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Wonder’s POV 💦

I kept wondering why Deborah looked pale when mentioned Johnbull.

Is she in love with him?

“Hey Deborah” I waved at her.

It was after closing, our school closes early due to the covid 19 protocol

“Hi Wonder, let’s go home”

“Yeah, so any gist while we’re going home?” I asked

“Uhmm no, there isn’t. Do you have any?”

“Why were you looking pale this morning when we met?”

“Me? Looking pale? No I don’t think so” she replied

“When I asked of Johnbull, you wore this kind of face”

“No!! I’m fine, there isnt anything connecting to Johnbull”

She was freaking out

“Is there anything you’re not really me Deborah?” I smirked

“No, what do you mean?”

“Are you in love with him?”

“What🥶🥶 Wonder just stop”






“Wonder just stop. I’m not in.. uhmm in love with him”

“Then why are you stammering?”

Her face was all red

“Ehen.. you’re even blushing”

“Urrgghh.. I’m gonna kill you for that” she rushed at me with fake rage

This girl think dey she fit deceive me abi 😏😏😏😏😏

We ran all the way home.

We parted ways after we’ve reached her house.




Deborah’s POV 💦

Urrgghh I almost got caught by Wonder.

“Aha, Small madam, what’s up?” My Mom suddenly called

What’s wrong with everyone?

“Mom, when did you begin to talk like that?”

“How do you mean?”

“You don’t talk like that Mom, you’re trying to make fun of me again”

“Never!! I can’t make fun of my one and only daughter that’s in love”

“What!! Mom!!! I’m not in… Urrgghh.. whatever”

I ran sporadically to my room, I don’t want any of my mom’s wahala



In the evening 🔥

I was just sitting outside, relaxing by the fire.

It feels good to be outside noticing the bliss if nature.

I really love nature’s way.

It would great to be a geographer but it’s boring to study it at high School 😏😏😏

“Young madam” my Mom called again

“Mom not again, I’m not in the mood”

“In the mood for what?” Or do you mean that thing?” She smirked 😏😏😏

“What!! Yurk, Mom you’re so disgusting. Mom I’m 17 remember!!”

“Ehen, I don’t know oo”

“Mom please stop, I’m very serious”

“Anyways, dinner is ready, come eat”

“Alright Mom, that’s what I’m talking about”

I salivated while going to the dinning.

My mom’s food is really devouring, nothing is sweeter than her food..

If you don’t agree..

Go and argue with yourself on a mirror 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

I was just busy swallowing the food not minding my mom’s stares

“Madam, take it easy, how would you do when you get to his house?”

I suddenly stopped eating.

Not again…

“Mom, please don’t let this food choke me”

“I will only stop if you tell me who he is” 😁😁😁😁😁

“Alright Mom, his name is…”


“His nam is Johnbull” i rushed my words trying to hide my shyness

“Johnbull my son, I sent you to school, you don’t know how to spell your name.. Johnbull!!!”

“Mom, seriously 😂🤣 you don’t need to disgrace his name like that nah”

“Aha, I thought madam you said you weren’t in love”

“Uhmm, Mom leave me arrgh”

“See this one, so when will you bring him here?”

“What, I’m not marrying yet”





Johnbull’s POV 💦

I was handcuffed by hefty men

“You think dey you fit call oga name without respect”

“I don’t care, your boss is wicked” I yelled

One of them suddenly punch me

Urrgghh, it was really painful

My nose was bleeding..

They took me into a van and drove away


The journey was really long

I had to sleep almost three times

After the very long drive, we arrived at a mighty house

It looked like a modern..

Wait a minute…

Is this the new prison

A man dragged me out and took me in

The place was really chilly

Jeez this place is really freezing me out

“Keep him here, let me call the boss”

I sat down looking around.

I forgot I was here for a reason..

“So, you’re the one” a man dressed in robes suddenly called behind me

“Yeah I’m the one” he must be Don

“Hmm, you really have balls. It seems you’re really stubborn”

“So, what are you going to do to me?” I asked ignoring his statement

“Guards, keep him in one of the prison. I don’t really have his time. All I’m waiting for is a girl. Secure this place and don’t allow anyone in




Mama Mike’s POV 💦

I really have to find a girl, the money Don promised me is really big.

There is no way I’m going to lose it.

“Hello John, meet me at the usual restaurant”



I was waiting for John, it’s been 10 minutes.

I just hope he doesn’t waste my time any longer.

Time is really important

“Hey ma’am”

“John, are you serious? You’ve kept here for 10 minutes”

“I’m sorry ma’am, just trying to hide my identity from the public”

“Hmm, no wonder you’re wearing a face cap. You better don’t bring trouble to this place”

“No ma, so any business?”

“Yeah, I need a girl”

“Woah, that would be really hard, girls are difficult to find these days”

“Don’t worry, I’ll pay you huge this time around”

John is a pervert, you could control him for eternity if you offer him money.

“Ok ma, when is the deadline?”


“Huh!! It’s too early ooo. How can I find a girl in less than 24 hours”

“Do you want the job or not?”

“Ok ma, I’ll do something about it”

“Just do a clean job and you’ll receive something big”




I left the restaurant to go visit one of my companies.

“Luke, what are you doing about this money matter, I don’t want this company to go into bankruptcy” I was talking to one of my managers

“No ma’am, it won’t happen”




Tbc ✍️

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