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Help Me Achieve The Breakthrough

Tang Wulin’s lips cracked into a bitter smile. “You’re right! We can’t be discouraged. Yet, is there anything that we can now do?”‘Is there anything that we can now do?’ Upon listening to his words, the depths of Gu Yuena’s eyes glimmered and her gaze changed ever so slightly.

She had come up with an idea an hour before Tang Wulin awoke.

“Your Highness, please don’t hesitate further. This is our only way! Otherwise, I’m afraid that the small plane of the Ten Thousand Beast Platform won’t exist anymore when the Douluo Continent is devoured by the abyss. By then, it’ll be impossible for you to fuse with Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King power to recover the Dragon God’s body.”

“Your Highness, even if you can’t regain the true Dragon God’s rank, the abyssal Sage King may not necessarily be a worthy opponent of yours once you devour Tang Wulin and use the Dragon God’s core as your foundation! Your Highness, you can’t delay any longer. Make your move.”

“Your Highness…”

Gu Yuena spoke in a deep voice, “Wulin, we’ll certainly come up with a way. Your body has been elevated to god rank after consuming the Lovesick Heartbroken Red. You’ll be able to withstand even stronger forces when we utilize the Dragon God Transformation again. Not that our Dragon God Transformation isn’t powerful anymore, but our original bodies were incapable of withstanding such strong powers before. Thus, we must strengthen ourselves as much as possible in the remaining two days. We should mobilize all our powers now.”

Upon hearing Gu Yuena’s words, Tang Wulin was deep in thought. They had already exhausted all their abilities, yet they were unable to resist the abyssal Sage King during the battle the other day.

One could only describe the abyssal Sage King’s abilities as unrivaled, beyond comparison. In addition, he had the super divine weapon, the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss. It made him ever victorious. Tang Wulin was incapable of withstanding even one hit from the super divine weapon despite the Dragon God Transformation. The Indefinite Storm could perhaps control his opponent, yet it was only for a short period of time. The crucial issue was that he was utterly incapable of killing his opponent.

If he was incapable of threatening his opponent, then all his efforts would be futile. What other ways could he use to injure or kill his opponent then?

Tang Wulin crossed his arms and put on a big frown.

The Sea God’s Trident was a super divine weapon too. However, he did not have the ability to fully express its power like his father. Despite his possession of the super divine weapon, it was impossible for him to elevate his abilities in two short days. His god-ranked body may be able to withstand his opponent’s attacking ability. On the other hand, he had little ability to hurt his opponent.

Naturally, Gu Yuena could see the frustration in him. In response, she spontaneously took a step forward to hold his hand.

Tang Wulin raised his head and looked at her upon contact with her soft, smooth palm. Their eyes met, and they were standing so close they could feel each other’s breath.

Her silver hair, purple eyes, and exquisite face were right before his eyes. In fact, her presence sent Tang Wulin into a momentary trance. An idea came into his mind subconsciously. It would be great if they were not in the middle of a war.

“Gu Yue, I want to be with you forever just like now!” said Tang Wulin suddenly as the words escaped his mouth.

A faint intimation of complex emotions flashed past her eyes. She did not speak as she took Tang Wulin’s hands and placed them gently on her cheeks.

Her cheeks were soft and delicate, but a little cold. Tang Wulin felt a gush of heat from the flame which burned inside him whenever he touched her. The newly-formed Dragon Core was pulsating violently. He got closer to her almost subconsciously and kissed her passionately on her rosy red lips.

Gu Yuena wrapped her arms around his neck. She closed her eyes and leaned her charming figure into his cradle.

Her cold, charming figure began burning hot. It was so hot that she not only burned Tang Wulin’s body, but also his heart.

Finally, her lips parted.

They hugged each other tightly. They hoped that this moment would last forever.

“Wulin,” said Gu Yuena softly.

“Hmm?” Tang Wulin was wholly immersed in the experience as he savored her scent. At the moment, he did not wish to think about anything else.

“I’ve never told you this before in all seriousness,” said Gu Yuena softly.


Gu Yuena’s arms suddenly tightened around him. “I love you. I love you so very much.”

Tang Wulin’s entire body shook. He hugged her just as tightly. At that very moment, he felt as if the pores on his body opened up. The three simple words gave him tremendous courage.

“I love you too.” Tang Wulin’s body shivered ever so slightly. All the pain he felt vanished into nothingness in an instant with that simple statement.

Even though he had gone through so many twists and turns and had experienced so much pain and agony, nothing mattered anymore.

Gu Yuena said softly, “Regardless of the hardship and sacrifices in the past, the many responsibilities I shouldered, and the countless missions I went through, nothing can change this. I love you, Wulin. We’ll certainly be together, even if it’s going to take a very long time. Time will make it easier.”

What Tang Wulin did not notice was the unswerving determination and strong faith in Gu Yuena’s voice when she said that.

Tang Wulin caressed her silver hair. “No, I don’t want to wait for a long time. From now on, we’ll never part again, generation after generation. Gu Yue, I think my body should be able to withstand even higher levels of the Golden Dragon King Seals by now. Help me, I’m going to break the sixteenth layer of seal. I need more power.”

Gu Yuena’s charming figure shivered once. Yet, she complied obediently.

A blazing hot aura was unleashed instantly as the Dragon Core pulsated violently. There was finally an ounce of warmth in this icy cold world of Thule.

All senses of pressure and pain were all forgotten at this very moment.

Their bodies and hearts blended as one in the tiny room of the barracks in Thule. Within the sounds of their strong heartbeats, they unleashed their love and passion for one another without the slightest reservation.

Layers of defense lines were continually set up on the mountain peak. The soldiers were working at it akin to machines.

Although they realize that all their efforts were utterly useless, they still worked hard.

The abyssal Sage King brought a peerless feeling of oppression which made everyone’s chest feel heavy.

For them, the next two days could possibly be their last.

Had it not been the strict military discipline, in addition to the faith brought by the powerhouses who went all-out in the war, a military mutiny might have occurred.

Nevertheless, everyone knew that all their efforts would be futile. What benefit could it bring? The three great fleets had vanished into nothingness with just one strike of the opponent.

Regardless of how much effort they put in, how could they possibly defeat the undefeatable enemy?

The vast majority of the soldiers had no idea what the abyssal plane was. They only knew the invaders came from the outside. In any case, the invaders were overly powerful.

“Beep, beep!” A piercing whistle sound was heard. It was a whistle blow which called for an emergency assembly.

If it were normal days, everyone would immediately be on the alert and head for the assembly at once upon hearing the whistle. On the other hand, it appeared that the soldiers slowed down today. Everyone appeared lifeless and in low spirits.

They took three times longer than usual to gather for the assembly. The officers did not hurry the soldiers. They knew that everyone was close to having a mental breakdown. If they were not careful, it could possibly lead to a mutiny.

Large screens were set up before the soldiers in the different areas.

Although a large number of soldiers died in the battles earlier, the loss in the main battlefield was far less than the three great fleets. The large warships in the three great fleets were totally destroyed by the abyssal Sage King. However, there were a number of smaller warships which survived together with a few of the powerhouses who managed to flee the warships in time. As far as the abyssal Sage King was concerned, the people and their equipment were utterly inadequate to threaten his existence. It was not even worth his attention.

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