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The Entire Federation’s Support!

The public’s excitement a moment ago suddenly turned to immeasurable rage. The people were burning with fury.The war began once again. The people’s confidence was boosted when Tang Wulin summoned the Thousand Dancing Dragon. Yet, in the next moment, the abyssal Sage King only brought despair.

The frontline was seriously defeated, while Tang Wulin was on the verge of death after being severely injured. Meanwhile, the Amorous Douluo and the Heartless Douluo stepped forward. They unleashed the Emotions Shock The Heaven to seal the abyss.

Two more Limit Douluos were sacrificed. The scene was paused when the light shield sealed the abyssal Sage King.

The viewers felt as though they were suffocating. They finally understood the reason behind the darkness and the appearance of the purple sun.

The Federation did not conceal the truth from them as the reality was displayed right before them. However, they were not aware that Mo Lan had hidden the annihilation of the three great fleets by the abyssal Sage King from them.

The act of bringing the people together could not possibly withstand the crushing blow of the incident. Mo Lan hoped that she could rouse the people instead of bringing them despair.

“Three days, three days is all we have. The seal will last for three days. Three days later, the abyssal Sage King will be able to break the seal. The frontline has just sent over information that the Tang Sect’s Sect Master, the Sea God’s Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy, His Excellency, the Dragon Emperor Douluo Tang Wulin is safe and recovering in the meantime. He’s preparing to make a dangerous breakthrough. Perhaps, he still stands a chance of winning if he completes the breakthrough.”

“Everything you’ve witnessed took place in Thule. While we’re enjoying a calm and peaceful life, those people are sacrificing their lives for our survival. They sacrificed their lives to bring us safety. What’s our excuse in creating chaos this time?”

“We should all be giving them our moral support now. We must tell them that seven million people are supporting them. We’ll be their strongest shield. They’re risking their lives to fight for us. They’ll remain our heroes regardless of whether they win or lose. We’ll bear the consequences together with them. We strongly believe they’ll defeat the enemy and bring victory for all of us. They’ll give us a chance to survive.”

“People, it’s time to show our support. Let’s be united and cheer together for our heroes. We’ll be sending the recordings of your support to our soldiers immediately. They’re the people whom we cherish the most. They are our heroes and warriors.”

The scene was paused.

The entire continent was silent.

Out of the blue, someone called out aloud, “Go Douluo, go Federation.”

All at once, the chanting began. “Go Tang Sect, go Shrek Academy!”

“Go Spirit Pagoda, go War God Hall.”

“Go Northwest Army Corps, go Western Army Corps!”

“Go, heroes!”

The shouting which echoed throughout the entire continent rapidly spread into all corners of the continent.

The scenes of the heroes fighting ferociously shocked the hearts of the common folks. Everyone felt righteous in his or her own way. It reflected the public’s behavior naturally.

Mo Lan wanted to bring the people together because to be united is an impregnable stronghold.

It was impossible to hide the truth due to the immensity of what was happening. She might as well reveal it but hide some of the more negative events. For example, the Western Army Corps’ wrong decision and total defeat. Another unfortunate outcome was the annihilation of the three great fleets. She chose to only display the scenes of the heroes sacrificing themselves for the Federation.

The belief power was invisible. However, it possessed tremendous power as well on a few occasions.

Following the shouts, the sky turned brighter soon after. The pitch black sky gradually faded making way for the increasing brightness while the purple sun in the sky appeared to weaken as well.

Mo Lan stood behind the windows of the top floor office in the parliament building. She looked outside and listened to the shouts which could still be heard clearly through the window. A hint of fatigue flashed past her eyes.

The office, which belonged to the speaker, was loaned to her temporarily so she could make the announcement.

There was some opposition in the plenary meeting earlier, but most of the voices supported her. Mo Lan was surprised when she got more than two third of the votes in the parliament. She even had support from the Hawk Faction.

She was right in her judgment of the current situation. The Douluo Federation had never experienced a situation like this where the people were united, forming an impregnable stronghold.

“My junior, I’ve already done everything in my power for you. We’re depending on you to create a miracle. The Federation needs this miracle. You’ll have to succeed for sure.”

When Tang Wulin awoke from deep sleep, it was still dark outside. A peculiar sense of penetration radiated throughout his entire body. It was an unusually comfortable feeling.

It felt as if his entire person had already sublimed. He had only experienced this feeling a few times in his life. It was when he formed his fifth soul ring to become Nature’s Child.

Another occasion was when he made the breakthrough of the first layer of the Golden Dragon King Seals.

The transformation was obvious. He used his inner sight to examine the meridians in his body. All his meridians seemed to be coated with a faint gold-red color.

If one were to describe his body as the Leakproof Golden Body in the past which was close to god rank, Tang Wulin obviously felt the qualitative change in his body currently.

The Dragon Core had condensed into its shape. It was beating stronger than before and glowing with a vague gold-red radiance. There was also a peculiar emotion within it.

‘What’s going on? What happened?’

Tang Wulin vaguely remembered that he had been severely injured.

He focused his mind to recall his memories gradually. He remembered everything that happened earlier. The memories made his heart sink.

‘I’m not dead yet?’

He opened his eyes subconsciously and sat up on the bed. When his senses returned, the first thing he sensed was the familiar scene by his side.

Gu Yuena sat cross-legged on the chair next to him. The moment Tang Wulin got up, she opened her eyes. The brilliance in her pair of beautiful, purple eyes reflected a look of surprise.

“You’re awake?”

“Hmm.” Tang Wulin’s gaze immediately turned gentle upon seeing her. He just realized that he was in his room at the campsite. There were only the both of them in the room at present.

“What happened? Am I still alive? I thought that the destruction brought by the abyssal Sage King’s super divine weapon was incurable at the time. Oh right! The two Excellencies, the Amorous and the Heartless…”

Tang Wulin saw their martial soul fusion skill as well, only that his whole body was on the verge of a breakdown at the time. His awareness was greatly reduced.

Gu Yuena’s gaze dimmed a little. She heaved a soft sigh and said, “They sacrificed their lives to seal the abyss temporarily so as to get a three-day reprieve for us. A day has gone by. It was the Amorous Douluo who guided me in using the Lovesick Heartbroken Red, which you gifted me in the past, to save you. You were the one who told him to give the Lovesick Heartbroken Red to me, right?”

Tang Wulin nodded and said with a bitter smile, “I really didn’t expect it to be used on me at last. No wonder I feel different now.”

A radiance flickered in Gu Yuena’s beautiful eyes. “You’re genuinely different now. If I’m not mistaken, your body has achieved god rank in a real sense. Even though your soul power cultivation base is still quasi god-ranked, the endurance of your body is fully elevated under the effect of the Lovesick Heartbroken Red. It allows you to possess the foundation to become a true god.”

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh. “Yet, I’m afraid that it’s still not enough to defeat the abyssal Sage King.”

Gu Yuena took a deep glance at him and said, “Wulin, don’t be discouraged. You are now the leader of all mankind. Everyone is now waiting for us to create a miracle. If we ourselves are discouraged, then mankind is really doomed, so is the Douluo Continent.”

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