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Sea God’s Descent And His Ten Thousand Year Plan

On the other hand, Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena were engaged in a martial soul fusion. If his sea of divine consciousness were destroyed, then Gu Yuena would suffer the same fate.“No, no, no… You can’t. You can’t just let it end just like this.” Tang Wulin screamed to himself hysterically. Intense, unyielding willpower made his heart grow restless and wild.

He no longer cared about anything. Even if he would lose control of himself in the future, he had no other choice. The only way was to break the Golden Dragon King’s seventeenth and eighteenth layer seals completely and unleash the Golden Dragon King’s full power. Only by doing so would they have a chance of using the Dragon God’s power to turn the tide.

The abyssal Sage King’s expression changed drastically. He could immediately sense when Tang Wulin began to trigger the Golden Dragon King Seals. He felt fear creep into his heart upon sensing the wild aura.

Nevertheless, Tang Wulin was still in his grasp. He raised his hand and slapped Tang Wulin’s head without the slightest hesitation.

As compared to the act of possessing the body, it was even more important not to give Tang Wulin any chance to turn the tide. He was cold and ruthless, so he would never allow himself to hesitate just so he could have an even more exquisite body.

However, it was also at this time when the Sea God’s Trident in Tang Wulin’s hand suddenly gave out a buzz. Soon afterward, the golden striation that formed the Sea God’s Trident suddenly emerged on Tang Wulin’s forehead.

There was a shimmering golden light as the striation transformed into a gush of calming energy that surged into Tang Wulin’s divine consciousness. Not only did it expel the abyssal Sage King’s divine consciousness, but it had also calmed the wildness in Tang Wulin’s heart and also stabilized the Golden Dragon King’s final two seals once again.

The Sea God’s Trident broke free from his grasp and flew out while a silhouette had also emerged in the sky.

Everything else remained frozen in time. However, the sea in the distance suddenly turned into a clear blue when the silhouette appeared. In fact, even the sky turned blue once again. The purple sun was concealed while the sunlight that belonged to Douluo Continent plane illuminated the land below once again.

Following the appearance of this silhouette, the abyssal Sage King could not help having a drastic change of expression while he backed away abruptly.

Long blue hair hung down loosely behind his back and a magnificent robe draped across his tall figure. At the very moment the Sea God’s Trident came into his grasp, it felt as if a strange sense of affinity had appeared over the entire Douluo Continent plane.

“Tang San!” The Sage King shouted aloud, his voice clearly trembling with a tinge of fear.

Tang San did not pay attention to the abyssal Sage King. Instead, he turned around and looked at Tang Wulin who was watching him in a daze. He smiled. “My son, you did very well already. You have proven yourself to be my son.”

Although every human being was rendered incapable of speech and movement, their eyes could still see everything before them clearly.

Tang San. The Sea God Tang San. It was a name that was often heard and well-remembered! Yet, the person had genuinely appeared before them just like that. How could these people refrain from feeling shocked and emotional?

Tang San looked toward the abyssal Sage King with a deep gaze. “The time has arrived.”

Upon saying these four words, he swung the Sea God’s Trident in his hand and unleashed rings of golden halos.

It was the Indefinite Storm again, but when released by Tang San, it exuded a feeling of complete confinement, from Heaven to Earth.

The abyssal Sage King rapidly retreated. He swung the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss in his hand in an attempt to cut away the golden halos, but everything he did was futile. The halos kept appearing around him regardless of how fast he moved. They were so fragile and soft, yet they wrapped around his body, leaving him with no chance to dodge.

“Just like how you told my son, the super divine weapon is wielded differently in a different person’s hand. Your super divine weapon is impressive, but what a waste that you’re not a real God. You have achieved Godhood abilities and you possess the Godhood tablet, so now you’re only lacking in the purification of your power. Without the support of immortal energy, even if you have a super divine weapon, how much of its power can you unleash?”

The golden halos tightened, and the abyssal Sage King was trapped inside completely without the ability to budge at all. However, he was not surprised but on the contrary he appeared joyful in the meantime. He suddenly burst out laughing aloud.

Tang San said in astonishment, “Why are you laughing?”

The abyssal Sage King said while laughing aloud, “I’m laughing at you, of course.”

Tang San appeared to be calm and composed. He asked, “What’s so funny about me?”

The abyssal Sage King said, “If you hadn’t made a move against me, perhaps I wouldn’t have noticed. However, you exposed yourself the moment you did. You have but a wisp of a soul over here. Moreover, you won’t even be able to sustain it for long, especially after utilizing your attack.”

Upon hearing that, Tang Wulin’s heart sank. The abyssal Sage King must know something if he could laugh about this matter.

Tang San heaved a sigh. “You’re right. It’s true that I left behind three opportunities for me to deliver an attack when I gave the Sea God’s Triden to Wulin in the past. It’s been utilized twice and this is the last time. However, could it be that this is still not enough? I’m able to trap you for a very long period of time by unleashing the Indefinite Storm through this Sea God’s Trident. After all, this is the most powerful attack out of the three that I left behind.”

The Sage King sneered. “That’s not enough, of course. It’s true that you’re a God King. I can’t even compare to the super divine weapon controlled by even a fraction of your soul. However, don’t forget that my power has already achieved rank-1 Godhood. The only thing you can do is confine me. You don’t even have enough strength to remove my overall control over this world. There is a limitation to how long you are able to control the Indefinite Storm. You may be able to bind me, but you can’t kill me. What is the use of controlling me? Who do you think you are? I’ll just let the boy attack as he wants. What can he do to me?”

Tang San smiled once again. “Sage King, I should thank you actually, just as you thanked my son earlier. In order to invade our Douluo Continent, you’ve been preparing for six thousand years. You are thoughtful and farsighted. What a waste if you missed something.”

The abyssal Sage King asked in confusion, “What did I miss?”

Tang San said with a smile, “What a waste that I’ve been preparing far longer than you. In order to trick you, I’ve been preparing for ten thousand years. I’ve already made plans for everything that has happened!”

The abyssal Sage King was stunned. “That’s impossible. How did you prepare for this? Your Divine Realm was already swept away ten thousand years ago. You’re no longer here so how could you have done it?”

Tang San heaved a sigh. “Mankind is destined to embark on the path of high-speed development for soul devices because of their greed. On the other hand, the path of advanced technology is almost irreversible. It will certainly result in the Douluo Continent plane being overly developed and starting to decline. If the Divine Realm is still here, I’ll be able to help to make adjustments for the plane to achieve equilibrium. What a waste that the Divine Realm is swept away by the space-time turbulence, I need to remain in the Divine Realm to control the situation. As a result, I have no other choice but to prepare for rainy days at the time and help the Douluo Continent to search for another path.”

“Sage King, do you remember the situation when your plane discovered the Douluo Star in the past? Did you sense the presence of the Douluo Continent after coming into contact with a prohibited, dying Divine Realm in the universe?”

The abyssal Sage King widened his eyes instantly in shock. He was the only person aware of this even in the entire abyssal plane.

Tang San continued to speak, “Then, you searched and investigated continuously before you ended finding this place at last. You began to attempt to devour the Douluo Star, am I right?”

The abyssal Sage King’s eyes flickered with icy cold radiance. “So what?”

Tang San said, “Just like how you hoped to devour Douluo plane and turn it into the Divine Realm. At the time, I had no choice but to leave my son on the Douluo Continent. Yet, I had no idea how to look for the Divine Realm that was swept away by the space-time turbulence in the future either. I had no idea when I could return. I had to leave some opportunities for my son so he could live to the day I come back and guide him into the Divine Realm!”

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