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Planar Fusion

Mo Lan was standing in front of parliament’s rostrum to continue to host the support ceremony. The entire parliament was deadly quiet when the satellite image of the sea surface was sent over. The Hawk Faction led by the military was rendered speechless, and everyone sank into an awkward silence.“Requite evil with good, this is the way. This is the unity of mankind. All humanity has been brought together as one,” Mo Lan shouted in excitement and passion with her unique, pleasant voice without any hint of mockery.

They were on the verge of a true catastrophe. The Star Luo Empire and the Dou Spirit Empire put away all their preconceived ideas and mobilized their armies for reinforcement. Although she had no idea how they appeared in the open water out of thin air, their arrival was just in time to control the critical situation! The fierce artillery fire suppressed the abyssal creatures, taking some of the pressure off of the frontline soldiers.

Tang Sect’s powerhouses on the frontline could even tell from the explosive power that the fixed soul ammunition shooting into the battlefield came from the Tang Sect.

With the reinforcements from the naval forces, Tang Wulin was reenergized. He went ahead to engage the abyssal Sage King without a care in the world. He would not allow the Sage King to be free enough to attack the others. Although he had no idea how long the stalemate would last, they were not in danger of being defeated, at least for the time being.

The situation was at a stalemate once again. The navy forces spared no effort in attacking the abyssal passage so that the federal military could hold on longer. On the other hand, the supplies and the reserve forces were already on the way to reinforce the frontline at high speed.

This was the moment that would determine the survival of the Douluo Continent. As such, the forces that could be mobilized and utilized would all be sent over. There was no room for regrets.

Tang Wulin was blasted away by the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss in the abyssal Sage King’s hand once again. He suddenly said coldly, “All you petty nobodies, do you really think that you can stop me just by doing this? This is a joke. If that’s the case, then I won’t waste your time anymore.”

When he said that, Tang Wulin saw his ignorant gaze just in time. At that exact moment, there was not an ounce of emotional fluctuation in the abyssal Sage King. He spoke of it like it was the most common, trivial matter to him.

Tang Wulin felt a slight foreboding in his heart. He watched as the abyssal Sage King raised the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss halberd high up. At the same time, he widened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of dark blue light.

When blue light landed one the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss, the ground below suddenly shook violently. An enormous burst of dark blue radiance erupted out of the ground like a geyser.

Tang Wulin immediately unleashed the divine skill, the Indefinite Storm, once again. Although he had no idea what the Sage King was up to, he could sense that it was the end for everyone if he could complete his plan.

He had seen the mocking expression on the abyssal Sage King’s face when his halos had trapped him.

Dark blue radiance surged out from the Sage King’s body like ripples to disperse the halos. It was Tang Wulin’s first time failing to trap the target using the Indefinite Storm.

Meanwhile, the dark blue radiance spurting out from the abyss was not targeting mankind’s legion. Instead, it devoured the abyssal energy originating from the dead abyssal creatures in the surroundings like a whale with a huge mouth. When it came into contact with Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear, the Golden Dragon Spear bounced away almost instantaneously.

The abyssal Sage King pointed the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss downward. At once, the blue light rose into the sky and fused with the Sage King through the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss, strengthening his aura exponentially.

The sky turned dark once again, but the purple sun glowed brighter than ever. Even so, the brilliance it emitted was filled with icy coldness.

Oh no! He was actually capable of evolving himself.

The abyssal Sage King raised his left hand and made a pressing gesture in the air. All of a sudden, everything in the surrounding area halted to a complete stop.

The bombardment of artillery fire on the battlefield, the ground that was just blasted open, chunks of soil, scattered shards of ice, dismembered body parts, and the abyssal and human fighters engaging in the arduous war were affected. Even the Limit Douluo-ranked powerhouses were all frozen still.

Tang Wulin was waving the Sea God’s Trident in an attempt to attack the abyssal Sage King once again but felt as if he had sunk into a mud pool. Although he could still move, he was more than ten times slower than before. It was as if he was doing everything in slow motion.

In the sky, the numerous missiles moving towards their targets were frozen and could not budge even by an inch.

The cheering voices from the large screens halted to stop.

The waves on the sea stopped lapping.

At that moment, not only were all the people, the sky, and the ground frozen but also everything else on the entire Douluo Star.

Meanwhile, more and more dark blue energy surged into the abyssal Sage King’s body from below, and his aura was still elevating continuously. In fact, it felt as if he was about to override the Douluo Continent.

A look of content appeared on the abyssal Sage King’s face. Above all, he enjoyed the feeling of having everything within his grasp and under his control.

“Are you curious as to what I’m doing?” The abyssal Sage King cracked into the smile, the same one that was last seen when he first arrived in this world. He looked at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin struggled to advance slowly in an attempt to continue his attack. Nevertheless, regardless of how hard he tried, the grip on his body was only growing stronger while he was only getting slower.

“It’s useless to struggle. You should understand that everything is meaningless before absolute power. Thus, don’t waste your energy on idle work. Your efforts are futile. Tang Wulin, you’ve already done far better than I’d imagined. Actually, I should thank you.”

At this point, the abyssal Sage King’s body floated forward slowly and arrived before Tang Wulin. He raised his hand and caressed Tang Wulin’s cheek gently.

Tang Wulin felt chills run down his back and goosebumps erupted all over his body.

The abyssal Sage King was gazing at him attentively as if he was fascinated by Tang Wulin in such a close distance. “Had it not been for your efforts, I wouldn’t be able to see the potential of your body. You are the son of a God King after all! Though your body has only just reached God rank recently, even the Demon Empress can’t compare to your potential!

“The Demon Empress’ body only allows a portion of my strength to come to this world. If you were to evaluate me based on the ranks of the Divine Realm, I’m about rank-2 Godhood. On the other hand, your so-called martial soul fusion skill has already achieved rank-3 Godhood. In addition, you have two life cores which allow you to fight against me.

“Yet, your actions have told me that your body is actually capable of bearing even more. I will only need to refine the Demon Empress’ body then take over your body. By doing so, I will be able to recover all my power. Even though I have yet to acquire the Godhood tablet, my real power can compare to a rank-1 Godhood already! I believe that you hadn’t figured that out yet, right?

“Of course, I will need to extract my origin power from the abyssal plane in order to utilize all my strength and fully fuse the abyssal plane with this one. That doesn’t matter anymore now, of course. After all, these two planes belong to me now. By the time I seize your body and destroy everything else over here, it will all be over. I would like to express my extreme gratitude to you for helping me to shorten the process of completing the Divine Realm. It will all be much simpler with your presence. As a result, it’s time to end this. The disparity between a rank-1 Godhood and a rank-2 Godhood is about the same as the difference between a soul master and an ordinary person from your perspective. Now, this entire world is already within my control. I shall spare whom I want to spare and kill whom I want to kill.

“Actually, do you know that I admire you very much, especially your super divine divine weapon? Although I believe that I will need to put in a lot of effort to make it mine, it will be worth it, of course. If I can possess two super divine weapons when I first create the Divine Realm, what is there for me not to be content with?

“Very well. Everything is turning out better than I’d imagined. Now, I’m not going to continue to play with all of you anymore. Come, Tang Wulin. Present your body to me. It’s mine.”

At this point, the smile on the abyssal Sage King’s face grew wider and wider. He opened his mouth and spat out a gush of dark blue radiance at Tang Wulin’s face.

Tang Wulin felt his sea of divine consciousness begin to fluctuate. An incomparably powerful uninvited guest was squeezing into his divine consciousness to destroy it completely.

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