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Jade Snake’s Explosion

More importantly, the abyssal legion was ceaseless in coming. The abyssal creatures killed would be returned to the abyssal plane. The lower level abyssal creatures would be swiftly resurrected such that they would be back on the battlefield in no time. On the other hand, a human’s death on mankind’s side would be a true death. If this continued, they would not stand a chance of winning.Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena were too preoccupied to do anything else in the meantime. The two dragon spears circling around them were suppressed by the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss such that they could not fly out to devour the abyssal energy.

Although the abyssal Sage King had yet to kill them, he did not give them the chance to devour the abyssal energy anymore.


The defense line was finally breached. The soul defense devices exploded with a loud boom. A large number of the abyssal creatures were surging to the outside from the breach in the defense line.

Meanwhile, a ball of silver radiance descended from the sky and spread out instantly. A vast expanse of silver light pattern spread out on the ground to fill the breach which was over a hundred meters wide.

The abyssal creatures which assailed this spot were suddenly rendered immobile and totally shackled in this area.

The Shackler Luo Guixing appeared in an area not far away. He appeared slightly pale at the moment. It was difficult for him to control so many abyssal creatures at once. Moreover, there was no lack of powerhouses amongst the creatures.

In any case, the breach could not be broken through again. Otherwise, mankind would be utterly defeated within a short time.

The abyssal creatures would be charging toward the Douluo Continent without the slightest hesitation once they breached the defense lines. By then, mankind would not stand a chance of winning at all.

Thus, Luo Guixing was spared no effort in containing the breach to the best of his abilities.

From nowhere, a black silhouette moved in a flash. A large number of the abyssal creatures were cut into halves before transforming into abyssal energy. It was Xu Yucheng who was slashing the abyssal creatures by the dozen with his Reaper’s Scythe.

The Shrek Six Monsters were fighting against the abyssal king-ranked and monarch-ranked powerhouses at the moment. Only they could salvage the situation here.

Immediately after they sealed the breach, a loud boom was heard coming from a nearby area. An even larger breach appeared. The abyssal creatures surged out akin to water bursting from a dam.

It was over. It was too late.

Xu Yucheng and Luo Guixing had bitter expressions on their faces. The number of the abyssal creatures was immense. If the federal military were still in their prime, perhaps, they could still be able to withstand a while longer by relying on the infrasonic wave and heavy ion weapons. However, they had been severely weakened in the battles earlier, and they had lost the naval reinforcements. More than half of their air force was gone as well. How could they resist this still? Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena were no longer active as they were getting beaten regardless of how much they utilized their abilities.

Suddenly, a shriek was heard from the direction of the burst dam.

“Die you filthy mtfrfckrs, die!”

Upon hearing the voice, Xu Yucheng’s and Luo Gui Xing’s expressions changed drastically at the same time. Both of them shouted aloud in unison, “No!”

In an area not far away, a huge snake with green scales suddenly emerged in the air. Soon after, its enormous body exploded with a loud bang. The scales on its body shot outward in all the different directions. Wherever a scale passed, a large puff of dark green mist arose in its path.

The abyssal creatures would melt rapidly upon even a slight contact with the mist regardless of their ranks. In just a short while, those creatures turned into pus.

It was even more incredible that the gush of green aura did not vanish after the abyssal creatures had turned into abyssal energy upon their deaths. A large number of the abyssal creatures in the surroundings were infected by the abyssal energy returning to the abyss such that even more abyssal creatures melted as a result.

“Yiran…” An agonizing scream was heard. A moment later, a giant bear pounced down from the sky and forcefully crushed a Ba An into mud. Its eyes were reddened with rage. Obviously, the bear had sunk into insanity.

The huge green snake was precisely the Jade Snake Zheng Yiran. She sacrificed her life and exploded to disperse her Jade Snake King’s toxin on the battlefield. It was especially effective, but it was also the death of her.

The Duskgold Bear Yang Nianxia was coupled with her since earlier. How could he refrain himself from being torn by grief upon witnessing her death?

They were classmates with Tang Wulin in the past. They had competed against Tang Wulin as well. At present, Zheng Yiran was the first hero to fall amongst them in this final battle.

A buzzing sound was heard. The abyssal Sage Monarch that was in charge of commanding the entire scene had noticed the situation. He pointed his staff at the ground below. At once, the abyssal energy, tainted with the Jade Snake’s toxin, sank into the ground and stopped returning to the abyssal passage. However, a large number of abyssal creatures had been poisoned to death within a short time. The pressure at the breach was finally reduced. Zheng Yiran paid the price with her life so as to gain more time for the federal military.

The abyssal Sage Monarch watched the entire scene with an icy cold gaze. The Spirit Monarch was resurrected. Hence, he had yet to completely recover to his previous self at the moment. Apart from the Sage King, the Sage Monarch held the highest rank in the abyssal legion now.

“Foolish mankind. You may be able to stop us temporarily. But, how can you possibly stop my legion for real? To desperately resist may delay your defeat and death for only a little while.”

In the vast sea.

The surface of the sea was calm yet dim. The purple sun in the sky oppressed the entire sea surface.

The warships were in battle formation, cruising rapidly on the sea.

A handsome youth was standing on the bridge of the biggest warship. He gazed into the world outside through a window.

Ever since the purple sun appeared over the sea, the entire sky began to turn dim and dark. Subsequently, he felt the immense pressure.

It was truly difficult to communicate on the sea. He attempted to communicate with the outside as he had no idea what really happened. He had yet to receive detailed information of the situation outside. The only thing he could do was wait.

“The information has been received. Brother, the information has been received. Sorry for troubling you.” An anxious voice was heard. A young maiden dressed in sports attire came running over at full speed. Her huge, bright eyes were filled with concern.

“The abyss and the abyssal plane are engaging in a great war against the Douluo Federation. The Holy Spirit Cult has been annihilated. However, the lord of the abyssal plane, the abyssal Sage King has sealed our lord of the Douluo plane. He is currently engaging in a huge battle against Tang Wulin and the others. Tang Wulin was severely injured earlier, and it seems that he can’t hold on much longer. What should we do, what should we do now? How long will it take before we arrive?”

Dai Yueyan frowned deeply. “What’s going on? Don’t be anxious, sister. Explain clearly. Tell me what information you’ve there.”

The handsome youth standing on the bridge was precisely the Star Luo Empire’s crown prince Dai Yueyan. He was Tang Wulin’s worthy opponent in the past with the moniker of Tiger King. The bright-eyed young maiden, on the other hand, was his sister Dai Yun’er.

With great effort, Dai Yun’er calmed her emotions before she reported the situation on the frontline.

The Star Luo Empire and the Dou Spirit Empire had received updates when the abyssal passage opened in Thule. The information came from the Tang Sect naturally. The Tang Sect was requesting reinforcements from them.

The Tang Sect and Shrek Academy were well aware of the power of the abyssal plane. At the time, Tang Wulin had discussed with the numerous Excellencies and concluded that they needed to gather all the forces necessary to resist the abyss. Hence, they sent out a request for aid from the two great empires, the Star Luo and the Dou Spirit.

The Douluo Star did not belong to the Douluo Continent alone. It also belonged to the other two great continents similarly! If the Douluo Continent were to fall into the hands of the abyssal creatures, the entire planet would be destroyed. If the Douluo Federation could not stop them, how could the Star Luo Empire and the Dou Spirit Empire possibly resist them then?

The current king of the Star Luo Empire was a man of great talent and bold vision. After careful consideration, he agreed to send out the naval fleet.

The only issue was the time period, from the appearance of the abyssal legion until now, was too short. It had only been ten days since. On the other hand, the voyage took a long time, and there was still more than half of the journey left. Meanwhile, the frontline at the Douluo Federation had reached a critical moment.

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