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Is He Actually The Lord Of The Plane?

“Yet, the Douluo Divine Realm was swept away. The plane was incapable of producing gods anymore. What should I do then? The power needed to rebuild a new Divine Realm was too massive. Moreover, the Douluo Star was declining gradually and needed additional infusion of the life force as well. As a result, I picked you!”The abyssal Sage King did not find Tang San’s smile amusing anymore. He felt the chills arising in his body.

Tang San said, “Thus, I’ve prepared this since ten thousand years ago. I was waiting for you to spare no effort in guiding the abyssal plane’s origin power, Sage King. Tang San is forever grateful to you for doing so.”

“The abyssal plane powers itself by devouring others. It’s actually not that rare in the cosmos. The plane itself is not weak but it’s inherently repulsed by the cosmos. Any Divine Realm will wipe out your plane without the slightest hesitation upon encountering you. Had it not been my guidance, perhaps all of you would have been defeated and killed earlier. Anyhow, you couldn’t possibly grow more powerful.”

“That’s bllsht!” The abyssal Sage King cursed in rage. “You’re just trying to weaken my belief. I don’t believe that your wisp of split soul can do anything to me. Your Indefinite Storm can only control me for a minute at the most. By then, they’ll all die and this plane will certainly end up as a stepping stone for me to create the Divine Realm.”

Tang San heaved a soft sigh. “If it’s not a comprehensive preparation, how can I call it a ten-thousand year plan? Sage King, do you really think that a solid plane like the Douluo Continent is so weak that you can come and leave as you please? Had it not been my intention, you can’t even build a passage even if you want to!”

At this point, Tang San seemed to be calculating something in his head. He nodded and said, “You’re right. I’ve a minute left at most. No, there’s only half a minute left now. However, that’s more than enough. There’s something I wish you to tell you at last. On the Douluo Continent, I’ve more than just my son. His grandparents also stayed behind to take care of him.”

At this point, Tang San suddenly bowed deeply toward the sky in salutation.

The sky suddenly turned bright. The aura that belonged to the abyssal Sage King collapsed abruptly. Large balls of seven-colored radiance appeared out of thin air and condensed to form a shape. At last, it transformed into a gigantic hammer which descended from the sky.

At the very moment the giant hammer struck, the abyssal Sage King’s expression changed drastically. His expression went from surprise to shock, then to intense fear with a recalcitrant attitude. “No, that’s impossible. How can the lord of the Douluo Continent plane condense to form…”

His voice faded away at this point. The seven-colored giant hammer pounded with a loud boom and slammed into the abyssal Sage King’s body brazenly with a terrifying lightning aura.

“Boom…” The dark blue radiance dispersed instantly. The abyssal Sage King let out an agonizing scream. His entire body was split into smithereens, turning into countless dark blue energy particles.

These dark blue abyssal energy particles tried to flee by dispersing in all directions. Their objective was to return to the abyssal passage. He would only stand a chance of being resurrected if he reserved a tiny portion of origin power on the abyssal plane!

However, it was precisely then that a silhouette appeared silently in the sky.

The silhouette turned out to be an exquisite woman. Her long, blue hair hung down loosely on her back, and her green dress was filled with rich life sources. She was holding Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear in her hand at this very moment.

The Golden Dragon Spear was extended and its spear tip turned into a rich green-gold color. In an instant, the green-gold color spawned a huge net which wrapped around the dark blue radiance that was trying to escape. It then devoured them rapidly.

The abyssal Sage King’s aura was weakening and vanishing at a shocking speed.

On the other hand, a seven-colored light ray was simultaneously projected down from the sky before it transformed into a tall man with an upright figure. He had masculine facial features with thick brows and huge eyes. His entire body was enshrouded in seven-colored radiance. His face was gentle with a faint smile.

Tang Wulin was dumbstruck with bewilderment by the scenes that were taking place before his eyes.

The seven-colored silhouette patted him gently. At once, the immobility imposed on Tang Wulin vanished. He was separated from Gu Yuena as well and the Dragon God Transformation’s fusion ended.

Tang San bowed respectfully in salutation toward the man and the woman. He called out, “Father. Mother.”

Father? Mother?

Grandfather? Grandmother?

Tang Wulin was puzzled by what he saw. He simply could not believe his eyes. Everything that was happening was truly shocking. The recent turn of events were beyond belief.

Tang San made his way over to Tang Wulin and patted his shoulder gently. He said smilingly, “Why haven’t you addressed your grandfather and grandmother?”

Tang Wulin looked at him and asked, “Father, what’s going on?”

As soon as he uttered the question, Tang Hao who was hovering in the sky with his entire body enshrouded in seven colors together with A Yin in her long, blue hair and dressed in green could not help chuckling.

“Let me explain.” Tang Hao floated over to Tang Wulin so as to get a good look at him. At the same time, A Yin flew over as well. She then gave Tang Wulin a big hug.

Tang Wulin felt a familiar aura radiating from A Yin when she hugged him. It was the Ancient Life Tree’s familiar aura which was filled with a life force.

At the moment, he clearly felt the Ancient Life Tree’s aura subliming and elevating at full speed. On the other hand, the abyssal energy which had diffused into the surrounding air was surging toward A Yin and Tang Hao’s body akin to rivers merging into the sea. It was the same with the abyssal passage. Loud booming noises were occasionally heard coming from the passage. The abyssal energy was surging unceasingly into the Douluo Continent and the bodies of these two.

Tang Hao looked at Tang Wulin with a smile. He said, “In the past, a great catastrophe befell our Douluo Divine Realm. First off, there was a mutiny. One of the five great God Kings rebelled, due to disagreements with your father, in an attempt to seize control of the Divine Realm. At the time, your mother was pregnant with you. Hence, your father was coerced into submission. As a result, the god of Destruction took over the control of the Divine Realm temporarily.”

“The god of Destruction stretched the Divine Realm’s protective shield by force in an attempt to make the Divine Realm even more powerful. As a result, the Divine Realm’s defense was weakened. At the same time, the catastrophe predicted by your father happened. The space-time turbulence came. You had just been born. The god of Destruction realized his mistake so he sacrificed himself together with his wife who was also one of the God Kings. The Life Goddess tried to stabilize the Divine Realm’s defense. However, the Golden Dragon King that was suppressed in the Divine Realm suddenly broke free from its seal at the time. They were too busy handling the space-time turbulence that they did not manage to kill it then. Thus, the Golden Dragon King found a fortuitous opportunity at last and infused its essence into your body in an attempt to seek revenge on your father.”

“At the time, your father had to uphold the Divine Realm. However, he could not just watch to see you die. Henceforth, he placed eighteen seals inside your body to seal the Golden Dragon King’s power. In order to prevent the immortal energy from triggering the Golden Dragon King’s power, you were sent back to the Douluo Continent. You can only remove the seals gradually and survive by being in a place without the immortal energy.”

“Anyway, how could he be at ease knowing that you would be left alone on the Douluo Continent? Hence, I stayed back with your grandmother so that we could take care of you in secret. Due to the loss of the Divine Realm, we lost the Godhood tablet as well. We had to find a way to live long enough to provide the care for you, in addition to your father’s scheme against the abyssal plane. So, your father helped to transform me into the lord of the Douluo Continent plane before he left. Your grandmother was fused into Shrek Academy’s Ancient Gold Tree to become the life core of the plane. One of the objectives was to consolidate our forces to recuperate the entire Douluo Star so that it would not collapse from being exploited by mankind. The other objective was to protect you and scheme against the abyssal plane.”

Upon listening to the narration of his grandfather, Tang Wulin suddenly realized as he said, “No wonder. No wonder I’m Nature’s Child. No wonder I’m the planar’s providence. So, it turns out that…”

Tang Hao and A Yin could not help chuckling. On the other hand, Tang Wulin’s expression was filled with admiration when he looked at his father.

Even after the Divine Realm was swept away, his father had placed so many contingency plans. His grandfather and grandmother were left behind to protect him. Everything his father did was for his benefit!

Tang San smiled and said, “My split soul is about to disappear. My son, wait for our return. I’ll be back with your mother for sure. After devouring the abyssal plane this time, the Douluo Star will be able to sustain another ten thousand years without any problems. Remember this. You must lead mankind to live harmoniously with the soul beasts. The ecological imbalance is the main cause of the planar collapse.”

“Father.” Tang Wulin’s eyes reddened at once upon discovering that his father’s split soul was about to disappear.

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