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Group Resurrection

It was the pride of the Clear Sky Clan with their ancestor being the lord of the plane!In the sky, Tang Hao suddenly pointed in the direction of the sea with his right hand. He raised the Clear Sky Hammer soon after to unleash a layer of seven-colored radiance which floated to the sea.

All at once, the surface of the sea boiled over.

At present, the fleets belonging to the Star Luo Empire and the Dou Spirit Empire on the sea witnessed the scene in the sky similarly.

Actually, they had yet to fully comprehend what just happened. However, they had received the video signal from the Douluo Continent earlier. At present, they could see the situation on the main battlefield in Thule as well.

Tang Hao’s Clear Sky Hammer was pointed in their direction. At the same time, the people from the two great fleets were quite confused. What was Tang Hao trying to do?

In the next moment, they were astonished to find the sea before them suddenly turn seven-colored.

In the seven-colored radiance, seven-colored air bubbles slowly rose into the sky from the sea. Each air bubble contained a person inside much to everyone’s surprise.

The first two air bubbles which rose into the sky contained the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie and the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue.

The two great Limit Douluos’ eyes were tightly closed. The people around them were soldiers dressed in the Douluo Federation’s naval uniforms.

The densely-arranged seven-colored air bubbles carried their bodies to the shore slowly.

The strange scene had everyone from the Star Luo Empire and the Dou Spirit Empire in shock.

A miracle, it was truly a miracle!

These people were taken to the shore gradually, carried by those air bubbles. The first person who awoke during the flight was the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue.

Long Yeyue still maintained her young appearance when she died. Her long lashes batted once. When she opened her eyes, she was seemingly in a confused state.

The first thing she saw was the seven colors before her eyes. Her body trembled uncontrollably for a short while. She thought to herself, ‘Could it be that this is the world that one goes to upon death?’

In the next moment, her gaze was frozen. She saw a seven-colored air bubble not far from her carrying the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie.

She just realized she was in an air bubble as well. All at once, she became even more confused. ‘Could it be that this is how it feels to be dead?’

Meanwhile, Chen Xinjie regained his consciousness as well. He looked about in confusion similarly. In the next moment, he noticed Long Yeyue’s presence.

Both of them shifted their bodies to press tightly against the air bubbles and gazed fixedly at each other.

“Xinjie!” Long Yeyue called aloud. However, her voice could not penetrate the air bubble.

Chen Xinjie called out to her as well, but no sound was heard similarly.

Long Yeyue felt rather anxious. She hoped to be with him always even in death! Yet, the air bubbles isolated them from each other.

Meanwhile, they discovered that the surrounding scenery seemed different. They looked toward the surroundings only to find many other soldiers in air bubbles just like them. A number of the air bubbles had already reached land at the moment.

‘Why does the world after death look so familiar?’

The thought came to Chen Xinjie’s and Long Yeyue’s minds simultaneously. A moment later, their air bubbles descended to the ground. The air bubbles popped silently upon landing and transformed into seven-colored halos which fused into their bodies.

Chen Xinjie moved his body about and found everything about him felt normal. In fact, he had completely recovered from the exhaustion of the battle earlier.

However, he was hardly bothered by it all. He made his way over to Long Yeyue in a flash and wrapped his arms tightly around her.

Long Yeyue returned the hug. They clearly felt the warmth and aura of each other at this very moment.

They were in a warm embrace oblivious to their surroundings. If they could be together regardless of where they were, in life or in death, what more could they ask for?

The surrounding area gradually grew clamorous. A few shocked voices were heard amidst the racket.

After a long while, Chen Xinjie and Long Yeyue finally released themselves from the embrace and looked toward the surroundings slightly confused.

The soldiers were dressed in both army and navy uniforms, and they appeared so realistic.

In the sky, Tang Hao retracted the Clear Sky Hammer and pointed it at the ground before him.

The seven-colored radiance surged. It bored out from the ground and transformed into air bubbles. Then, the air bubbles gradually grew in size.

The silhouettes inside the air bubbles went from blurry to vivid, from illusory to real.

Who was that? It was the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue!

Who was that? It was the Ferocious Wolf Douluo Dong Zian!

Who was that? It was the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo Leng Yaozhu!


THe silhouettes were resurrected one after another. The silhouettes appeared one at a time before the eyes of everyone. Not only the powerhouses, but all the soldiers who died in battle earlier were all resurrected.

Yes, this was the power of a god!

Following the resurrection of those silhouettes, Tang Hao’s tall and muscular body began to turn illusory.

Meanwhile, A Yin swayed her body once and she was already at the explosion point of the abyss. Blades of gigantic Bluesilver Emperor Vines spread out into the surroundings with her body as its center. The vines devoured the incomparably rich abyssal energy in the air.

The moment Lan Muzi appeared, Tang Yingmeng who had regained consciousness earlier shrieked aloud. She threw herself at him without a care in the world.

Yes, they had all come back to life.

The heroes who had fought for the continent were all brought back to life.

No one knew where the cheering began on the Douluo Continent, but following the appearance of the seven-colored air bubbles, all the sorrow turned into joy at this very moment. The deafening cheers echoed throughout the entire Douluo land.

Tears streamed down Tang Wulin’s face. ‘They’re alive. They’re all alive!’

Nothing would make him happier. He watched as his seniors and companions came to life within the seven-colored radiance one after another. At the moment, there was only pride in his heart!

It was the result of the joint effort between his grandfather and his father.

The abyssal plane had not only failed in devouring the Douluo Continent, on the contrary, it was devoured by the Douluo Continent in turn and became a part of the Douluo Continent.

Consequently, the Douluo Continent’s life force would certainly be rejuvenated. Things on the Douluo Continent would surely get better from now on.

The people who had sacrificed their lives were given back their lives. What else could compare to such a perfect ending?


All of a sudden, Tang Wulin’s body shook once. He raised his head and looked toward his grandfather in the sky. “Grandfather, my godmother…”

Tang Hao said, “The person who chooses death won’t be resurrected. Also, it is meaningless to resurrect someone who wants to die. It’s their choice. It’s the same for your godmother. So’s Wu Zhangkong. I can’t resurrect the lovers, Yali and Wu Zhangkong since they chose to leave this world to be with their loved ones. The best that I can do is to keep their souls together and ensure they’re still connected in their next lives.”

The Holy Spirit Douluo Yali was not resurrected since it was far better for her to join Yun Ming in death than to live alone in this world. Had it not been for Shrek Academy, she would have followed Yun Ming already. Her choice was to leave with Yun Ming all along.

It was the same for Wu Zhangkong. Had it not been the responsibility he carried and his persistence in seeking revenge, he was supposed to have died earlier as well. By turning into an ice statue, he hoped his yearning desire and sentiments of Long Bing would be frozen eternally. He refused to be resurrected.

For them, being alive was more agonizing than being dead. It was their personal choice.

On the other hand, Qiangu Dongfeng and Qiangu Dieting were not resurrected, not because of their choice but Tang Hao’s.

The culprits who had caused the deaths of so many common people for their own selfish motives in the past did not deserve to be resurrected. Even though they died protecting the Federation, their merits could not wipe out their faults!

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