rang 📱📱📱📱

Unknown number?

This is strange

“Hello” I yelled after picking the call

“I’m sure you’re suffering from worries about that company” said a deep voice on the other side of the phone

“Who the hell are you?”

“You don’t need to know me, the company will continue to fall except you do what I want”

“Haha, you do think you are? You think you could just relax over there, eat popcorn, and then call to threaten me”

“I’m your company’s solution”

“See deep voice or whatever your name is, I’m not going to allow you waste my battery. Get the hell out of my phone”

I hung up


All this young Nigerians who dont have work will not think of anything better than to fraud people

What a pity!!


I have to go to Don’s house




Wonder’s POV 💦

Reaching home was quick today, since Deborah pursued me all the way home..

When I entered the house, it was silent..

“Is anyone home?” I yelled a little

I walked pass the dinning, no one was there

I’m really hungry!!

I went to the kitchen, still no one was there

I then climbed through the steps, going to my parent’s room.

“Mum” I heard someone sobbing

Opening the door, I saw my mum crying while my Dad kept staring at the ceiling

“Dad.. mum. What’s going on?”

My Mom stretched a paper to me

What’s all this about?”

I kept asking myself different questions


Oh no 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

She’s a month pregnant..

What the hell!!! 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

Sarah is pregnant

The doctor’s report confirmed it..

This is not supposed to happen

What are we gonna do..

Cos I’m not going to allow another woman into this house

What if she printed the result herself 🤔🤔

I have to do something quick 🏃🏃🏃🏃

“Wonder, where to?” My dad asked

“I’m going to find a solution to this” I replied pointing to the paper

“ you can’t do that, it’s risky and you this matter is concerning adults

Adults??? 😏😏😏😏

If I talk now, they will say Wonder have no respect..

“Dad, I know what I’m doing, just wait for me_

I rushed out of the house, ignoring my dad’s calls

I ran as fast I could, I don’t want anyone stopping me.

While on the road, a car slowly passed by me.

Checking the car, it was my dad

“Wonder, hop in, let’s go”

“Dad, I seriously want to stop this” I refused entering, folding my face like someone that just ate bitter kola

“Wonder, I’m taking you there, since you proofed stubborn”

I dived in like someone catching a fly.

It was really quick..

We passed by many buildings until we parked at a huge building in front of us.

“Dad, where is this?”

“This is where I work, Sarah might still be around”

My dad strap mebto himself like no one should ever touch me.

We passed by many people, everyone was just busy.

“They behave like my Mom” I whispered to myself

I can imagine what my Mom would be going through right now

“Hi Sarah” my dad called after we reached her office”

“Hey honey” she replied, jumping on my dad. Then she tried to kiss him

“ we shouldn’t do that”

“Huh why, aren’t we suppose to be doing this for our baby” she smirked, rubbing her tummy

Gosh I hate this woman!!!

“No we shouldn’t, this my daughter Wonder” he replied, pointing to me

“Ohh I see, you guys look alike. Can I talk to you for a sec?”

“Uhmm no, can you just follow me to the hospital”


“I want to check how my baby is doing, I wanted to even check if it’s a boy or girl”

“Huh seriously? It’s just a month old, how is it possible to know the sex of the baby”

“Ok let’s just go to the hospital” my dad requested

“Alright, let me take my bag


At the hospital 🌁

We waited for the doctor to finish up his job.

My dad secretly told the doctor to confirm if Sarah is pregnant or not

The doctor suddenly popped out of his office


“Doctor, what’s the result?”

The doctor looked pale


The doctor suddenly smiled

“Your wife is a month pregnant”

“Hurray, I told yah” Sarah grinned

Shit!! This pregnancy is really real

What am I gonna do again?



Johnbull’s POV 💦

It’s evening time, I was busy pacing to and fro.

Someone can’t just leave here without anything

“Hello, John s anyone there?” I kept yelling endlessly

No reply since when I came

How can I accomplish my plans if I’m still locked up here

It would really hard

I think have my Mom to think about

I really miss


Suddenly, I heard noises coming towards me

It became louder and louder until some people coming towards me

Wait a minute..

This people are from the old prison

So they left me here just to bring them over here

What if there is a fire accident

Was it how I’m going to die

“You can move freely around the house, but don’t you dare f--k up” a man with deep voice addressed the prisoners

“Hey sir” I was screaming trying to draw the man’s attention

“Silence!!” He suddenly scream

“What is it small boy?”

“What of me sir? Why I’m I in prison”

“You’re a sacrifice” he replied





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