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Mortal Cannon

Tang Wulin listened to her narration patiently. His heart was swarmed with mixed emotions.“Why are you telling me this now? Are you afraid that you won’t have the chance to do so in the future?”

Gu Yuena shook her head. “No. Actually, I can’t tell if I’m Gu Yue or Na’er now. Or should I say, I’m both. Our fusion occurs gradually anyhow. Do you know the change in me after the fusion?”

Tang Wulin was stunned. “What change?”

Gu Yuena smiled. “Lots more love. It’s the combination of two people’s love. This may perhaps be our final battle. Thus, I’m going to tell you this regardless of whether you believe in me or not. I’m willing to give up the whole world for you.”

Tang Wulin smiled. He wrapped his arms around her. “I’m going to tell you this too. I’m willing to love the whole world for you.”

Gu Yuena closed her eyes. Drops of crystal clear tears rolled down her long lashes. She hugged him tightly. This was perhaps their last chance together.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz…” A deep buzzing sound was heard echoing throughout Thule. The ground began to shake mildly as well.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena raised their heads simultaneously and looked into the distance. The silver light shield began to shake volently while the silver radiance became warped.

It was finally time. The end battle was drawing near.

Gu Yuena stood up with the Silver Dragon Dance Qilin cladded to her body while she grasped the Silver Dragon Spear in her hand. In the extreme cold, her last teardrop turned into an ice crystal before hitting the ground.

Tang Wulin grasped at thin air with his right hand. A piercing golden radiance was seen and the Sea God’s Trident landed in his palm.

Mankind’s powerhouses unleashed their battle armors as well. The soldiers were done with their final preparations.

“Crack!” A piercing sound was heard. A watery blue rift instantly appeared on the surface of the silver light shield in the distance. In the next moment, a large area of the silver radiance dispersed akin to a receding tide.

The abyssal Sage King stepped out and walked on the ground with an icy cold expression in his gaze.

He had been confined by the spatial lock for three whole days. It was mankind’s feeble attempt to delay him from completing his dream Divine Realm. This infuriated the abyssal Sage King immensely.

He could sense that Tang Wulin was still alive in the distance. So what? Nothing stood in the way before the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss. Would three days of delay change their destiny?

The Ancient Life Tree in the distance was within his sight. The battlefield was filled with rich life sources which vaguely resisted his aura. He found nothing fulfilling. Mankind was still as insignificant as before.

“Tang… Wu… Lin…” All of a sudden, a shriek echoed throughout the entire scene. It was apparent the sound was from a soul loudspeaker.

Tang Wulin, whose entire body had tensed in preparation to brace the abyssal Sage King’s attack, was stunned for a moment. Who would call him at this very moment?

In the next moment, a pink light shadow surged skyward from the mountain peak in the distance. The pink turned gold-red the next moment. It shot straight at the abyssal Sage King in the form of a shocking rainbow. At the same time, there was a sob, followed by a sad, bitter, recalcitrant, yet reckless voice.

“I… love… you…”

“No…” Tang Wulin’s expression changed drastically in an instant. He called aloud, but it was too late for him to do anything.

The abyssal Sage King’s pupils constricted abruptly. He swung the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss in his hand, but the gold-red radiance was moving too fast. It was so swift that his eyes could not track it.

The Heaven Saint Crack Abyss struck the gold-red radiance in an incomparably precise manner. In the next moment, an unprecedented huge explosion burst out.

“Rumble rumble rumble…”

Even the people that were watching in every corner of the Douluo Federation through the large screens could feel their ears humming from the unexpectedly loud booming noise despite being far away from the epicenter.

On the other hand, everyone on the mankind legion’s side on the battlefield lost their hearing temporarily almost in an instant.

It was a majestic scene! The explosion was violent beyond comparison. The enormous mushroom cloud rose along with the incomparably light and heat instantly to illuminate the entire battlefield. Even the purple sun in the sky seemed to have been already dimmed at this very moment.

In a flash, Tang Wulin’s vision blurred. He was well aware of who that person was and also what sort of attack it was!

“My name is Ling Zichen. You can address me as Director Ling. I’m from the Tang Sect’s soul ammunition research center!”

“Hello, Director Ling. Welcome to Shrek.”

“I’m expressing my utter dissatisfaction in regards to my being transferred here without any clear explanation or reason provided. Although you are the Tang Sect’s Sect Master, do you know how important my current research is? Stopping my research halfway is equal to stopping my train of thought. It’s going to take God knows how long before I can tidy up my train of thought once again. Our research has been carried out continuously for a total of three consecutive years by over one hundred and ten scientists. As the center’s director and the head scientist, my departure will greatly affect their progress. I hope that the Sect Master will be able to provide me with a reasonable explanation.”

“I’m very sorry, Director Ling. I was genuinely unaware that you were a researcher. It’s just that there’s something very crucial that we have to deal with, so we are now in need of your help. That is why we took the liberty to summon you here.”

“I truly don’t know what those two Excellencies were thinking when they appointed a sect master like you. You don’t have any guts at all. Tell me, what’s the point of being a good-looking man? You’re simply a sissy.”

“Alright. Tell me quickly. What do you need me for? After this has ended, I’ll still need to return as soon as possible. I’ll give you half a day, no, three hours’ time. I don’t think that you’ll have an issue that requires more than that for me to solve.”

“Everyone protect Ling Zichen and be prepared for combat.”

“Wulin, please help me stabilize the carriage!”

“You’re truly a lunatic!”

“We are pressed for time. We can’t complete the modification process in time without using my mecha as the carriage. Do you think that the modification is an easy task? Come, quick. Stand behind me and help me stabilize the carriage. The kickback is going to be extremely strong. Be prepared.”

“Are you scared?”

“This has nothing to do with whether I’m scared or not. How can you take yourself so lightly?”

“This is unrelated to my taking myself lightly or not. As a scientist, I care only about the success rate. I thought about using my body as the carriage since I’m the one most familiar with the Positive Circulation Source Soul Circuit unit on the continent at present. On the other hand, there’s only one Eternal Heaven which is more lethal than the one I developed earlier. If I want to make it a long-term reusable superweapon, I’ll need to make slight modifications to the Positive Circulation Source Soul Circuit unit continuously. I’ll also carry out some adjustments during the launch process. I’m not a soul master, but there are many Positive Circulation Source Soul Circuit units in my body composition. My spiritual consciousness is linked to the Eternal Heaven so that it is most effective when in use. In this way, the success rate will be increased by eighteen point five percent as compared to placing the carriage elsewhere. Do you know the significance of this number? It means the overall safety is improved by twenty percent. The difference is substantial. So, how can I not do it? Moreover, I’ve succeeded. I’m the superweapon now. I’ve to say that even you’re incapable of withstanding a frontal blast from me. Hahaha! I’m going to be our Tang Sect’s cannon god in the future.”

“What’s going on? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“Zichen, you’ve sacrificed too much.”

“Do you think I’m a monster? That I’m a crazy woman?”

“No, I don’t. I’ve never thought of you as a monster before. In my heart, you are a respectable scientist. You gave your life to science. You are the pride of Tang Sect.”

“But, I’m a woman too. I yearn for the things a woman yearns for. Even if I only think about it occasionally, I’m still a woman after all.”

“Prepare to launch the Eternal Heaven cannon! Tang Wulin, stabilize the carriage.”

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