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Do Good And Good Will Come To You

Tang San rubbed Tang Wulin’s head as his own body turned illusory with time. “The situation is set. I can be at ease now. However, you’ll need to put in more effort in your cultivation. With the abyssal energy as the foundation, it’s not too difficult to build the Divine Realm. However, you must accumulate your experience and not rush the process. I can be at ease knowing that your grandfather and grandmother are here to watch over you.”Tang Hao looked at his son and asked, “So how’s everything on your side?”

Tang San said, “We were swept away by the space-time turbulence into a blackhole by mistake. However, we encountered many of the other Divine Realms which were swept into the blackhole similarly. We’re now working together in an attempt to break free from it. The memory I’ve kept in my split soul is up to here. However, we still have plenty of opportunities. Father, Mother, my split soul is about to disappear. Please take care of Wulin. Don’t worry, we’ll definitely return.”

At this point, Tang San’s split soul was fading gradually. He tried to hug Tang Wulin, but when Tang Wulin returned the embrace, his illusory body vanished into nothingness.

“Father.” Tang Wulin called out aloud. Tears pooled in his eyes beyond his control.

He had just learned that his father had already made all the prior arrangements. All the hardship he endured and the difficulties he encountered had been supervised by his grandfather and grandmother all this while. Such was their training methodology!

Tang Hao flew over to Tang Wulin and wrapped his arms around Tang Wulin’s shoulders. He spoke in a deep voice, “A true man would rather bleed than shed tears. In the past, your father left me when he was six years old to travel alone. He relied on his own hard work to become a God King beyond his time. The responsibilities that he bore were no lighter than yours. In fact, he endured the most painful times when your mother offered herself as a sacrifice. Compared to that generation, you’re in a better place now that everything is over.”

A Yin made her way to Tang Wulin’s side and glared at Tang Hao in a vexing manner. Her beautiful eyes were filled with affection as she hugged Tang Wulin. “Don’t listen to your grandfather. You’re my grandson, and you’ve already done your best. Don’t blame grandfather as well. Had we reunited with you too soon, your father’s ten-thousand year plan would’ve been exposed. His efforts will be in vain if those abyssal creatures are driven away by fear.”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. He looked at the devastated battlefield below with a bitter expression. “Nevertheless, we’ve truly sacrificed way too much for the ten-thousand year plan.”

The death of the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie, the suicidal act of love of the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue, followed by the deaths of the Skycrosser Douluo, the Ferocious Douluo, the Holy Spirit Douluo, the Sun Wood Douluo, the Skyfrost Douluo, the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo, the Amorous Douluo, the Heartless Douluo, and the numerous powerhouses from Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect, the Spirit Pagoda, and the War God Hall were too many to count. Also, not forgetting the tens of thousands of federal military soldiers who had died on the battlefield.

Way, way too many people had died for his father’s ten-thousand year plan. Every senior and companion whom Tang Wulin was acquainted with had fallen in succession. More than two-thirds of the peak powerhouses on the Douluo Continent at present had fallen in this great war. It had weakened not only their origin power but also their foundation!

Meanwhile, the sky was brightening gradually with the radiant sun hanging in the sky. On the other hand, everything in the surroundings remained frozen just as before. Tang Wulin did not feel excited with the victory of this war. On the contrary, he felt only sadness.

A Yin smiled. “Silly boy, don’t forget that your grandfather is the lord of the Douluo Continent plane. Why do you feel the heroes’ sacrifices for the plane are wasted efforts? In any case, you still have your grandmother who is the plane’s life core. Although we don’t have a Divine Realm, we’re still considered the plane’s guardian angels in a sense.”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. He looked toward A Yin by his side. “Grandmother, so you’re saying…”

Meanwhile, Tang Hao waved his hand once. The misty seven-colored radiance immediately transformed into halos which then spread outside to melt away the frozen space.

The Shrek Six Monsters could move now. The numerous powerhouses from the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy together with the soldiers at the scene could move freely as well.

All at once, everyone felt like they were in a daze.

Even Gu Yuena, standing not far away from Tang Wulin, was similarly in a daze as she watched everything that happened before her eyes.

Even though they could not blink their eyes earlier, they could hear everything that happened in the sky, even the conversation between Tang San and the abyssal Sage King.

The abyssal Sage King had prepared for a full six thousand years before he took the offensive on all fronts in an attempt to devour the Douluo Continent plane. Who would have thought that he was already being schemed by the Sea God Tang San ten thousand years ago?

Everything that happened earlier was streamed across all the soul channels on the entire continent such that everyone on the whole Douluo Continent saw the god who existed twenty thousand years ago.

Gods really existed in this world. Moreover, the god who protected them had never left. There had never been anyone who could really hurt this plane.

It was precisely due to mankind’s act of damaging the plane. Consequently, Tang San had to wrack his brain to come up with an ingenious way to link the abyssal plane to the Douluo Continent plane. In addition, he delivered a fatal blow to the abyssal Sage King in the end when the abyssal Sage King went all out to fuse the abyssal plane with the Douluo Continent plane!

The ten thousand year plan was impressive. Tang San lived up to his reputation of being a God King beyond his time!

Everyone felt differently in their hearts at the moment. Despite the relief, a feeling of deep sorrow emerged in their hearts.

For the continuity of the entire plane and the massive life force supplied by the abyssal plane, way too many people had died.

How many soldiers died when the Federation’s three great fleets were annihilated? Also, there were the powerhouses who had sacrificed themselves one after another to protect the Federation.

How could their family members and companions not grieve their losses?

There were no cheering voices. It was more like a veil of sorrow had enshrouded the air.

“Do bad and you will be punished by heaven.” A resonant voice echoed throughout the entire world in the meantime.

There was utterly no need for soul amplifiers as the voice could clearly be heard in every corner of the Douluo Continent.

Tang Hao stood over there. His masculine face glistened with faint brilliance. A seven-colored light wheel rose slowly from the back of his head. It emitted a sound that resonated with the entire plane.

“Do good and good will come to you.”

The voice was heard once again. It attracted the eyes and ears of the entire continent. Each and every person shifted their gaze to this lord of the plane subconsciously.

Tang Hao’s body began to enlarge. In an instant, he exuded a feeling as if he was connecting the sky to the land.

The Clear Sky Hammer in his hand also enlarged soon after. It was precisely this Clear Sky Hammer which ended the abyssal Sage King’s life totally in one strike.

Tang Hao and the abyssal Sage King supposedly belonged to the same rank. However, Tang Hao possessed the Godhood tablet. In addition, Tang San unleashed his final Indefinite Storm to immobilize the abyssal Sage King while the abyssal Sage King was already exhausted from crossing the plane. Hence, the abyssal Sage King was killed with just one hit.

Everyone was shocked upon sensing the aura emitted by Tang Hao. They had no idea what the lord of the plane was trying to do either.

The few representatives from the Clear Sky Clan were the most excited of all the powerhouses at the scene. The Clear Sky Clan had existed for over twenty thousand years. In fact, the sect had a much longer history than the Tang Sect. The clansmen barely made an appearance in today’s world. As a matter of fact, their martial soul was precisely the Clear Sky Hammer!

At present, they could clearly see the gigantic Clear Sky Hammer in Tang Hao. It made their martial souls resonate with it incessantly.

Undoubtedly, the resonance filled their hearts with a peculiar feeling since he was their ancestor from over twenty thousand years ago!

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