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Our New Maid - S01 E05

Story 2 years ago

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☘️Authoress p.o.v☘️

“let leave that aside cause it’s not important right now. why don’t you wake me up?” olive asked her.

“do I look like your alarm” pressy asked. “excuse me” she said and walked passed me “so rude” olive said.

“you will come back and meet me in this house” olive said.

“what should I do now, Nathan said I should resume work by six am and this is past nine.

what should I do now” anyway I will go first. should I take my bath or not I think I will take my bath cause I am getting lazy and dirty this days” she said to herself and dash into the bathroom to freshen up.


“Your maid really have some nerves, she aren’t resume work by this time of the day” Wyatt said.

“my maid not yours why are you stressing yourself because of her?” Nathan asked his brother.

I really hate her gut I don’t like her at all” Wyatt said. “But she said you guys are friends” Nathan said.

“God forbid how did you expect me to be friends with a physcho and poor lady like her” Wyatt said.

“But I love her craziness” Nathan said smiling. “you’re so weird how could you like that girl character her character sunk” Wyatt said.

“as if yours is better” Nathan replied. “Don’t tell me you won’t sack her?” Wyatt asked.

“it’s none of your business she’s my maid not yours” Nathan said. just then olive ran inside the mansion with two different slippers.

“like seriously” Wyatt said. “Number one why are you dressed like this?” Nathan asked.

“dressed like how?” olive asked back. “Didn’t you have mirror in your house?” Wyatt asked and olive eye him.

“Am very sorry?” olive said. “For what?” Nathan asked calmly. “For coming late” olive replied.

“Did you came late nope you didn’t you came the time you like” Nathan replied her. “Am sorry” olive said.

“You’re fired” Wyatt said. “you’re fired” olive mimick, you’re not my boss so let him decide by himself am sure he has mouth to talk” olive said.

“Yeah I have mouth to talk that’s why I will tell you you’re fired with my mouth” Nathan said.

“you can’t do that to me I have already apologize for coming late what else did you want?” olive asked.

“He wants you to go back to wherever you are coming from” Wyatt said.

“just shut up your mouth” olive said. “you really have some nerves don’t you Wyatt said and slapped her hard across her face “you don’t tell me to shut up because I keep calm since yesterday doesn’t mean I am a fool” Wyatt said angrily.

“Did you just slapped me?” olive asked shocked. “Any more words from you I will slap you over and over again” Wyatt said.

“Am sure you haven’t seen madness before” olive said putting off her slippers. she drop her back on the center table and gave Wyatt two thurderous slap across his face.

“Are you crazy? the fact that I came to work here doesn’t mean I don’t know who I am, you’re very low to me” olive said. “Olive that’s okay” Nathan said.

“Nathan don’t tell me is okay I knew the next thing you will do is to sacked me am ready. the fact that I played with you guys doesn’t mean I don’t have sense or I don’t know what am doing I played Alot but I know my worth, fine I accept you employed me, but you’re not God and you don’t know who I am” Olive said angrily.

“you have hot temper don’t you?” Nathan asked. “I don’t” olive replied. “You slapped me” Wyatt said.

“yes what will you do to me” olive yelled to his face. Wyatt move closer to her and hold her shirt collar, “what are you trying to do?” olive asked.

“Wyatt that’s enough” Nathan said and separate them. “Is that what you’re going to do?” Wyatt asked Angrily.

“What did you want me to do, did you want me to Beat her for you?” Nathan asked.

“You should have at least let me teach her some senses” Wyatt said. “You’re Also at fault why will you slap her? did you expect her to fold her hands and watch you when you slap her? it’s not possible man things aren’t done like that” Nathan said.

“I don’t want to see you in this house when I come down from my room” Wyatt said and went inside his room.

Olive carried her bag and was about to leave. but Nathan stopped her.

“Where did you think you’re going to” Nathan asked. “Too my house of course you said I am fired earlier” Olive said.

“you’re not fired am just joking with you, but you will still serve some punishment” Nathan said.

“Fine thank you” olive replied. “Don’t change from who you’re cause I really like the real you” Nathan said.

“Wyatt maid is in the kitchen preparing our breakfast go and join her” Nathan said.

“Thank you” olive said and went to the kitchen.

“Hi am Olive” Olive greet. “Hi Olive nice to meet you” the maid said.

“I guess you’re Wyatt maid” olive said. “Yes and you” the maid asked. “Am Nathan maid” olive replied.

“Am Kate” the maid introduce. “beautiful name, Kate Can you please teach me how to cook?” Olive asked.

“Sure but don’t tell me you can’t cook?” kate asked.

“Yes I can’t it wasn’t my fault it my parents fault” olive said. “I think I like you, don’t worry I will teach you” Kate said and Olive jump up happily. “Thank you” she said and hug Kate.


“Hi mum” Wyatt greet. “Wyatt how are my babies doing” their mum Mrs Logan asked from the phone.

“Am doing good mum, how’s Dad?” Wyatt asked. “My husband is fine” Mrs Logan replied..

“When are you guys coming back home?” Wyatt asked.

“Why are you asking are you Missing us already?” Mrs Logan asked.

“yeah I want to report something to you my brother have employed one saucy and poor looking maid to the house can you imagine the maid have gut to slapped me?” Wyatt said.

“What!!!! She did what? how dare her slapped you with her poverty hand, what did Nathan did about it”? Mrs Logan asked.

“He did nothing” Wyatt replied. “You mean that maid is still in that house?” Mrs Logan asked. “Yes mum” Wyatt replied. “Don’t Worry we are coming back tommorow” Mrs Logan said.

You guys don’t want to share again. I don’t want to complain because I haven’t been posting twice a day. I will start posting twice as from next week

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