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The Reinforcements

Upon listening to his sister’s explanation, Dai Yueyan understood the severity of the situation. They knew about the Douluo Federation’s armed forces naturally. They were surprised that the Douluo Federation did not even last for half a month despite having such powerful armed forces in addition to the numerous powerhouses.Dai Yueyan was not only not gloating, on the contrary, he was deeply concerned. If the Douluo Federation was so quickly defeated, how long could they last if the abyssal legion arrived on the Star Luo Continent then? Perhaps, they may not even last as long as the Douluo Federation.

Yet, the situation was beyond their control. There was utterly nothing they could do now regardless of how anxious they were!

“Brother, what should we do? Wulin can barely resist anymore. He’s already injured severely. Brother, what should we do?” As she spoke, Dai Yun’er shook Dai Yueyan’s arm vigorously. She could not be pacified.

Dai Yueyan said with a bitter smile, “Yun’er, it’s no use getting worked up. We still have a long voyage ahead of us. We can’t just teleport the entire fleet there now, can we? You…”

At this point, his gaze became concentrated for a moment. All of a sudden, he stopped speaking. A radiance shot out from his eyes as he looked toward a window of the ship.

Dai Yun’er immediately raised her head as well upon seeing his expression. She followed his gaze to look outside.

On the sea’s surface, a layer of green glow emerged at a spot not far from them. A vague, gigantic human-shaped silhouette emerged on the surface of the sea.

It appeared to be a woman with a branch-like object in her hand. She waved it gently in the direction of their naval fleet.

“Is that an enemy attack? Prepare for level one combat.” Dai Yueyan shouted aloud and quickly dispatched the order. At once, a piercing siren echoed throughout the entire Star Luo Empire’s fleet.

A misty green light shadow was sprinkled from the tree branch. The light shadow transformed into an enormous light shield which enshrouded the entire naval fleet.

Soon after, everything in the surroundings suddenly blurred and turned illusory. The ship was shaking violently. Everything outside the light shield swept past the ship as if they were shuttling through time seemingly. In the next moment, the ship’s hull shook abruptly, and the green glow then vanished. Everything seemed to have returned to normal.

Meanwhile, the Star Luo Naval Fleet was still arming itself in the midst of the sounds of the siren. All sorts of weapons were prepared to be launched at any moment.

“Brother, what happened?” Dai Yun’er asked Dai Yueyan in puzzlement.

Dai Yueyan was just as confused. “I don’t know either. It didn’t feel like the green glow earlier was attacking us. Why do I feel like something’s wrong?”

“Your Highness Crown Prince, something’s happened. For some unknown reason, our satellite signal shows that we’re already at the open waters north of the Douluo Continent. We’re near to Thule. It appears something’s wrong with our instruments.”

Dai Yueyan and Dai Yun’er stood gazing at each other. Dai Yun’er muttered to herself, “Brother, what did you say earlier?”

Dai Yueyan hesitated for a moment. “Teleportation?”

“It can’t be, can it?”

Meanwhile, deep booming noises were heard coming from the distance. In fact, even the sea was shaking mildly from the loud booming noises.

At the same time, a green radiance expanded and transformed into a light shield not far away from the Star Luo Fleet. A moment later, another fleet which was half their size appeared out of thin air. Judging from the banner displayed, it was the naval fleet from the Dou Spirit Continent.

Could it be teleportation really?

In Thule.

Tang Wulin’s eyes were filled with ferocity. A red glint was seen flickering beneath his eyes set off by the nine-colored radiance.

Naturally, he could sense the situation taking place on the ground. His heart twitched violently beyond control when Zheng Yiran detonated herself.

Way too many people had died in this war. To top it off, most of the deceased were his companions, friends, and seniors.

The war had caused the deaths of a number of people akin to minced meat after going through a meat grinder.

At any rate, he was incapable of defeating the abyssal Sage King, almost as if he was fighting against a gigantic mountain.

The only thing he could rely on now was the Ancient Life Tree’s support to resist the opponent such that the abyssal Sage King was too preoccupied to deal with the others. Nonetheless, it was the only thing he could now.

Each collision between the abyssal Sage King’s Heaven Saint Crack Abyss and his Sea God’s Trident would produce tremendous power with each outburst. Due to the disparity of their cultivation bases, he could only use the Sea God’s Trident to block the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss’ attack with great effort. However, the wounds kept appearing one after another on his body.

The abyssal Sage King’s rage seemed to be fading gradually. Obviously, he could see the situation of the great battle below him.

Judging from the collisions of the more powerful powerhouses, mankind’s legion could still sustain with great effort. However, the size of the abyssal legion was a few fold larger than mankind’s. After losing a large portion of their main fighting forces, mankind’s legion was getting weaker. When all hell broke loose, Tang Wulin’s every effort would be rendered meaningless.

The abyssal Sage King evidently felt the Ancient Life Tree’s aura was weakening in the faraway sky. It had exhausted itself by continuously supporting Tang Wulin.

It was a matter of time before Tang Wulin’s Dragon God Transformation ended in defeat and death. Hence, the abyssal Sage King was no longer in a rush. He had waited for six thousand years after all. Why would he rush now? The most important thing was to ensure that the opponent did not stand a chance to turn the tide. The Seven-Color Lotus Flower’s flame had truly startled him. The power of the flame which had burned his divine consciousness was absolutely of god rank.

Thus, he took to injuring Tang Wulin repeatedly instead of taking the risk to attack him. At present, his attention shifted over to the situation on the ground.

Many of mankind’s powerhouses began to adopt Zheng Yiran’s strategy of going all-out. Yet, it was utterly meaningless. In the case of the deaths of the abyssal creatures, they would be resurrected from the abyss. Without the devourment of the Silver Dragon Spear and the Golden Dragon Spear, death was only a temporary hindrance in the resurrection of the abyssal creatures.

Unless there were many more Zheng Yirans, it was only a matter of time before death and defeat dawned upon mankind. Needless to say, the time would be soon.

Suddenly without warning, a loud rumbling sound was heard. Light rays with trails of magnificent-looking plumes shot into the battlefield from afar. These light rays landed on the abyssal creatures’ side.

Violent, loud booming noises were heard following the energy storms which wreaked havoc on the numerous abyssal creatures. The abyssal creatures were blasted into a bloody mess. Large numbers of abyssal creatures died akin to reaped wheatgrass. The incomparably rich abyssal energy burst forth from the abyssal creatures.

Let alone the abyssal plane, even the federal military was startled by the unexpected attack. They had no idea where the attacks came from.

Tang Wulin was constantly on the lookout for an opportunity. The abyssal Sage King was caught in a daze momentarily when the incessant attacks came. Tang Wulin pointed the Sea God’s Trident in his hand downward. His Golden Dragon Spear finally broke free and shot out from the battle ring. It dived into the epicenter of the explosion in an instant.

The abyssal Sage King was furious. He shouted aloud. The Heaven Saint Crack Abyss was brazenly pierced forward which swept Tang Wulin away. He turned his head to the side and gazed at the direction where the attacks were coming from. He saw a large number of warships appearing on the sea in the distance much to his surprise.

In the meantime, the people from the Douluo Federation saw the warships via satellite imaging.

Even though they had no idea where the warships were from as most of them could not recognize the banners of the Star Luo Empire and the Dou Spirit Empire, the warships were, undoubtedly, mankind’s. The warships were the reinforcements!

Boisterous cheers were heard echoing at every corner of the Douluo Federation at once.

Everywhere except for one place, the parliament.

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