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Go, Heroes!

The military officers did not speak. The widescreens became illuminated in succession, and the videos were displayed before them at once.“Dear respected frontline soldiers, I’m Mo Lan and I’m a member of parliament. Firstly, on behalf of the federal parliament, thank you for your service.”

Mo Lan’s demure face appeared on the large screens. Her pleasant voice attracted the attention of the soldiers on the scene at last.

“The parliament is already aware of the situation on the frontline. Every single one of us knows that all of you have given it your best. It is you that used your passion and lives to protect the Federation and our promised land. Everyone of you is a real hero. Next, there are some videos that I would like to show you because we would like you to know that you are not fighting alone.”

Before her voice died away, the scene shifted to Mingdu Central Square.

The square was reputed to be the largest in the Douluo Federation. It had the most spacious size of all the squares. At this exact moment, it was filled to the brink.

The entire square was already filled with people.

The crowds’ mighty roaring voices radiated through the entire military camp in the next moment.

“Go Douluo! Go Federation!”

“Go Tang Sect! Go Shrek Academy!”

“Go Spirit Pagoda! Go War God Hall!”

“Go Northwest Army Corps! Go Western Army Corps!”

“Go, heroes!”

“You are the best. Please continue to protect us.”

“Our unity will certainly create miracles. We are your strongest supporters.”

An old woman was watching the screen with tears streaming down her cheeks, and the camera zoomed in on her face. Through her sobs, she shouted, “Son, your mother is waiting for your return. Son, your mother is so proud of you. Regardless of whether you’re still alive or you’ve already died in battle, you are the hero in my heart. If you are still alive, can you see this? Can you see that there are so many people cheering for you? I’ll be waiting for your return, my son.”

A woman with a child in her arms was crying profusely in a similar manner. She cried aloud, “Go! You must defeat those evil wretches for our child. You must come back to me alive and well!”

The roar of the sad and cheering voices came one after another. All mankind was united as one!

The scene switched over to Eastsea City next! The deafening sound wave echoed through every corner of the streets.

The scene switched over once again to Heaven Dou City! Countless voices surged into the sky from the area surrounding the buildings that were being reconstructed.

Shouts and cheers were heard coming from one city after another. The soldiers in Thule felt like they could hear the calling from the Federation.

Gradually, the gazes that had been stupefied and filled with despair began to brighten, and their dim eyes filled with tears.

Yes, everything that they did had a purpose. All they had done was to ensure that these people cheering for them could live better.

They were protecting the Federation, their family and friends. Everyone of them was a hero.

Though they had to confront their own mortality at all times, they suddenly heard the calls that came from their homeland and the Federation’s unified voices. Gradually, blazing hot emotions began to spread in every single person’s heart. Something that had constantly been suppressed within them began to erupt.

“Long live the Federation!” Someone gave out a hysterical, raging roar first.

All at once, an incomparably enthusiastic aura burst forth.

“Long live the Federation! Long live the Federation!”

The wild shouts that came from the soldiers radiated through Thule in an instant.

The brightness of the sky came from the calling of the unified people. When fear arose to its peak, the outburst of courage drove all of them to madness. At this very moment, they were fanatics, willing to sacrifice anything to protect their homeland and the Federation.

Yes, the people that they protected were mothers whose faces were covered in tears and wives with children in their arms.

They were not fighting alone there, as everything that they did was witnessed by their family members. Their actions showed them to be heroes!

Why should they fight? They fought for the Federation, their family members, and their future!

All at once, the soldiers that had been at their lowest point were like raging flames that were splashed with hot oil. They burst into cheers!

The roaring that came from the screens did not stop even for a moment.

Mo Lan’s voice was heard briefly. “To the frontline soldiers, we wish to tell you that we are with you. We will be always cheering and shouting in support of you. We will provide you with everything that we can provide. We will be cheering for you at all times until the end of the war. If you win, we shall create miracles and glory. We will be welcoming your return with the most passionate hugs and fresh flowers. This war will be the greatest honor of your lifetime. If you lose, we shall bear the consequences alongside you. The passion of all mankind and the Douluo Federation’s glory will be with you!”

The shouting was getting more and more intense. Yes, these large screens would be placed there at all times. The cheering voices of millions of people would constantly accompany every soldier on the battlefield until the end.

For the first time in human history, this was a war that involved all people. Never had everyone taken part in a war.

No one knew if this would be the final war, but they were well-aware that they needed to exhaust every effort in this war without regrets!

Meanwhile, a deep sound was suddenly heard.

“Thump thump, thump thump, thump thump!”

The soldiers that had just begun shouting with righteousness immediately quieted down. They immediately turned toward the abyssal passage instinctively.

However, they soon discovered that the sound did not come from the abyssal passage but a mountain peak, standing tall over there.

A blazing hot gold-red color hue burst forth like an oil blowout. A giant golden dragon rose into the sky with incomparably scorching hot aura. It illuminated the land with brightness like that of a golden sun.

The golden dragon spread out its wings and let out a shocking dragon’s roar over and over again. The sound of the brazen roars lashed into the purple sun in the sky such that it made Thule seem to turn brighter.

In Mingdu Central Square, the people could see everything that was taking place on the frontline through the widescreen just as the frontline soldiers could see them.

When the gigantic golden dragon rose into the sky, the people stopped shouting because they had no idea what was happening.

“The Golden Dragon King. That’s the Golden Dragon King. That’s our Dragon Emperor Douluo Tang Wulin. He is healed. He is even more powerful now. Go, my little brother!” The voice came from Mo Lan. Her excited and even shaky voice echoed through the entire Federation.

The Dragon Emperor Douluo had recovered from such severe injuries?

In the next moment, the sound of mighty cheering ten times more intense than before echoed through the entire Douluo Continent.

An enormous silver dragon rose into the sky to chase after the golden dragon. They complemented one another’s majesty. The piercing radiance emitted from these dragons even made the purple sun in the sky pale in comparison.

It was the Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena!

It was they that had led mankind’s legion to last until that point. It was they that had defeated such formidable enemies over and over again. As long as they were still here, humanity still had hope.

Yes, there was still hope!

Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Moon Son battle armor had completed its self-healing. He gazed down at the ground from the sky while being clad in a full suit of armor.

At this exact moment, the passion in his heart was surging violently. He had watched the scenes and heard the cheering voices just as the soldiers had!

Yes, they had millions of people standing in support behind them. Regardless of how powerful the enemy was, they did not have the right to withdraw. The only thing they could do was to spare no effort in defeating the formidable enemy and achieve victory.

A green-gold halo slowly emerged from Tang Wulin’s body, tainting the areas surrounding his and Gu Yuena’s bodies with its hue.

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